Runeclaw Bear

Runeclaw Bear

Creature — Bear

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Runeclaw Bear Discussion

acbooster on Does protection from black protect ...

16 hours ago

Yes it does. Protection asks, "Does X spell/permanent have Y quality?" If the answer is yes, then protection works. So if you have a Runeclaw Bear with protection from Black and your opponent swings in with a Rakdos Cackler, you can block the Cackler without any damage being assigned to the Bear because the Cackler is both red and black.

Dredge4life on Declaration in Stone in modern

2 days ago

The definition of strictly worse is an effect for the same cost and mana, but with an obvious downside or shortcoming. For instance (disregarding creature type) Quilled Wolf is strictly better than Runeclaw Bear because of its ability.

MirranTitan on Fighting for $$$

2 weeks ago

Here is a look at what I have been playing for years, Shallow Graves EDH

It has combo, it's resilient, but I can't seem to get kills, as soon as I get the ball rolling on what I am doing, someone just windmill slams Deadeye Navigator + Palinchron and some nutty win condition with the infinite mana.

I tried to play strict combo before with azami, but blue gets you aggroed, and then you lose every game to Runeclaw Bear and friends getting turnt at you for 10 turns.

acbooster on Enhantment on Land/Creature

1 month ago

It's also worth noting that giving protection to a creature can cause an enchantment or equipment fall off. For example, say you have a Runeclaw Bear enchanted with, say, Hyena Umbra. If someone gives your bear protection from white, the Umbra will fall off immediately because it can no longer enchant the bear.

BlueScope on Question About Kor Haven and ...

1 month ago

The main thing you're missing is that you can activate abilities on permanents you control any time you have priority, like an instant. That means there's nothing to stop you from activating them on your opponent's turn, after they declare attackers.

To use this effectively, you want to make sure you know the exact steps of combat (skipping irrelevant-to-the-question ones): Combat happens between the main phases, so your opponents can't cast sorceries during combat. After declaring attackers, players can cast spells or activate abilities - your opponent, who is the active player, gets to do so first, then you may do so. After that, there's the declare blockers step, after which there's an additional round of priority, which is also the last opportunity to activate your land's abilities (if no creature has first strike, because after first strike damage has been dealt, there's another round of priority before regular damage is dealt).

This is a very short summary of how combat works, but hopefully enough to illustrate the utility of those lands. Note that they only prevent combat damage, so if your opponent Lightning Bolts your creature, you won't be able to save them with the lands.

A specific use case for Maze of Ith is that if your opponent has, for example, a Typhoid Rats and you have three Runeclaw Bears, you can attack with all three, wait until blocks have been declared, then use the Maze to untap the bears that have been blocked, which prevents you from losing a creature.

The_Dragonmaster on Giant Designer's Cards and Where ...

2 months ago

we should print a whole deck in giant cards, and then have a tournament where as a team you play a deck. You have someone sitting on a really big chair and two people to help him draw and look at his hand. You have two more people managing the battlefield, and your good to go. you there! put my Runeclaw Bear in the grave because it couldn't fight my opponents terrifying Storm Crow.

TheHelvault on Giant Designer's Cards and Where ...

2 months ago

So for a long time playing magic, I see pictures of people with giant cards like this: enter image description here and I really want to know what they're officially called, how much they cost, and where I can get one. The idea of having a giant Runeclaw Bear is glorious.


JWiley129 on Can Swift Reckoning work with ...

3 months ago

Unfortunately no. When you want to cast a spell with a requirement, like Swift Reckoning, the target needs to meet all the requirements. The creature you want to target isn't tapped yet, so it's not a legal target for Swift Reckoning. it'd be like trying to Naturalize a Runeclaw Bear before the Liquimetal Coating turned it into an Artifact.

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Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2015 Common
2012 Core Set Common
2011 Core Set Common
Duels of the Planeswalkers Common
2010 Core Set Common

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