Terror of the Skies


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Set Rarity
Ixalan (XLN) Uncommon

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Terror of the Skies

Creature — Dinosaur

Flying, menace

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Terror of the Skies Discussion

Vortain on

1 week ago

I haven't played a standard game yet, so I could definitely be wrong, but the pacing of this deck seems too slow. Of the 11 1-Drops you have, 7 deal with creatures you control. That means, on average, you'll start with at least one card that's useless by itself until minimum turn 2. Similar problem with Heroic Intervention. Making it to mid or late game could be difficult.

Looks like most dino's are pretty expensive mana-wise, but I found some of the lower costing ones that might help your Mana Curve and Mana Ramping:

Low Cost Dinos

  • Terror of the Skies: A menace flyer for 2 seems solid.
  • Raptor Hatchling : This is nice since if it gets killed, you then have a 3/3 on the field, which allows you to stall and get to your bigger dinos. I'd strongly consider adding 4 of these. Card doesn't seem to link, so I put it below.
  • Ranging Raptors: You should run 4 of these guys, considering you need the mana out asap. It should replace Ripjaw raptor . Combos well with Rile: attack, get blocked, use Rile. It would be damaged twice, getting you two extra lands. That would a HUGE turn 4 swing.
  • Otepec Huntmaster: For obvious reasons.

Other Ideas/Thoughts:

  • Shaper's Sanctuary might be a better side board card.
  • Renegade Map: I get that Attune with Aether places the land on the field and produces energy to synergize with Aether Hub but I fear that you'll pull this too often with no green to play it. It could be a good idea to replace it with Renegade Map. AwA is much better if you have the right circumstance, but RM will work so long as you have at least one land of any color. Would pretty much come down to play testing.
  • Alternatively to or along with the RM suggestion, also consider adding more Forests and taking out some of the others (esp 1 or 2 each of the duals). The main reason I suggest this is because you (currently) have a high dependence on green early game. Additionally, your dual lands share the requirement for a Forest, making Forest the preferred basic land to start with. Should you keep AwA, you can't use it turn 1 unless you pull an Aether Hub or a Forest.
  • Bellowing Aegisaur: Not a fan of him unless you run mostly low cost dinos. Even then, I feel like the impact would be too little too late.

Possible Setup

  • Turn 1 - Forest > Attune with Aether > Mountain
  • Turn 2 - Plains > Ranging Raptors [3 lands currently]
  • Turn 3 - (Any Land) > Otepec Huntmaster > Rile on Ranging Raptors (Search for basic Land) > Attack (if blocked, another land) [5-6 lands currently]
  • Turn 4 - At this point you can drop your Planeswalker, any 6 drop dinosaur (thanks to Otepec Huntmaster), or, if Ranging Raptors was blocked, you could even play your 8-Drop, Gishath, Sun's Avatar.

There are certainly other setups, but this is a really good scenario, I think.

Raptor Hatchling:

Raptor Hatchling