Take Down


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh (KLD) Common

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Take Down


Choose One -

  • Take Down deals 4 damage to target creature with flying.

  • Take Down deals 1 damage to each creature with flying.

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Take Down Discussion

clayperce on GR Werewolves

6 months ago

Love the wolves, so a big +1 for giving them a go!

Wolves are traditionally very weak to Flyers so depending on your meta, you may want to add some flyerhate in the sideboard. I like Plummet but Clip Wings, Tears of Valakut, or Take Down might be better for yours. Or Aim High/Vines of the Recluse, which is probably my favorite combat trick ever.

You might want to stop by the All Things Wolven thread too.

Draw well!

Bissin on Counters: +1 for me, -1 for you

8 months ago

Seems like a solid gameplan TitanofYAW. Have you thought about putting in counter engines like Durable Handicraft, Might Beyond Reason, or Obsessive Skinner? These could easily combo with Fairgrounds Trumpeter to create another big threat over time.

The Throne of the God-Pharaoh seems out of place here, I understand the reasoning for it but it just seems that it doesn't fit the idea of the deck as well as something else.

I feel that to help out the -1/-1 counter plan you could look at Liliana, Death Wielder, I understand this may cost quite a bit but she would give you continuous snakes and can kill creatures for Yahenni.

Sideboard options: I would recommend adding Take Down to deal with fliers more efficiently than the deck already can. Maybe adding 2 Appetite for the Unnatural to further protect against artifacts and deal with enchantments when needed.

I hope these suggestions help fuel some new/interesting ideas.

sylvannos on Elves

8 months ago

@Wyrmweird: What's your sideboard look like? I stuck 2 Overgrown Tombs in mine, with some Abrupt Decays and Dismembers. That helped a lot when dealing with not just flying, but also a wider variety of threats.

I've also thought about using Hurricane. Not only can you wipe the entire field of fliers, you can also use it as a finisher on your opponent. Corrosive Gale/Firespout/Skyreaping/Windstorm are the other wrath effects. There's also the Hurricane effects on things like Tornado Elemental.

Bow of Nylea is another option, especially since it does so much stuff.

Otherwise, you can go with Plummet, Leaf Arrow, Take Down, Wing Puncture, or Aerial Volley.

I'm partial to using a creature, though. It means you can get it by using Summoner's Pact, Lead the Stampede, etc. Silklash Spider, Arashi, the Sky Asunder, Cloudthresher, and Tornado Elemental are what exist in Modern to my knowledge.

Jagged-Scar Archers is also bonkers, but it needs to tap in order to do its thing. Probably best if you're using Thousand-Year Elixir.

Noctem on [AKH] GW Cat Tribal

9 months ago

mMybe even run Gideon of the Trials over ally in the main, but have 2x ally in the sideboard. Dump Felidar Sovereign, 2x Take Down which arguably fills the same role as Fragmentize (kill Heart) in almost all cases. The only low toughness flying creatures that will be in the new standard post rotation are arguably 2/2 drakes.

wasianpower on Blue-Green Energy shenanigans

9 months ago

Appetite for the Unnatural isn't particularly good in the mainboard. I'd move it to the side, or leave one copy at most.

Aethertide Whale and Aethersquall Ancient are expensive but great, near unbeatable finishers in UG energy intensive decks. Aethersquall Ancient is at it's best when you have a bunch of creatures that create energy when they enter the battlefield as you can activate it each turn to prevent your opponent from ever untapping with creatures. However, they are very expensive so you probably only want 2-4 copies total at most.

Splashing red for Whirler Virtuoso and Harnessed Lightning is doable thanks to Attune with Aether (which should probably be a four of) if you're looking for extra removal or a way to go wide with tokens.

Ornamental Courage is worse than Blossoming Defense.

Wind Drake and Wild Wanderer aren't doing much in this deck at the moment.

Rogue Refiner is a broken magic card. You should probably be playing 4.

Take Down is fairly narrow, have you considered Prey Upon?

ErcMan013 on Energy Buff

9 months ago

Alright, I've got a couple of suggestions I think you'll like. All of these suggestions are to making the deck entirely green. I am aware that the White and red it for flying control, but just trust me. I don't know how much your budget is, but this shouldn't raise the price heavily.

Jokulmorder1 on Eh, eh, eh, eh, Energy!

9 months ago

Fun! You've got some good energy win conditions, but I would suggest adding more Displace effects to get more bang out of cards that only make energy when they enter the battlefield (and to have extra fun with Panharmonicon). Or you could add a few more instants and sorceries for Dynavolt Tower, or more artifact-synergy cards for your artifacts, Servos, and Thopters. To make room, you could probably stand to cut some of the lower-impact energy creatures like Sage of Shaila's Claim.

And of course as your collection grows you're going to want to start upgrading some utility spells like Take Down and Renegade Tactics to Whirlwind or War Cadence, stuff like that.

darkoverlord on Bant Midrange Tempo

10 months ago

Negates, Disallows, Baral's Expertise and the Coup were insane so far. I have now only 1 Fumigate in the side but I am not sure it is needed at all. 1 is OK I guess, because I feel safer if I have one, but in general we also have some creatures on the field, and stealing the best one seems to be a better option. Stealing a Kalitas or a Gearhulk, or even a Tireless Tracker is better than killing it. Usually these BG decks do not have a wide board. They have 2-3 big creatures. And killing them in the air is a pretty good plan.

Had some sweet T5 against BG with the expertise, but actually I also won when I played nothing with it in addition. It is just such a huge tempo gain, and our threats are usually pretty big, it takes usually ~2 turns to finish them off. I lost a game when I was slow-rolling a Tamiyo (wanted to cast it for free on T5 using the Expertise), because I thought I could not die there. Opponent had only 3 lands, 2 creatures (8 power together) and I had 9 life and I had a Rouge Refiner to block. But unfortunately the opponent casted a Ballista for 1, shot 1 to me, trigger revolt, push my blocker and kill me. Probably I could have played safer, but I still won the match. But in general, it is a hell for BG decks to play against this deck. It took them million resources and ~5-6 turns to kill my Tamiyo, I drew ~10 cards with it and I just casted another one and won.

Negate feels like a life insurance against slower and control decks. Protecting your early creatures or countering a planeswalker is golden. They tap out for a 4-5 mana walker and you negate it and swing for a million. They cannot recover from that point. It also protects against random brews, I am really happy with the 5 counterspells in the sideboard. Also GP Utrecht showed that Mardu decks turn into a planeswalker heavy midrange deck after sideboard, they usually have 10 walkers (4 Gideon, 2 Chandra, 2 Nahiri, 2 Ob nixilis) and a bunch of Oaths (Oath of Chandra/Lilliana). Negate just wrecks them. Even the 'normal' versions have a lot of target (Push, Unlicensed Disintegration, Kiran, Harvester, Gideon, Skysovereign).

Now I removed Nissa and added another Gideon. That card is just ridiculous. It costs only 1 more mana than Nissa, but the knights are superior compared to the plants, emblem is better than Nissa -2 ability and swinging for 5 every turn is also great. Gideon can win games on its own, while Nissa cannot. So far I love this change, this way I have better chances to have great turn 4/5 and have better candidates for Baral's Expertise to cast for free. And still sticking to 4 Cub :) - but I need a lot more testing for both to understand and know the deck and to feel confident and be able to play fast with it.

For now I added 1 Take Down to the sideboard because all the Saheeli combo decks are running 4 Whirler Virtuoso and the tokens might be annoying. It is untested so far and I do not have big hopes because of the sorcery speed, but I am worried about the million chump blockers. Miner is also bad against them. I am not sure what exactly I am bording out against them, but I am definitely adding all the counters, Thalias and the Take Down.

By the way, Solemn Recruit has some nice applications with Tamiyo. Because of double strike I think we draw 2 cards when this deals combat damage (assuming the blocker does not die due to the first strike hit)

And what you mentioned about mind games, you are totally right! Sometimes they do not even block my Miner, because they think, 'why is he attacking? My creature is bigger. He must have something, I better not block'. The attack is just free for me... And the other thing that I love about the deck is that they have no clue what I am doing.

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