Springsage Ritual


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon (EMN) Common

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Springsage Ritual


Destroy target artifact or enchantment. You gain 4 life.

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Springsage Ritual Discussion

dotytron on Hapatra

6 months ago

Natural StateDispossessRoot Out and Manglehorn seem like really good options

but then also right now there is Reclaiming VinesCreeping MoldSpringsage Ritual

Brendanzeros on First Mono Green Ramp

7 months ago

The Archers of Qarsi should be in the sideboard at least. Also, Naturalize is almost always better than Springsage Ritual (and should be in the sideboard as well). And it's probably better to play some Nature's Lores than Ranger's Path.

AndersRumpf on Sk├Âll Pack

7 months ago

What about Springsage Ritual instead of Appetite for the Unnatural? While it's one more mana, you gain more life from the removal.

TitanWalls on Green/Black Hydra Heavy Hitter

8 months ago

Never underestimate the power of Solidarity of Heroes with your massive hydras. It's one of the few non-creature spells I don't mind having multiples of in a starting hand for my hydra deck. I feel Springsage Ritual is too mana heavy for what it does. I would prefer Nature's Claim, Naturalize, Sundering Vitae or at least Natural End. I would drop a few creatures to include Deadly Recluse, it's a much stronger discouragement against attacking flyers than what you've got. Drop Ritual of the Returned, as the majority of your creature's stats are actually pretty low, and the best targets you have are just barely mana efficient to play that way, and won't keep the abilities that make the creatures useful. Also, Stab Wound, and all the cards currently in your sideboard are only useful for very long games, which I think gives this deck an identity crisis. In my experience, hydra decks work best by aiming to drop a quick-growing hydra as soon as possible and swing to kill with it in 2-3 turns tops, which your slow-grinding cards don't contribute towards. It's possible your deck can be effective as well, but try cutting the slow cards, including some quick mana ramp (GreenisGod's recommendation is fantastic) and increasing the proportion of hydras to ensure you have one when you need it. I'd expect your results will improve drastically.Lastly, it's very important to include creature protection for a deck that works around making massive creatures. I'm fond of Blossoming Defense, Alpha Authority, or Sheltering Word. Heroic Intervention can also be incredibly clutch.

dana.roach on Glissa, the Traitor - Pseudo Stax and Removal

9 months ago

Specific comments:

Triangle of War does what Rabid Bite does, and is recurrable with Glissa.

Go for the Throat tends to hit more stuff than Doomblade at the same CMC, though I'd probably run Hero's Downfall over either.

You have Prototype Portal, so I'd find room for Tree of Tales, Vault of Whispers and Darksteel Citadel because spending zero mana to make a land every turn is pretty amazing.

Deglamer or Unravel the Aether are loads better than Springsage Ritual. How often does four life change anything, but being able to deal with a Theros god, a Blighsteel Colossus, a Darksteel whatever, not split Wurmcoil Engine into tokens or trigger someone else's Dictate of Erebos, or deal with someone else's graveyard recursion are things that matter in nearly every single game. Plus they cost two less to cast.

Dredgar on Counter and Overwhelm

10 months ago

You have red so we have a few options

Austin_Smith_of_Cards on Werewolves of Kessig

11 months ago

I would cut Springsage Ritual, as it's a little on the expensive side, and either Appetite for the Unnatural or Crushing Vines, and the The Chain Veil. The last one is a good card, but you're only running four planeswalkers in your entire 100-card deck, which means you're barely ever going to get to use it, and the 2 life loss is going to turn into a pain.

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