Regal Force

Regal Force

Creature — Elemental

When Regal Force enters the battlefield, draw a card for each green creature you control.

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Regal Force Discussion

rockleemyhero on Rith, party of 200? (help with cuts!)

2 days ago

@clayperce Hey i never responded to your old post! Yes, Shamanic Revelation may have to substitute for Regal Force but I want to give him one last chance as I've heard good things about him and maybe I'm not playing him right. He is a great Tooth and Nail target with Avenger of Zendikar.

And yes, I've been trying to find new and more ways to abuse Gaea's Cradle as well. The cradle is secretly the general of this deck ;). I had Voyaging Satyr in here but just took it out cuz I think it was a little too cute...maybe Magus of the Candelabra would be much better. But both are very fragile. Reap and Sow is good but I just don't have enough mean lands in my meta to justify the mana. Tempt with Discovery worries me as the next player can just fetch a Strip Mine.

I've toyed with the idea of Realms Uncharted and i REALLY tried to make it work but its just not a good card in this deck (or most decks). I cant find a 4 land combo that will always allow me to get the cradle. It's much better in a dredge-y deck as you pointed out.

I think Weathered Wayfarer is awesome for sure! However, I'm a little worried that he might be tough in late game since I run a lot of land ramp in this deck. I don't want to have to change the entire ramp package here just to make him work (unless I considered Land Tax and Scroll Rack. I also have none of those 3 cards :P. I'm actually considering Captain Sisay as my final cradle tutor, in place of Knight of the Reliquary.

@B4BY3ATER thanks for the comment! Yes, I recently went through my deck and lowered the average CMC (see my recent cuts). I've been thinking of adding Martyr's Cause as well, it seems great here. Im actually thinking of cutting Spawning Pit for it instead.

To both of you- I recently was reading a primer on Rhys the Redeemed on mtgsalvation and got really discouraged about running Rith, the Awakener. I feel that the reality is she's just not good...she's so awkward and clunky. My thought is this: the only real benefit the red splash gives in a token deck like this is haste. However, Rith does not benefit from that since her tokens come into play after combat, she's very slow. And it's not worth trying to combo with extra combat phases, as that requires a ton of extra mana. I feel like Haz and Marath are the better token generals here and I'm tempted to switch...please convince me to keep rith cuz I love her and have the cool promo version!!!

randomthing on Go Green Initiative

4 days ago

Oh! Also! forget ever tutoring for Archetype of Endurance with Tooth and Nail. If you're ever gonna Tooth and Nail there are way better two creature combinations that will end the game and are better than Archetype of Endurance and anything else. these include but are not limited to:

Surrak, the Hunt Caller + Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger / Pathbreaker Ibex / Craterhoof Behemoth / Thunderfoot Baloth

or if you really need draw:

Regal Force + Avenger of Zendikar

(If you have Concordant Crossroads out)

Avenger of Zendikar + Pathbreaker Ibex / Craterhoof Behemoth

clayperce on Marath, Will of the Wild EDH

1 week ago

I run a very different style (more toolbox/less Tutors), but this looks really solid. +1!

Shamanic Revelation maybe, instead of Regal Force?

Draw well!

SLP_500 on Kamahl Ye Faithful

2 weeks ago

I play Temur colors myself, but Green is the color I need most in that deck, so I know a few things. For starters, you should replace Peregrination with Nature's Lore. Peregrination is simply too expensive, and the idea with ramping is to get it done quickly and cheaply. Also, Krosan Tusker has no purpose there except to be cycled for a land. Since you like utility creatures, I would go with something more like Borderland Ranger or Civic Wayfinder. That way, you get a creature and a land for the same price as cycling. Boundless Realms is too much of a late-game card. By turn 7, you should be using that mana to play your big creatures, not get more land. If you want more lands, go with Skyshroud Claim. If you want creatures, go with Ezuri's Predation. When you're spending that kind of mana, it's to make a big play. Blighted Woodland might be good, too. With all this land coming out, you should get Rampaging Baloths.

As for card draw, there's not a whole lot of options, especially on a budget. Sylvan Library is incredible, but out of the question. How about Mirri's Guile? It could replace Dreamstone Hedron, an artifact I used to run that is just too slow. Life's Legacy is a bummer, but works in a pinch while you save up for Regal Force. Better yet, shoot for Garruk, Primal Hunter. Another good one is Soul of the Harvest. A lot of these are probably a little expensive, but I'm just giving you options.

Removal is tough for green. You basically have three options: regenerate it, make it indestructible, or make it hexproof. Asceticism covers two of those options, but is a slow enchantment. Withstand Death and Mending Touch kinda work. While it's expensive, Yavimaya Hollow is wonderful. I'd say just fight fire with fire: Beast Within. And those board wipes? Fresh Meat. Don't like their artifacts or enchantments? Naturalize and Krosan Grip.

I know you wanted suggestions of what to replace with what, and I tried to make some quick ones, but it's really on you. Think about what this deck is good at, and how you can make it better at that while working on the weaknesses. Your average mana cost is really high, which I'd understand if you were playing Eldrazi or Dragons, but you're not. Which cards really get you your mana's worth? Look up a deck called Kamahl EDH by the user Caridis. This deck is where I first heard of Kamahl, and helped me realize I am probably a green player at heart. I wrote A LOT, which I apologize for. I hope at least some of it is helpful. Cheers!

Thing2 on Kraul Death Priest

3 weeks ago

Ob Nixilis, Unshackled + Fertilid sick combo bro!

I love this deck, our boards are going to be a Wasteland. It looks very well balanced between sac outlets and sac targets, well done. I have a few suggestions.

Primal Growth has flavor in your deck but on the turn it is best on you will likely not be able to kick it. I would replace this with..what.. you seem to be missing all the green ramp! Mana Reflection and Skyshroud Claim are offended. Harrow made the cut though? Head over to Omnath, of the Matrix and pick out some ramp cards. There is also the new Zendikar Resurgent.

Crop Rotation, Expedition Map and Scapeshift oh I see your plan. Just going to lean on the old Gaea's Cradle, Cabal Coffers, Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth combo! Looks like it time for me to pick up Blood Moon. I like this plan but at least find a spot for Mana Reflection and a couple ramp spells for the early game. Oh and don't forget Deserted Temple!

A few cut suggestions:

Vigor - this guy is just kinda boring, I know he likes counters and all but meh.

Primordial Hydra and Kalonian Hydra - These guys will get big, they will have trample and they will be threatening. I don't know why they are here though. They like counters sure but they are no Woodfall Primus. A little extra beef isn't a bad thing but I would prefer something with a token ability like Hooded Hydra.

Doomgape - Same as the hydras even though it does have a sac ability you don't get to choose when to use it.

Demon of Wailing Agonies - This one is pretty good, he just doesn't really get me excited I guess. Definitely not a clear cut.

Phyrexian Obliterator - Would you run a 5/5 "this creature can not be blocked"?

The one thing you are really missing on is draw! Lucky for you this deck is ! Get Regal Force in here asap! Shamanic Revelation I choose you!

Some more cards I would add:

Sword of Feast and Famine - yup

Craterhoof Behemoth - yea

Sylvan Library - not a must run but very powerful.

Terastodon - his draw back may just mean more counters for you.

Spike Weaver - lulz so much better in this deck than any other, but I doubt many threats will stay on the board for long with all your removal.

Forbidden Orchard - this is totally unnecessary but kinda funny, when you have the board sac locked you can still get counters! Also you can make friends in the early game.

Springjack Pasture - GOATS!!!!!!!!!!

You may have left these out on purpose but Genesis Wave and Rise of the Dark Realms are one card wins in your deck.

enpc on Commander epic finishes

3 weeks ago

Game 1

This game saw me playing against a Mayael the Anima deck. Mayael had already wiped out a player, and lethal was coming towards me next turn in the form of Kozilek, Butcher of Truth and Gisela, Blade of Goldnight plus a horde of others. I had played a Reveillark the turn before in case Gisela was going to swing me (luckily she didn't). On the battlefield I had a few lands including Mikokoro, Center of the Sea. I also had down Titania, Protector of Argoth, Nim Deathmantle and Saffi Eriksdotter. A top deck Blasting Station would have been perfect.

But I drew the second best thing - Ashnod's Altar. I played the altar, producing infinite colourless mana. From here, I added the Acidic Slime that was in my graveyard into the Saffi Eriksdotter / Reveillark loop and blew up my own Mikokoro, Center of the Sea.

I sacrificed Titania, Protector of Argoth to Ashnod's Altar and used Nim Deathmantle to bring her back, returning my Mikokoro to the battlefield. Tap, each player draws a card (Mayael was tapped out) and then repeat the cycle. and Voila, Access to my Blasting Station.

Game 2

This game was more of a tribute to teamwork. There was a Zedruu the Greathearted deck, a Maelstrom Wanderer deck and an Azusa, Lost but Seeking deck. The Azusa deck went balls to the wall and cast Boundless Realms, putting about 15 lands into play. This was immediately followed up by an Avenger of Zendikar, Concordant Crossroads and Craterhoof Behemoth. My board state consisted of two untapped lands and an untapped Yisan, the Wanderer Bard with no counters. Azusa moved to combat and Zedruu, using up all his spare mana, donated an untapped Commander's Sphere. Thanks to Azusa's Concordant Crossroads, I could tap Yisan, tutoring up a Spore Frog, preventing all combat damage. Needless to say Azusa was not impressed.

He then passed turn to me where I combo'd off. Then the Next guy combo'd off. Then the Zedruu player flicker'd the Azusa player's Regal Force, making the Azusa player deck himself.

Good times.

aznb01777 on Flashy Fauna

3 weeks ago

Nice a green deck that thinks it's blue lol.

Phyrexian Revoker would be a fun addition to make it more control. Mimic Vat would be a great utility etb engine. Regal Force is etb great for drawing. Patron of the Orochi would be another Seedborn Muse that you can stack on top of it would be crazy OP

cmills on He Who Wanders - French

3 weeks ago

Update for the MTG Salvation tournament, trying some new lines of play out.

Replaced with Survival of the Fittest. Can't fetch it like Fauna, but I can use the turn it comes in and I'm grabbing other 2-drops far more with Yisan.

Not helping with getting Yisan out T2, and I almost always want the 1G to go elsewhere.

Never felt like a great draw, no immediate outside of potential ramp when grabbed. Swapped for Temur Sabertooth to get more value from the 4 slot.

Tested for a bit, but Kamahl fits better as a 6-drop as a wrath deterrent AND overrun source. If I didn't have something large or pumped, Pathbreaker was underwhelming.

Never felt like it was wort the advantage, I always chose a dork over it in opening hands. - Garruk, Caller of BeastsSame as others, not enough immediate impact for the cost.

Shroud didn't work well with untapping Yisan, and the haste was only good for him by T3.

Replaced with Tectonic Edge, not sure yet if I like it.

Needed more disruption, and adding Temur Sabertooth means I can use it for value.

Instant speed answer to Elesh Norn, one of the more annoying threats to elfball.

Cheap removal for early game annoyances. The foil also looks great.

Another late game beater that refills my hand. Testing, may swap with Woodfall Primus or Sylvan Primordial eventually.

Replaced Fauna Shaman.

Replaced a Forest

Replaced Oracle for more incremental value

Wrath deterrent and overrun.

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Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Pauper Legal

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