Rhystic Circle

Rhystic Circle


(1): Any player may pay (1). If no one does, the next time a source of your choice would deal damage to you this turn, prevent that damage.

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Rhystic Circle Discussion

Durkle on G/W Hexproof for Pauper

2 months ago

Ancestral Mask is THE card for this deck. It's pretty expenxice online but if you can spare the tix they're definitely worth it. Even if you can only get a couple, it will almost always be better than snake umbra.

You'll probably want more creatures honestly. I run 14 in my list. There are a million sac effects in pauper with the dominance of Mono Black. I also recommend running a couple Commune with the Gods too to find guys or auras. Also don't underestimate Silhana Ledgewalker, that card is absolutely amazing. Plus turn 1 you're probably playing Khalni Garden, Blossoming Sands, or Abundant Growth anyway, so putting him in on turn 2 is great. A couple Aura Gnarlids! can be good too, but they usually eat all the removal that your other creatures dodge.

Also, speaking from experience, you will absolutely 100% of the time want to be slamming Young Wolf in the sideboard. It's hands down the best defense against sac effects since it eats 2 of them. Standard Bearer seems really strange to me since none of your creatures can be targetted anyway, but I guess it can steal buffs away from your opponents. Still, it seems a little slow. In matchups where that would be good it would likely be better to just be bashing.

You'll also want a couple Flaring Pains. They get through Moment's Peace and Rhystic Circle and are easily castable off of abundant growth.

Also, I'm sure you know this, but I still feel inclined to tell you since I didn't know this when I first played the deck: Armadillo cloaks stack. Like if you have 2, you gain the life twice. I used to think it was just lifelink but its actually way better which is sweet.

Anyway, I hope I was of some help, and best of luck!


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Prophecy Common

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