Parting Thoughts


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Pauper Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2016 (C16) Uncommon

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Parting Thoughts


Destroy target creature. You draw X cards and you lose X life, where X is the number of counters on that creature.

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Parting Thoughts Discussion

Rzepkanut on

1 month ago

Hey great looking deck! Got s few suggestions for ya... Strionic Resonator can double his counter distribution trigger or even a "bounty collection" trigger. I agree Queen Marchesa would be great in the 99 of this deck. If you need more control and pillow fort cards maybe try War's Toll, Archangel of Tithes, Lightmine Field, Do or Die and Parting Thoughts. Then there's Diaochan, Artful Beauty, who is basically a wild card. It could survive a while and be insane if you can make allies, or it will die right away but you should collect at least one bounty no matter what. Maybe you want to be in charge of combat to control the board and force bad blocks with Fumiko the Lowblood, Goblin Spymaster, Boros Battleshaper, Master Warcraft, Odric, Master Tactician, and Brutal Hordechief. I love the idea of using curses too especially Curse of Disturbance and Curse of Shallow Graves since you don't mind extra creatures floating around. Happy gathering!!

Rzepkanut on Karlov the vaultron experiment

6 months ago

Nice deck! Got a couple ideas for you.. I'm a big fan of Duelist's Heritage over Battle Mastery... Sword of the Animist is great in non green decks especially Voltron style ones... Inspiring Statuary is great with lots of equipment cards... I like effects like Dictate of Heliod over aura pump spells here since you have so many small value creatures, plus a bunch fly. Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx can get crazy in 2 color decks. Also I feel like you could use some big card draw spells. There's so much black card draw out there that uses life loss as a drawback that you could probably some no problem. Skeletal Scrying, Phyrexian Arena, Parting Thoughts, Ambition's Cost, Ancient Craving, Graveborn Muse, Minions' Murmurs, Moonlight Bargain, Necrologia, Promise of Power, and Underworld Connections... That's more than you need, but i would pick a few of them...Alhammarret's Archive is great in life gain but it's better with card draw effects... also Rhox Faithmender & Boon Reflection for more life gain doubling. Happy gathering!

spulverin on Yidirs - You wanna draw new ?

6 months ago

Heyho Cuthulu,

erstmal eins vornweg :) yidris ist einer der strksten multiplayer Comander ever.. also herzlichen Glckqunsch zu Ihrer Wahl, es war die richtige. (einer der top 8)ein wichtiges vornweg.. du willst (vor allem in deinen niedrigen cmc nur dinge haben die IMMER gut sind. wre ja schade wenn du grad was castest... freust dich auf deinen Cascade trigger UUUNDNDD Prosperity .. oh nix passiert. Damit kommen wir auch gleich zur ersten Karten . Prosperity Raus. ohne wenn und aber :)Ich wrde sogar fast sagen das Terminate und Rakdos Charm nicht uneingeschrenkt gut sind.. weil ohne Kreaturen aufm board.. :)

bei mir im Deck rette ich viel durch wieder auf die hand schicken und den Gegnern dann quasi die sachen weg wheelen :)das funzt ganz gut und du kommst schnell an deine key cards... schau dir mal mein Deck an wenn du magst

Volcanic Vision macht zu wenig fr die Mana kostenParting Thoughts ist nicht immer gutDecree of Pain omg wie geil an die habe ich noch gar nicht gedacht Deine Kreaturen mag ich eigentlich alle gern :) auch sonst gibts nicht ziel zu verbessern. Vlt. hier und da noch mal was Massenhaft Zeugs bei gegnern los wird.. (Yidris wird am tisch nie sonderlich gemocht)

lagotripha on GB Counters Deck

6 months ago

Hi, its always good to see new faces around. First things first, Parting Thoughts is unfortunately not a modern-legal card- it shows on the bottom right hand side. Modern equivalents are things like Momentous Fall,Fruit of the First Tree Take, Tezzeret's Gambit, Fathom Mage, Greater Good, Life's Legacy, Soul's Majesty etc. Still, it should be a straightforward swap, even if its not removal. I'd reccomend looking around at other decks that use landfall effects and counter effects- they tend to operate on different principals, one running Terramorphic Expanse or Wooded Foothills type cards for a quick burst of damage, and the other runnning lists like this thing I threw together Mono green county to play aggressively.

Modern as a format has been shaped by the presence of fast, powerful cards like Scapeshift, Lightning Bolt or Death's Shadow, meaning most games are won or lost by turn four. If you find yourself playing in a competitive environment, just run a full set of Duress, Despise and kill spells like Vendetta- it'll be relatively cheap and hopefully stop your opponent for long enough to achieve a strong board state with Armorcraft Judge and Ridgescale Tusker. The two concepts to keep in mind are 'card advantage' and 'tempo'. Basically, card advantage is 'can I use this card to take out two of his, so that you have more options overall than your opponent style, and tempo is 'can I trade all my cards for damage before my opponent can stop me'.

Playing casually on the other hand is a lot more relaxed, if you're playing with a small group and small number of decks, try to trade for variety in your setup- its no fun if all the games turn out the same way, and the slower play is a lot more forgiving. Optimise to match the power of people you're playing with, otherwise noone will want to play against the deck. People will put up with a couple of dumb turn four wins, but don't try to do that every game, even if its possible. I'll reccomend you focus on making sure your lands are reliable- while competitively Sylvan Scrying is usually used to fetch tron peices (Urza's Toweretc) it will work well enough to fetch lands, though Rampant Growth, Harrow, Khalni Heart Expedition, Kodama's Reach and other cards that put lands onto the battlefield will likely be more practical for now.

Also, you should include Vinelasher Kudzu, its pretty hilarious.

The most important thing is to playtest before going out and getting things, and have fun.

Spirits on Breya - EDH

8 months ago

I found a Reliquary Tower that can replace the Transguild Promenade for future considerations!

Parting Thoughts also pretty bad, I don't think you're putting counters on any creatures.

I have a Aetherflux Reservoir don't know if you'd want that in there, I know shaynejamesgold loves it! More future considerations :)

I have a Chromatic Lantern $9.99 USD VERY good, and Cyclonic Rift $7.99 USD if you want both for $15 CAD!

felletje on Yidris unchained

10 months ago


Tijd voor een advanced deckbuilding analysis en writeup! (ja ik verveelde me so what)

Eerst je doel! Wat wil je bouwen en waarom. Ik geloof dat je dit deck bouwt om lekker casual met je vrienden te spelen, zonder teveel geld uit te geven aan onzinnig dure includes. Ook zie ik een superheavy discard/graveyard/draw thema going on here met een interactive game en het leuke van random cascades!

Lets get to it

Een deck bestaat ook uit statistics (boooring). Je kan basically elke mana symbool bij elkaar optellen en the most efficient land base eruit halen. Je kan ook je curve optimaliseren zodat je elke beurt wat leuks kan spelen (ookbelangrijk).

Maar wat ik het belangrijkst is, is je average converted mana cost. Deze is nu 4.18. Dat is redelijk aan de hoge kant (ik ga altijd 3.50 en nooit naar de 4.x). Je deck heeft dus on average kaarten die in totaal tussen de 4 en de 5 kosten en elke beurt streef je dus om dit minimum te behalen.

Therefore, kansberekenen! (ok listen ik do dit vanuit the top of my head take this with a grain of salt)

Je deck heeft 39 land + rond de 8 sources van fix / mana making 47 sources

Imagine drawing 7 cards. De eerste kaart die je trekt heeft een 47% (als we vanuit gaan van 100 kaarten) kans om een mana source te zijn. De tweede dus ook rond die kans (hoger of lager, ligt eraan of je je landje trekt) maar als we een average nemen van 12 kaarten (7 + 5 beurten) trek je 5,64 (dus 5 met een 64% kans) land kaarten / mana sources. stel je mana base zal 33 land zijn + 2 sources van fix. dan trek je in 5 beurten 4 sources van mana. is dit sufficient? up to you.

Basically als je meestal 6 mana hebt in 13 beurten, kan je deck dan on curve uit de bocht komen. in dit geval echt wel. dus laten we gaan kijken naar de rest. Wooooo kaartjes

Ik bereken altijd de waarde van de kaart zelf ook weer op bepaalde dingetjes

  • wat hij doet voor zijn cost
  • samenhang (geen x spells in een cascade deck! delve kaarten in een cascade deck! suspend kaarten zonder cmc in een cascade deck!)
  • flavor (niet zeer belangrijk, besides ik moedig juist flavor aan. Niet een kaart exluden voor het tegenovergestelde)

Dus mogelijke excludes gebaseerd op deze 3 puntjes;

includes: to be determined.

RicketyEng on Superior Inventions

11 months ago

I think I would like to develop my Daretti deck into something that aims to play defence and slow the game down since he is an engine and not a combo piece. Breya on the other hand is a combo piece so I think going closer to the combo route might be the way to go here. What this decision means is that it will be easier to prioritize which cards to play in which deck.

Made some adjustments:

Out: Hellkite Igniter, Parting Thoughts, Bonehoard, Cranial Plating, Jor Kadeen, the Prevailer, Transguild Promenade, Trial/Error, Armory Automaton, Etched Oracle, Curse of Vengeance, Godo, Bandit Warlord

In: Aetherflux Reservoir, Junk Diver, Chromatic Lantern, Foundry Inspector, Filigree Familiar, Tamiyo's Journal, Ashnod's Altar, Gamble, Enlightened Tutor, Padeem, Consul of Innovation, Noxious Gearhulk

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