Silumgar Sorcerer


Format Legality
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Leviathan Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Dragons of Tarkir (DTK) Uncommon

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Silumgar Sorcerer

Creature — Human Wizard

Flash (You may cast this spell any time you could cast an instant.)


Exploit (When this creature enters the battlefield, you may sacrifice a creature.)

When Silumgar Sorcerer exploits a creature, counter target creature spell.

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Silumgar Sorcerer Discussion

pummelhuff on Azor's Legion

3 months ago

Cards I suggest:

Situtational suggestions:


  • Arcane Denial good 2 mana counter in edh and you don't lose a card

  • Dream Fracture good counter in edh and you don't lose a card

  • Unwind depending on how good rewind is, maybe an option.

  • Silumgar Sorcerer creature counter with the possibility to attack.

  • Stubborn Denial I like stubborn denial with commanders which already give you ferocious.

meta dependant suggestions:

questionable suggestions:

Loreshadow on Does Cloning by Instant spell ...

3 months ago

So if I wanted to protect one of my creatures I could just have my Elite Arcanist cast Cackling Counterpart on a Siren Stormtamer, and pay the man to sac the toke, leaving my original target in once piece?

If I wanted to counter a creature and only have a Negate in my hand I could still use my same Elite Arcanist to copy a Silumgar Sorcerer and have it exploit itself to counter that creature in time?

Sounds like it. Cool. Thanks guys!

oliveoilonyaasscureshemorrhoid on BUG Birthing Pod Toolbox Control

5 months ago

Protean Hulk is finally unbanned! It could replace Rune-Scarred Demon because Hulk could just target Sidisi, Undead Vizier, or Bring to Light/Chord of Calling?

Mystic Snake could be replaced by Silumgar Sorcerer for a turn early to counter commanders etc/Venser, Shaper Savant to get past "can't be countered" like Supreme Verdict? Maybe Draining Whelk for a finisher, but it's rather costly.

Hope this helps

merrowMania on Muldrotha, the Gravetide Combo Control

5 months ago

Most of this deck is great! I'm not a fan of the Echo cards, nor the flash creatures. Muldrotha only works during your turns, so the recursion is not useful for things like Silumgar Sorcerer.

I have a bunch of these cards, so you will be able to assemble it very quickly.

JuQ on All for One, One for All

5 months ago

Hi, I have a very similar elf focused Ezuri deck you might want to check out

Ezuri Turbo Tribal

Commander / EDH JuQ


My advice, swap everything you can into a power 2 creature with the same function: Bramblecrush for Acidic Slime, Naturalize for Viridian Zealot, Call to Mind and Nature's Spiral for Eternal Witness and Den Protector, Simic Signet for some ofther mana dork, if possible get a Priest of Titania, Exclude for Silumgar Sorcerer, you get the idea.

Most of your creatures are green but your counters most of them require double blue. Try to use low cost counterspells that requiere only one blue mana. It doesen't matter if they aren't hard counters, usually the non creature spells will be the most dangerous for your, especially the sorceries. Disdainful Stroke, Stubborn Denial, Swan Song. Counterspell on a creature are also great on this deck, specially if they have evasion on their own Stratus Dancer, Siren Stormtamer, Mausoleum Wanderer.

There are a few really good blue removals Pongify, Rapid Hybridization, Reality Shift. And in green the discount instant Desert Twister Beast Within.

You will need a ton of card draw, much more than in any other deck. Your spells are cheap and you will empty your hand really fast. Life's Legacy and Give / Take (you can ignore the Give part) are my favourites for this deck because they are really low cost and give you a ton of cards. There are higher cost spells that will get you about as much without having to consume your creature or your +1/+1 counters, but the low cost is critical.

Door of Destinies will make prevent Ezuri from getting experience and is quite slow. You don't really need it because Ezuri is there to buff your creatures. For similar effects in a more efficient and explosive way Master Biomancer or Bloodspore Thrinax. The best thing is Cultivator of Blades because it gives you three experience ounters, and only buffs your guys when it attacks, so Ezuri keeps getting experience.

Mycoloth is absurdly good with Ezuri, they feed each other just what each one of them wants.

You will also need a tons of ways to save Ezuri, he will be the target of all your opponents removal.

Try to include as few lands that enter tapped as possible, a second turn Elvish Mystic is not half as good.

If you like easy wins you can also run Blighted Agent and Sage of Hours.

Skywatch on We Became the Death Star

6 months ago

Silumgar Sorcerer is countermagic on a creature though. I could use that.

SketchyScribbler on

9 months ago

I've got a couple of suggestions for you:

Dire Fleet Ravager, Stonybrook Banneret, Sedraxis Alchemist, and Silumgar Sorcerer.

ThallionDarkshine on u/w angel/human

9 months ago

Looks like a neat take on Ephara! However, there a few cards that stand out to me as out of place. Westvale Abbey  Flip can't be played because its back side is black. Counterbalance seems a bit weird with no topdeck manipulation. Knight Exemplar has only 4 other knights to buff. I'm not really a fan of auras in EDH, and even though flashing in Spirit Mantle to save a creature might be cute, I'm not sure if it's good enough to make the cut.

The deck feels a bit lacking in the ramp department. Solemn Simulacrum and Knight of the White Orchid fill this role while also supporting the etb subtheme. Azorius Signet and Coldsteel Heart are some other good mana rocks to consider.

Finally, some other cards that go very well with Ephara. Deputy of Acquittals and Voidmage Husher are some other humans that help you get more etb triggers. Stonecloaker and Whitemane Lion, while not humans, are extremely powerful with Ephara, letting you draw every turn if you have enough mana. Faerie Artisans gives you lots of etb triggers, and also the etb/ltb effects of all the creatures you copy. In addition, you can flicker it to keep whatever token you currently control. Finally, Silumgar Sorcerer is a counterspell that triggers Ephara, and is even a human.

Hope this helps!

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