Soul Reap

Soul Reap


Destroy target nongreen creature. Its controller loses 3 life if you played another black spell this turn.

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Set Rarity
Eventide (EVE) Common

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Soul Reap Discussion

hungry000 on Suicide is occasionally the answer

1 year ago

Spinning Darkness seems ok, I'll try it out sometime.

Yeah, I've seen Gurmag Angler take over games in Delver decks before. I'll test it when I have time.

Oh idk why I have the 1 Vile Rebirth either, but the thing I was worried about with main deck Bojuka Bogs is that with the Piranha Marshes there'll be too many taplands. I was considering playing Sunscorched Desert in place of Piranha Marsh to make room for 2 Bojuka Bogs in the main, but with all the BB cards I might end up with some color problems if I play all four... Now that I think about it, playing 2 Sunscorched Desert, 2 Piranha Marsh, and 2 Bojuka Bog might work out, what do you think?

I've been trying to find an excuse to put Dash Hopes in somewhere but I can't really seem to find one since it isn't a surefire way to increase my chances of winning certain matchups like Duress is. What would it be good against? And while we're talking about sb cards, do you think the Supernatural Staminas in the sideboard are worth playing over something like Soul Reap or Dash Hopes? Thanks for the help!

kingr8 on Suicide is occasionally the answer

1 year ago

Yeah, I figured Snuff Out might be too much life to spare. Spinning Darkness is another card that you could run to let you control their creatures while saving your mana for tempo/aggro (and it also gains you life which is great), but it works against your recursion, doesn't let you select which cards you're removing (like Gurmag), and might not be available in the early game when you need it to get enemy creatures our of the way for your attackers. Victim of Night is probably still your best bet.

The way that I was reading your deck when I first looked at it, especially with Carnophage and Sangrophage, was a deck that heavily relies on overwhelmingly fast aggro to get in most of it's damage. As I'm looking at it again, I can see that with Shepherd of Rot and Gempalm Polluter you have enough of an engine that your aggro can stall our completely and you'll be ok. I saw Shepherd of Rot as taking up a slot that could help your aggro succeed, and was only useful against Fog mechanics, but I see now that it can work with simultaneous aggro because you run enough enemy-specific lifeloss that you don't need to worry about your own life that much.

I would 100% recommend Gurmag Angler. This card is so good that I find it boring, and almost don't like putting it in my deck since it is EVERYWHERE in pauper (I never play delver for the same reason). I don't think I'm ever disappointed when I draw a Gurmag in my zombies deck. One of the things that's so great about Gurmag is that it's a more flexible card than it seems at first. You choose how many and what kind of cards to exile for it. You can easily pay most of it's mana cost (5-7ish) in the late game if you're trying to preserve your graveyard. At the same time, if your opponent has got a Relic of Progenitus on the board, you can exile what's left of your graveyard to pay for Gurmag as part of it's cost, and they can't respond to that. In your case, I would definitely only run 2, and I think you're right that they would be best in the Ghoulraiser slot, since both cards are better a little bit later in the game. Also, in regards to mid/late game, if your board is mostly intact then I presume that you're winning or at least doing ok. But if your opponent has killed a lot of you creatures and wiped your board, then you're in trouble. Of these two situations, Gurmag helps you when you're losing, and probably isn't needed if you're winning. Ghoulraiser can tend to be better when you have less zombies in your graveyard, since you know what you'll be getting, but if your board is wiped and your graveyard full, Ghoulraiser is potentially less good. Ghoulraiser works really well with Gempalm in the midgame, but I don't think that it will allow you to make a comeback that you might need in the late game like a Gurmag could.

I'm not completely sure what I would cut to put in Costly Plunder, but since it's a card gain mechanic you might cut one each of Gempalm and Ghoulcaller's Chant (to fit in 2) so you don't end up with too many non-zombies in your deck.

I had some bad luck games with Sylvok Lifestaff a while back when I had it as a sideboard, so I could just be biased. If it's working for you, then definitely keep it. Especially if you add Costly Plunder to your mainboard.

I'm not sure why you have one each of Bojuka Bog and Vile Rebirth in your sideboard, since I feel like only one of each wouldn't be enough to deal with whatever they are there for. I think most decks that get heavy value from graveyard recursion are going to be slow enough that you want to kill them before they can use it rather than trying to deny it. Especially with Bojuka, if you're only going to run one, you could just stick it in mainboard and take our a swamp.

I was going to mention Dash Hopes as a potential for a 2 of for your sideboard, but I see you're already considering it. Also what I said in my last comment about moving Nameless Inversion to the sideboard might be better served in putting in Soul Reap instead, since it serves mostly the same purpose and it's value is super high. I still think Victim of Night is the better mainboard alternative, and I wouldn't touch your Geth's Verdict mainboard since they fit into your deck mechanics so well AND deal with Hexproof creatures.

Ryjo on Is there a “reverse” Terror?

1 year ago

I believe the card you're looking for Flooremoji, is Soul Reap.

Ryjo on Is there a “reverse” Terror?

1 year ago

Some of the 2 CMC or less black instants that allow you to destroy black creatures include: Devour in Shadow, Disembowel, Fatal Blow, Fatal Push, Feast of Dreams, Gang Up, Go for the Throat, Hero's Demise, Human Frailty, Killing Glare, Smother, Soul Rend, Ultimate Price, and Victim of Night.

Some of the 2 CMC or less black sorceries that allow you to destroy black creatures include: Bone Splinters, Death Stroke, Defeat, Do or Die, Feast of Blood, Imperial Edict, Liliana's Defeat, Murderous Compulsion, Reave Soul, Severed Strands, Soul Reap, Walk the Plank, and Wretched Banquet.

LuxCannonator on Suicide is occasionally the answer

1 year ago

I think Soul Reap could be good in here. Also, although not a zombie, Smolder Initiate could be quite good in this build.

Kidchaos2084 on Pennies for Werebears

3 years ago

I might try Soul Reap to see how well it works.

Smokus_Krakus on Pennies for Werebears

3 years ago

Then you can sideboard the others and use Soul Reap, except maybe Timberwatch Elf but how popular is that (I don't know). I just think that there are creatures that you probably want to get rid of that don't tap, though not sure in pauper.

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