Soul Conduit

Soul Conduit


6,T : Two target players exchange life totals.

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Soul Conduit Discussion

UrbanAnathema on Thought-Knot Seer Outside Eldrazi

11 hours ago

I've actually found it's amazing in U Tron along with Conduit of Ruin

They both shore up some of U Tron's weaknesses at the midrange, and do what it wants to be doing anyway which is either controlling your opponent or tutoring for your pieces. The fact that both fulfill these roles while also giving you a sizable body on the field is excellent in U Tron.

My list here: MEGA-TRON

PhotogenicParasympathetic on Horobi, Devotion to Death..

1 week ago


Hero's Blade kills your creatures if you equip while Horobi is out, and can only use it's free equip on three creatures.
Jabari's Banner, Squee's Toy, Tower of Coireall, Sacred Armory. These all require your commander to be useful, and are awful otherwise. Tooth and Scale of Chiss-Goria are similar, but the flash ability makes them more useful to you.
Phyrexian Totem is either a bad mana rock, or a really bad attacker, or a really really really bad defender.
Soul Conduit is a bit expensive, and it's effect isn't great.
Veilstone Amulet is going to require some instants to be worth it, since you'd want to cast something in response to someone else trying to target your creatures.
War Horn is not good enough.


Death Pit Offering. Bad. Out. Cut. Leave. Go.
Quest for the Gravelord. Slow, not worth the effort.
Ragged Veins will kill the targeted creature before resolving if Horobi is out.
Unspeakable Symbol is bad. I get that it combos with Retribution of the Ancients, but retribution is a repeatable one mana kill with Horobi, and doesn't need you to have any counters on any creature to be active.

Lanzo493 on Horobi, Devotion to Death..

1 week ago

Mystifying Maze works in your deck. Desert is decent but not that great. Quicksand is a good add too.

In case you didn't know, Horobi's ability will activate on your creatures. This includes equipment (Hero's Blade is the exception). So if you want you can remove your equipment since they don't work well with your commander. Let's talk about other possible cuts.

Colossus of Akros is just way too darn big to really use effectively. Soul Conduit suffers from the same problem.

Master of the Feast. You said you usually play multiplayer? You are giving 4-6 cards to your opponents every time your turn comes around. His ability gets worse the more players there are.

Jabari's Banner, Crenellated Wall, and Squee's Toy are not very good. With your commander they are good, but you have enough cards in your deck that work with your commander. These are pretty much worthless without him so you should remove them.

Phyrexian Totem is just asking to get you killed. Unless you just use it for mana. Dark Prophecy can also get you killed easily, especially with the commander you're running. Death Pit Offering is just not worth it, and gets you killed in the process.

War Horn, Blood Reckoning, and Hissing Miasma don't have very powerful effects. When everything is dead, you're not gonna be attacked. If things are alive, you'll still be targeted.

1empyrean on Zada, Large Hedron Collider

1 week ago

To summarize my most recent changes I am testing out:

ComboCrazy on How does Phyrexian Unlife interact ...

1 month ago

I have a deck that contains Phyrexian Unlife and was considering adding Soul Conduit as a win condition. How would this work? Can I still exchange the life totals? And does it instantly kill the opponent if I do, or do they need to lose more life?

Dredge4life on Punish for tapping mana and ...

1 month ago

Soul Conduit for tapping yourself to one life then giving that to your opponent.

1empyrean on 2016-01-23 update of Zada, Large ...

1 month ago

Ender666666: I have actually considered Volcanic Vision, but with the spells I am using it isn't a great fit. Mizzium Mortars was added instead, and Firestorm might go in at some point. Spell recursion isn't a priority, and the ones I am currently using are attached to creatures (which means easily repeatable).

I might consider Burn Away, but graveyard decks haven't really been a problem and it doesn't trigger if I kill a commander and it gets sent back to the command zone or sacrificed in response. The 5 mana is usually better spent on building up a field.

I actually played quite a few matches today, multiplayer matches for the first time in a long time. The speed and consistency were good. Descent of the Dragons and Utvara Hellkite were amazingly fun and effective. I like Soul Conduit especially because one of the decks was a life gain deck, but I think it fits much better as a part of the chaos variant list in terms of the feel I am going for with that deck (and I want to test out Rapacious One when I get one). Sword of the Paruns is really versatile here, but it serves the primary purpose of buffing the toughness of creatures I control (and secondary purpose of win-more because krenko abuses it so easily...This isn't a krenko deck, so I am trying to avoid that sort off thing), and I am looking for something outside the box which might possibly replace it. So far, I haven't found any new themes that have caught my eye, but I hope to see something interesting in the next few sets and keep my maybeboard stocked with things I want to try (or might go back to).

Squirrel_of_War on The Torture Never Stops

1 month ago

If you toss in Soul Conduit or Magus of the Mirror it makes it super fun to run stuff like Toxic Deluge!

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