Rakdos Augermage

Rakdos Augermage

Creature — Human Wizard

First strike

Tap: Reveal your hand and discard a card of target opponent's choice. Then that player reveals his or her hand and discards a card of your choice. Play this ability only any time you could play a sorcery.

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Set Rarity
Dissension (DIS) Rare

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Block Constructed Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Rakdos Augermage Discussion

Darth_Savage on Modern Discard v2

1 year ago

Hi marypopins,

Your deck is a sort of hybrid of three other decks; 8 Rack, Owling Mine and Hollow One while there is some symmetry in how these decks function, the first two are control decks and the last is aggro. At the moment I'd say your deck leans more towards control, but without the heavier discard or counterspell package. Outside of Hollow One you aren't gaining any advantage from the cards you discard either in terms of recursion (cards with Flashback, or like Bloodghast and Gravecrawler) or play (cards like Fiery Temper or Flameblade Adept) and you are only running 3x of Hollow One.

Your main strategy then is based on your opponent discarding cards, so how to make that more efficient, First up Wheel of Fate with Simian Spirit Guide you can potentially cast Wheel of Fate turn one, which would put your opponent on a clock. Next, admittedly with a little more work Reforge the Soul, you would need some Scry effects, but that is manageable. Or a more recent addition Collective Defiance, the effect was even attached to a creature, once Barbed Shocker... If you really don't care (but you probably should) about letting your opponent draw then you may as well run Master of the Feast, as it's an under-costed evasive beater.

I do think it is possible to build a strong Red/Black discard deck and here your lack of recursion could be a safety net. Since you aren't running any recursive threats you can use cards like Elixir of Immortality or Cranial Archive to fold your graveyard back into your library, meaning at a push you might be able to win by decking your opponent, or at worst you reset your deck. Note that Mill is generally a terrible strategy for winning though.

Finally here are a few other cards for your consideration; Rakdos Augermage, Neheb, the Worthy, Kolaghan's Command, Jagged Poppet and Igneous Pouncer.

I hope I've given you some ideas, enjoy brewing your deck.

ElTacoDude on

2 years ago

I like Liliana's Caress, thank you. I'm taking out Tree of Perdition, because it wasn't really on theme. But if you have a better idea for a cut I'd like to hear it. (TBH I know some of the cards here are under-powered, but they are some of my personal favorites like Rakdos Augermage)

EroticBurrito on What if...I get help?

2 years ago

Thanks for the feedback!

I already have 2 collective brutality on the main, I'll consider having more though. As for Rakdos Augermage, I feel like it might be useful, but for 3 mana it's kind of a let down, the ability is just too situational I guess.

Maybe I should just drop Vengevine from this deck, as it's quite unreliable too. I don't know. Maybe I'm pairing two strategies that don't fit that well...

Maybe drop Vengevine, Goblin Guide, Maelstrom Pulse, and bring to the table the Augermage/Liliana of the Veil, Infernal Tutor, one more Hazoret the Fervent? I can see it working around discard... I'll make some changes and come back with info on how it works...

Thank you!

MRDOOM3 on What if...I get help?

2 years ago

Have you considered Lupine Prototype? Then again, I'm not completely sure as to how effectively your hand gets emptied with this deck.

Avatar of Discord is a nice beater as well, and he allows you to dump 2 cards.

Rakdos Augermage, Collective Brutality, Conflagrate, and maybe Jagged Poppet seem like nice additions as well.

rafaelmv7 on Discard this and that

2 years ago

Bom... talvez te faa falta a mais um Lupine Prototype, porque o deck parece bom para rapidamente ficares sem mo. Dark Withering parece-me essencial como removal instantneo. A Drana, Liberator of Malakir no est a a fazer nada no maybe. Pode ser gira e boa, mas no tem sinergia com o deck. Jagged Poppet para jogar com 4 cpias. 1 Vengeful Pharaoh tambm fica a ninduh.

Outras coisas boas para este deck seriam por exemplo Lingering Souls ( branco, mas s o irias jogar com mana preta), Faithless Looting ( brutal, como disse o outro senhor), Bloodghast (at j tens e brutal para fazer sinergia com quase todas as cartas que tens); Gathan Raiders tambm seria uma ideia gira. Tombstalker um bicharoco interessante para meter no campo por uma ou duas manas. Tens um bom one drop no Big Game Hunter, devias ouvir o senhor e meter o Squee, Goblin Nabob, tens o Extractor Demon (tenho a carta) para descartar, 4 Grave Scrabbler seria OP, Gobhobbler Rats seria giro, Mindslicer seria engraade, Rakdos Augermage idem e Rakdos Pit Dragon tambm e uma boa ajuda seria teres um ou dois Call to the Netherworld.

Por fim, se quiseres ganhar jogos: Ensnaring Bridge. Gg

Errast on Here I Come Again Asking ...

2 years ago

Been playing with a few new commanders, and I've come back to suggest a couple more creature heavy options.

First off is Neheb, the Worthy. Since Minotaur's are such a weak EDH tribe, I decided to go with a list based around Jimmy Wong's with some modifications. Rakdos Augermage, and Archfiend of Ifnir have been the two most notable cards so far. The deck's got all the kooky Rakdos goodness you'd expect from a deck where everyone's always hellbent, but you're the only one getting anything out of it.

I feel like Rakdos, Lord of Riots speaks for himself. The deck is big, stompy, and out for blood. Thermo-Alchemist, Heartless Hidetsugu, and Combustible Gearhulk are all fun times with a deck built around the big man.

Yes these are both Rakdos generals, but I'd say they're probably the most fun I've had playing EDH in a while. Most of the Rakdos generals are similar in nature, either caring about big damage, discarding lots of cards, or sacrificing creatures constantly. I'd say almost any Rakdos general has a good chance of making a great EDH deck if you're just looking for something dumb and smashy.

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