Symbiotic Deployment


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Apocalypse (APC) Rare

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Symbiotic Deployment


Skip your draw step.

(1), Tap two untapped creatures you control: Draw a card.

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Symbiotic Deployment Discussion

Snickles@EDH_only on The Cheating Green Monster

2 months ago

odd mechanics in green:

Bellowing Tanglewurm, Beacon Behemoth, Avoid Fate, Cream of the Crop, City of Solitude, Brooding Saurian, Heartwood Storyteller, Gurzigost, Genju of the Cedars, Gaea's Liege, Freyalise's Winds, Fertile Imagination, Eyes of the Wisent, Engulfing Slagwurm, Elven Warhounds, Elephant Grass, Hermit of the Natterknolls  Flip, Hidden Gibbons (and the other hidden creatures / enchantments), Dosan the Falling Leaf, Holistic Wisdom, Hornet Sting, Hunted Troll, Ichneumon Druid, Kashi-Tribe Reaver (and the rest of kashi-tri, if only for the lockdown mechanic), Lifeforce, Lignify, Lost in the Woods, Mammoth Harness, Meandering Towershell, Midsummer Revel, Mindbender Spores, Mortal Wound, Multani, Maro-Sorcerer, Nacatl War-Pride, Nature's Wrath, Night Soil (okay, this one is odd - because the colon is after the removal of creatures, it happens faster than players can respond or trigger to - it happens at the "cost" step of activating the ability), Noxious Revival, Panglacial Wurm, Permeating Mass, Planeswalker's Favor, Protean Hydra, Quirion Druid, Recycle, Revelation, Riftsweeper, Rite of Passage, Root Maze, Rootrunner, Rust, Scarwood Bandits, Sprouting Phytohydra, Sporogenesis, Spike Tiller, Sheltering Ancient, Selvala's Charge, Sekki, Seasons' Guide, Wave of Vitriol, Wonderlust, Vernal Equinox, Unyaro Bees, Typhoon, Tropical Storm, Tornado, Tempting Wurm, Tempting Licid, Symbiotic Deployment, Superior Numbers, Stunted Growth, Wild Mammoth, Wolfcaller's Howl, Worldspine Wurm, Xantid Swarm, and Yavimaya Dryad

Dark_Danda on cEDH: Full Sisay Stax & Hatebear

5 months ago

Thanks for the suggestion thecakeisalie42! You are totally right! First I thought forest against forest that taps a turn later, why?!

But yeah, actually it is a creature that taps for Earthcraft/Cryptolith Rite/Symbiotic Deployment and untaps for Paradox Engine though I wouldn't want it on my start hand.


Abres_Tenelles on Category 5

6 months ago

A Mega Mayael list!

You probably know about Ogre Battledriver , Cyclops of Eternal Fury, In the Web of War, Hammer of Purphoros and Fires of Yavimaya for giving your Primal Surge army haste.

You might find Symbiotic Deployment, Elfhame Sanctuary and Abundance useful as "insurance" cards.

Primal Surge will, naturally, empty your library. Any of these enchantments avoids your draw step, allowing you to stay in the game if something goes wrong.

obitus on Rhys the Redeemed, Elf Ball Token EDH

6 months ago


Thanks, I had Primal Vigor in here, but I had to make room for Cathars' Crusade. I wanted to keep the cmc down.

I could take out another five drop, but I have to test it some more.

Right now I am battling between Overwhelming Instinct or Symbiotic Deployment. What do you think?

ibstudent2200 on Ghave +1/+1 Counters

7 months ago

Entrei Because it's moronic to play CARD A for the sole reason that it is good with CARD B (when CARD A is terrible without CARD B), unless you have enough copies of cards that can substitute for CARD B. If you play Ivorytusk Fortress because it works with Cryptolith Rite, but no other cards that either have or grant tap abilities, you're going to end up with your elephant doing nothing most games. However, if you play Ivorytusk Fortress with Rishkar, Peema Renegade, Earthcraft, Glare of Subdual, Cryptolith Rites, Diversionary Tactics, Nullmage Shepherd, Symbiotic Deployment, Field Surgeon, Selesnya Evangel, and Sandsower, your elephant is probably going to be useful in most games where you draw it.

Note: I don't recommend playing some of those cards. Sandsower seems terrible without an absurd number of creatures, at which point you should be playing Collective Blessing instead.

Evilkritter on Ulasht, the Hate Seed: Faster Tokens, Kill Kill

7 months ago

This is pretty late, but hey feedback. The deck looks fun but does seem light on ramp/card draw. It also has a few cards that are illegal for a red/green deck :P

Here are my recommended adjustments, consider them but don't feel like you have to take my advice.

Legality cuts: (Gruul not Jund)

Jund Battlemage

Thelon of Havenwood

Synergy cuts:

Dreampod Druid (Only one enchantment in the deck)

Goblin Offensive (Poor-ish cost efficiency, you have better token stuff)

Foundry Street Denizen (You are going big and wide, the Denizen is only good when you want to go fast)

Nut Collector (Cool but overpriced and low synergy)

Kalonian Twingrove (Not enough forests to make it great, is otherwise vanilla)

Hostility (Minimal synergy with deck, you can do better than a 6/6 haste)

Druid's Call (Unreliable, minimal deck synergy)

From Beyond (You have no eldrazi to tutor for, you have better ramp)

Lightning Bolt (Weak in the format)

Budget cuts:

Craterhoof Behemoth (Thunderfoot Baloth is a good budget replacement for this)

Vigor ($$$, keep if you own it though)

Purphoros, God of the Forge ($$$, can be replaced with Impact Tremors fine)

Chromatic Lantern (Unnecessary for two color deck)

Parallel Evolution (On the edge of price, Second Harvest is almost as good and way cheaper, maybe run both)

Primal Vigor (Helps everyone at the table, excellent in the deck but rarely gamewinning when you wouldn't win anyway)

Earthcraft (Pros: Insanely strong synergy, best card in the deck, Cons: will eat removal every game and does NOTHING with an empty hand. Not worth the $$$ price if you don't already own one.)

Land Changes:Cut Transguild Promenade, Rupture Spire, Mana Confluence for basic lands.You don't need five color fixing in a 2 color deck.

Suggested Additions-Ramp: (You have a lot of expensive spell that are not color intensive, basic lands are fine here)

Explosive Vegetation

Farhaven Elf


Kodama's Reach

Card Draw/Recursion: (All relatively inexpensive but powerful card draw, pick the ones you own/like most)

Wildest Dreams


Momentous Fall

Soul's Majesty

Hunter's Insight

Life's Legacy

Symbiotic Deployment

Overwhelming Instinct

Power cards/replacements: (Good but low $$$ cost, replace some of the costlier cards)

Ulvenwald Tracker (Fights are good removal for you)

Impact Tremors

Second Harvest

Soul of the Harvest

Thunderfoot Baloth (Basically Craterhoof 90% of the time, but the bonus is smaller and effectively permanent)

Thermopod (Sac outlets are good, piles of mana can help you have explosive turns)

Ashnod's Altar (Same again)

Dark_Danda on Rhys Enchantress/Tokens EDH

8 months ago

Hey there and thanks for upvoting my version of EDH: Rhys the Redeemed Enchantment Combo & Prison!

First of I really had to laugh out loud when I read that you had actually the very same transition like I had. Going from classic token towards enchantress. Actually I have been playing this deck since 2012. So I would like to help out the best I can.

But first I would like to know what restrictions are given by your playgroup. Do they hate infinite combos? I guess not as you are playing already some. Because there are actually some very good new ones like.

For instance let's look at the latest block aether revolt:

  • Paradox Engine I mean this card it's like wizard of the coast was printing it to be abused by earthcraft. Now add Symbiotic Deployment and you can draw your entire deck in most cases
  • Furthermore I love Sram's Expertise. I mean you pay 4 mana, then get 3 tokens - cast a good enchantment, if possible Earthcraft, then you get to make three mana out of the tokens and continue to play ect. You get the idea

Ummm what else... Ashnod's Altar also let's you go infinite. But for that you would require Mobilization or something like Words of Wilding.

Combos are: Mobilization + Earthcraft + either Mana Reflection or a land ramp enchantment that gives you another white mana like Fertile Ground or an enchantment that doubles the tokens like Parallel Lives. Basically you can get infinite mana and infinite tokens. If you have Skullclamp out it also gets you infinite card draw.

Actually Skullclamp also works very nicely together with Earthcraft, Words of Wilding and Ashnod's Altar and any land ramp enchantment or Mana Reflection/Mirari's Wake and off course also double token enchantments as you can go infinite mana/token/card draw ect.

So if you are into combo - tell me and I can give you actually some good ones. Same is true for hate. I give you a short example:

Posessed portal + either Words of Wilding or Abundance (much better with that!) = win. Reason: you replace your draws and therefore you don't draw cards and get to do something whereas your opponents dont get to draw any cards anymore. Meaning either they have the answer on their hands or a tutor, or they need to kill you with what's left on the board in a timely fashion, which is in many cases a lost cause going against tokens :)

Cheers and keep up the good deck!! Love it and therefore +1!!

TOOMUCHDOG1 on Ghave, Guru of Counting

11 months ago

there are a few card draw spells that I might suggest for this deck Carnage Altar, Damnable Pact, Dark Prophecy, Decree of Pain, Dregs of Sorrow, Erebos, God of the Dead, Fruit of the First Tree, Greed, Inheritance, Insist, Mind's Eye, Nantuko Cultivator, Necrologia,Symbiotic Deployment Phyrexian Etchings, Well of Discovery, Wretched Confluence

Now, all of these are not perfect, and some will probably be easily vetoed but they all can function as good card draw in your deck. Well, besides insist, but that card is just nice to have.

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