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Return target green card from your graveyard to your hand.

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Revive Discussion

Hyato on Might of the Masses ($13)

4 days ago


Thanks for the great suggestions! I really like Harmonize and Revive but I'm still trying to think about how to get them in the deck.

hnki on Upgraded Nissa (Duel Deck)

1 week ago

In keeping with the original precon's ideas, and in contrast with the excellent quality of its common creatures, green has been given a more narrow selection of cards. One copy of Hunt the Weak is the closest the deck will get to unconditional removal, which is fitting for green. Two copies of Pierce the Sky and one of Aerial Predation give green the badly-needed ability to deal with fat black flyers, which was a major flaw in the original deck. Revive is a surprisingly versatile card that gives this deck a way of coping with black's myriad of removal, or get a second use out of Hunt the Weak. Introducing a beginner to the power of this pseudo-flashback effect and card advantage certainly seems appropriate. One copy of Overcome as a finisher seems appropriate to break stalled board states and give green a clearwe path to victory.

kamarupa on Might of the Masses ($13)

2 weeks ago

it's probably not "budget" but Heroic Intervention would go a long way against any deck packing Ratchet Bomb.

Some draw card is always good: Harmonize is my top choice, but something like Revive might be really nice here, too.

sideboard: Elixir of Immortality, Sundering Growth, Oblivion Ring, Celestial Flare, Beast Within, Back to Nature

TheHex2020 on Garruk Beast

2 weeks ago

how about cards like New Horizons or Animist's Awakening. Maybe Revive

LostDragon01 on Briarbridge Patrol PDH

3 weeks ago

Why you not using all 1 mana "ramp"? Arbor Elf, Utopia Sprawl, Wild Growth ?

Nature's Lore better than Rampant Growth in monogreen.

Also, suggestions: Revive, Eldrazi Devastator

raefgall on Selvala's Chargers

4 months ago

Overall breakdown:

The first thing that stands out is that the ratios for this deck lean very heavily towards single use, non-repeatable effects. There should probably be a bit more land (I'd aim for at least 36 or so), and a few of the cheap fetch lands would go a long way. While you have some token generators, some additional creatures would probably help as well. Think of it this way: late in the game with no cards in hand, how big of an impact will the card have? If you can include a card with more than one use, the chances go up.

TL;DR I would cut some of the limited focus instants and sorceries for some additional land and some creatures/artifacts that still move towards your theme.

Some Suggestions on what to add:

Land: Bant Panorama, Krosan Verge, Naya Panorama, Evolving Wilds, Myriad Landscape, Terramorphic Expanse (6)

Creatures: Acidic Slime, Reclamation Sage, Karametra, God of Harvests, Dauntless Escort, Loxodon Hierarch (5)

Instant: Beast Within, Blunt the Assault, Selesnya Charm, Sylvan Reclamation (4)

Enchantment: Beastmaster Ascension, Song of the Dryads (2)

Artifact: Selesnya Signet, Selesnya Cluestone, Spear of Heliod (3)

My suggestions on what to remove:

Sorcery: Deconstruct, Dosan's Oldest Chant, Journey of Discovery, Overwhelm, Rampant Growth, Revive, Stomp and Howl (7)

Instant: Nourish, Predator's Strike, Restrain, Ruthless Instincts, Soothing Balm, Titanic Growth, Wax/Wane (7)

Land: 1 Forest, 1 Plains (2)

Enchantment: Arrest, Cho-Manno's Blessing, Street Savvy (2)

Creatures: Vine Trellis, Viridian Emissary (2)

LordMithos on Orzhov Treasures

6 months ago

Tokens do go to the graveyard which does trigger Marionette Master. It's just that once they have hit the graveyard they disappear into a cloud of smoke. That's why they work with things like Grave Pact, Blood Artist, and Fecundity but won't with Rise from the Grave, Faith's Reward, or Revive.

Awesome little deck, treasures and Marionette Master is a synergy dream come true. How well does it hold up against stuff like Ramunap Red?

Matrixxx999 on Rhonas God of Zoo

6 months ago

Thanks for your upvote on my Rhonas deck!

Some suggestions for your deck:

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