Pygmy Allosaurus


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ice Age (ICE) Rare

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Pygmy Allosaurus

Creature — Lizard


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Pygmy Allosaurus Discussion

NathanNati0n on Prehistoric Justice (#1 Gishath EDH)

2 days ago

Thanks Antwaan33, I am currently running Pygmy Allosaurus as I believe that to be the best due to Swampwalk (but that is specific playgroup) and of course it is the original dinosaur. Putrid Raptor is black. Alpha Tyrranax is a vanilla creature and I want cards that impact the board state more at its cost. Deathmist Raptor does not synergize with this deck. Imperiosaur doesn't do much for the deck and will be pretty hard to cast. Tyrranax's ability doesn't do much for the deck, especially at its cmc. Dromosaur and Pangosaur are quite frankly terrible. Ridgetop Raptor, Ripscale Predator, and Shivan Raptor are decent but not standout spectacular. That leaves: Frenetic Raptor, which is fairly niche; Magmasaur, which fits quite well in my deck Enrage Enabled but not great in this list as here I am not focousing on Enrage that much; and Fungusaur, which I am currently looking for a place for.

h00n on Dinosaur! GRR!

2 months ago

I've thought about Triassic Egg and honestly, what do I need it for in the deck? I don't have any expensive dinosaurs or any that I really want to keep on the battlefield at any cost. I can already return the deathtoucher. Also, it's really slow, I'd rather drop the Dingus Egg at 4 and then use the mana not for laying counters on my egg but instead destroying the enemies lands.

Another thing is the Pygmy Allosaurus, why would I "waste" space in the sideboard for a card that only has a use against black decks? Also I think the Pangosaur is more important as it works really well against stompy decks that don't run that many lands, while stompy decks are also more of a threat to this deck due to their faster aggro than black ones. I think I have enough of an answer to black with Lava Runner.

ClockworkSwordfish on Dinosaur! GRR!

2 months ago

No Triassic Egg? No Pygmy Allosaurus in the sideboard? I feel there's room for improvement!

mickalopagus on Dinopocalypse (Dinosaur-Flavour Gruul Casual)

6 months ago

oh yeah not sure if you have seen Pygmy Allosaurus. just found this card in a friends box

brewtzar on Dinosaurs(work in progress)

11 months ago

Hello jtlmtg, glad to see you're still dedicated and working on improving! I've looked through your improved deck and noticed a few things:

You might consider trying to add a little more reliability to your list of instants and sorceries. Many of them are only one- or two-of, which means that the chances of you drawing them when they'll actually matter most is fairly slim.

Still love the theme! Here's a list of lizard cards on Gatherer. Perhaps some more inspiration could lay there?

Explosive Vegetation is great, but it does come out a little late. Perhaps Rampant Growth and/or Cultivate could be good options?

Additionally, while Gnathosaur fits well thematically, it's in all honestly not that good a card for your deck. At 5/4 for 6 mana it's behind the curve, and with only two artifacts you probably won't be using its ability very often. The same can be said with Pygmy Allosaurus. Unless you're running into a lot of people playing swamps, chances are it's just a 2/2 for 3. I'm sure it's hard to find cards that fit thematically for this deck, but if you get the chance cutting those two would probably help somewhat.

You might consider moving Terra Stomper to your mainboard if that works for you thematically. It's a pretty great beatstick for its cost and uncounterable to boot.

That's all I can think of before going to bed. Keep up the good work!

LostenVortimer on We need Dragonsword power now!...

1 year ago

This looks great! There are a few things missing, though. You can't play Daybreak Ranger  Flipbecause the flip has red in it's identity, and you commander doesn't, so you need to find something to replace it.

I am also noticing a lot of vanilla/ish creatures ( E.G. Pygmy Allosaurus, Norwood Ranger, Elvish Ranger) and while you can play with those, you shouldcould swap those out for something with more utility.

Ranger's Guile is good and all, but if it is hexproof you are going after, Asceticism would work much better.

Turntimber Ranger seems to do nothing, seeing as it is the only Ally I can see.

Bombs like Avenger of Zendikar are excellent in EDH. Playing Boundless Realms after an Avenger is almost always a win.

Beastmaster Ascension would be excellent here, seeing as you want huge creatures.

Keep up the good work and remember that Edh is a slower format than modern. I enjoy seeing quality decks from people new to the format!

Discoduck on

1 year ago

Fun stuff. I also went megafauna with Intet, as these seem to be the best colors for that flavor. Siege Behemoth fits with your theme and would be very useful with all the combat damage you want to deal. Fires of Yavimaya for hasty beasts. Thunderfoot Baloth for mass pump and evasion. Plated Crusher is nothing short of a dinosaur if you need some resilient beats. Jungle Basin could be a fun land for the flavor, and also semi-ramp-ish. I really like that you have Sigiled Skink in here along with a lot of the others; very fun stuff all around.

Suggestions: In commander, being a generally long-running multiplayer game with lots of politics (depending on the people you play with, of course), aggro can sometimes run into the problem of everyone else at the table getting annoyed with you and ganging up on you/ nerfing you the rest of the game. Generally you want to pack enough punch to quickly dominate the board and really threaten players with extinction, so you can use that very real and obvious threat to advantage, political or just taking rivals out of the game too fast for the rest of the table to stop you.

That, and the fact that everyone has 40 life, means "aggro" in this format tends to go one of three ways: A) a ridiculously huge army of token creatures, B) winning via commander damage, or C) using BIG creatures, like you're going for here. Usually you want your creatures to have at least 5+ power to be relevant to your goal of smashing people in the face. As far as the smaller creatures you have here - other than those with utility (Sigiled Skink, etc.) - I'd think about getting rid of the ones that are only there to do damage (Pygmy Allosaurus, etc.). While awesome in the flavor department, they won't be useful outside of dealing very light damage and chump blocking. It'd be better if every creature you summoned made a significant impact - and also, look for ways to really capitalize on Intet's ability to play stuff for free. Mana cost is no issue with Intet + green ramp + the length of commander games. Throw in more fatties, is what I'm saying.

More scry or "play with top card of your library revealed" stuff would be very useful to you, as well - that way you can gauge whether or not it would be beneficial to attack with Intet and pay to use her ability. Oracle of Mul Daya, Future Sight, stuff along those lines.

PS: Also, Leyline of Anticipation is excellent with Intet, as it allows you to play cards exiled with Intet as instants. Other than the obvious benefits of this, if Intet is about to die, you can just dump all the spells you've exiled with her ability so they aren't lost when she leaves the battlefield. Since it has a primeval palm-treed island in the art, it should fit right in!