Throne of Geth

Throne of Geth


Tap, Sacrifice an artifact: Proliferate. (You choose any number of permanents and/or players with counters on them, then give each another counter of a kind already there.)

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Throne of Geth Discussion

Guerte on [[Primer]] - Daretti the Degenerate

2 weeks ago

Dredge4life: I'm kind of in the same boat with Panoptic Mirror as I am with Hoarding Dragon. Getting 2-for-1'd definitely isn't a good feeling. But the possibility of going infinite turns with Ugin's Nexus and a sac outlet is definitely worth some consideration.

Throne of Geth/Contagion Engine: Not a big fan of these. I'm not too worried about getting the extra counters. If I can get him out early enough and control the board, I usually don't have a problem getting to his ultimate.

Obliterate: Not a fan of MLD. Save that kind of stuff for the Stax build, which I completely despise. If I did run any kind of MLD, it would be Ruination, which is way more fair.

Dredge4life on [[Primer]] - Daretti the Degenerate

2 weeks ago

@Guerte I was definitely thinking of Prototype Portal. Also, Throne of Geth or Contagion Engine for more loyalty counters? Maybe Obliterate to kill everything but Daretti?

Ryjo on Undying Golgari.

3 weeks ago

I know this might be the "wrong direction" for you (you want less but I'm giving you more options), but perhaps you could look at the persist mechanic as well. With Heartmender, you can have your creatures with the persist mechanic persist turn after turn, and without using mana. If you have Wingrattle Scarecrow and a black creature, it would have persist, and can be used with Throne of Geth every turn to generate +1/+1 counters reliably.

P47Healey on The Waves, They Are A Whelming [Gen 2. Kiora]

2 months ago

GARRGH I LOST THE FIRST POST. For that reason I'm going to be a little briefer in this one. Interesting note - while I didn't try to limit cards to only blue, that's what ended up happening. Most creatures that tap/bounce other creatures occur in blue.

My thoughts:The probability of getting a quest counter for Quest for Ula's Temple on any given turn is approx. 0.28, which means you'll activate Ula's 10 turns after you play it, on average. My main suggestion is to try to introduce cards that would act as spells, allowing you to get Ula's activated faster. However, all of these creatures can't be cast using Ula's once you've successfully gotten the quest counters needed. Suggested cards are:

The second route that you could take is to add only creatures that can be cast with Ula's Temple. (LOTS AND LOTS OF FATTIES) Then, use cards with to artificially increase the quest counters on Ula's. If you go with this strategy also consider adding Dizzy Spell so that you can get as many Quest for Ula's Temple's out as possible. Suggested cards are:

Excile2127 on

2 months ago


Throne of Geth could maybe work well, but Proliferate effects don't typically help in this deck (All of the Charge Counters are on 1 target). I've already considered Unwinding Clock, and since Coretapper is the only Tapping Engine, it doesn't work well. Thx for your input.

Busse on

2 months ago

Throne of Geth might be useful. You can sac' itself & proliferate the turn it comes into play if you have many permanents with counters on them... or go into a sacrificing spree if you want to charge just one permanent.
Maybe even consider Unwinding Clock and/or Voltaic Key. Those go well with Coretapper and other effects ;)

Liscom on Pathogen: "I"

2 months ago

Oh... Somehow I did not think of the option of killing your own creatures with spells.. stupid me I just see you also got Throne of Geth in the deck. So ok, I think this all works out fine. You deserved my +1 ;-)

kengiczar on So they printed a Zombie ...

2 months ago

I would talk to people who play Karador, Ghost Chieftain. Ask them "is there any situation where you want two creatures to die at once?" If so, this guy could be a good way to trigger those two creatures dying while getting a 6/6. He might provide something new where you don't need Ashnod's Altar or Throne of Geth to be effective when combined with certain other cards.

Being able to save your Sheoldred, Whispering One from a Path to Exile by sacrificing it to the dragon seems worth it to me if I'm playing against some form of a control/midrange/rock deck.

Anytime there is a card with recursion I am always careful to not write it off. Not without some testing or waiting to see what other people do.

Oh one last place where he would be good is with Bitterblossom so you get your T3 or T4 6/6 flyer and still have 1-2 mana open. Huzzah!

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