Ooze Garden


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Shards of Alara (ALA) Rare

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Ooze Garden


(1)(Green), Sacrifice a non-Ooze creature: Put an X/X green Ooze creature token into play, where X is the sacrificed creature's power. Play this ability only any time you could play a sorcery.

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Ooze Garden Discussion

zin1000 on Clever Girl

1 week ago

Thanks Mave for the Suggestions! I replaced Champion of Rhonas with Greater Good, since he really was just a one trick pony, I would use his exert ability once and after I would already have Ghalta, Primal Hunger into play and by then his ability didn't really matter. I replaced Experiment One with Ooze Garden, even though I lost some tempo its not too bad, and Experiment One usually took too long to get big enough to be worth anything. I replaced Caged Sun with Death's Presence since by the time I could cast Caged Sun, I would already have the mana to cast Ghalta, Primal Hunger and I wouldn't really have much use for it.

Mave on Clever Girl

1 week ago

I think the Deck could work well. Still tink that there are three green enchantments which could improve your deck.Greater Good Can Sac. your commander to dig 12 cards deep into your deck giving you 9 cards in your hand 3 in the graceyard.Ooze Garden Is a save move where you spend 1G to return your commander to the command zone and get a 12/12 which reduces the costs by 12.Death's Presence Keeps the power of dying creatures on the board for later use to recast Ghalta.

Spirits on Cat tribal, not wide, no equip

3 weeks ago

Hi stephan16,

Thanks for the comments on Arahbo, Xenagos... for Cats.

You've got all the reasonable CMC1 cats, Leonin Elder is a bit borderline for me. I see you have the fetch lands in the Sideboard, I assume the plan is to get those in, Steppe Lynx will thank you. I would get out some of those lands that enter the battlefield tapped. I only play a couple, Dryad Arbor so I can Green Sun's Zenith it, and Hall of the Bandit Lord.

Scavenging Ooze is good, non-cat obviously, but he's independently good anyway. May consider Ground Seal (see it in your maybeboard), it draws a card to replace itself so just costs you mana, and maybe draws an enchantment removal from opponents that might be saved for a Sylvan Library so they can continue with their deck strategy. Watchers of the Dead is also an on-cat-trend graveyard control card. He's 2 power for CMC2 so he doesn't hurt you either with the Eminence.

Fleecemane Lion is a nice tempo guy, hes 3 power for CMC2 and he has built-in Indestructible if you draw him late in the game, not too shabby... tabby

I really dislike Council's Judgment, it rarely removes what I really want, in Selesnya it's limited a bit for removal, I'd almost always rather have an Oblivion Ring so I get to choose, or a Path to Exile if I usually remove a creature / blocker.

Seeds of Innocence seems counter productive for an early turn 1 drop system, but I can see how eliminating all those CMC0/1/2 artifacts would be an advantage longer term. If you're looking to keep the board clear makes sense.

I see you have Hush how about Paraselene, no cycling, but it's CMC1 less and has a secondary trigger.

Triumph of the Hordes gives a secondary possible win-con, it's pretty good. With Ooze Garden or White Sun's Zenith could be a win.

I would recommend Alms Collector, not sure how many Grixis commanders you fought, Kess, Dissident Mage, Jeleva, Nephalia's Scourge with Show and Tell to Enter the Infinite combos, or even Izzet with Blue Sun's Zenith infinite draw, many EDH run mass draw, he shut's that down. Used him successfully many a time, I've even Chord of Calling him in response.

Prowling Serpopard can be nice, he's like another Cavern of Souls and his 4 power for CMC3, isn't prohibitive for an aggro strategy.

Enlightened Tutor is a nice way to pull Sylvan Library to keep tempo, and especially if your ramping into board wipes, help replace some cats into your hand. Maybe a Mirari's Wake instead of one of the more expensive ramp spells, to assist with the tokens and with the ramp?

I originally built the cats (using hypergeometric distribution formula), but I found, in Multi-Player commander, it wasn't enough so I abandoned that srtategy. Lately I've been thinking perhaps land destruction would be better paired with aggor-cats.

You already have Wasteland and Strip Mine, you could change one of your creature board removals into Cataclysm. Crucible of Worlds, Armageddon, Ravages of War, and maybe even Command Beacon would be needed however. With ramp, and the low CMC cats + Eminence I feel it's a viable aggro strategy. Maybe give it some thought, it's a shift, depends on how well it's performing for you.

I don't have a Gaea's Cradle so I don't run Crop Rotation, but I run Nature's Lore which I've been able to abuse a bit to ramp faster, and a little more expensive alternative Three Visits. I would also run Eladamri's Call, I know it doesn't go into play like the others, but its CMC2 for a bit more consistency.

Heirloom Blade could give you some survive ability through a board wipe, would also work with the various sac/draw like Greater Good to replace/draw a creature to replace the one lost. Scavenging Ooze would be your best friend.

Liscom on Trostani Budget EDH

4 months ago

Thank you for your suggestions! I think you are right... I have no idea why I overlooked Wake the Reflections in first place.

I also kicked out Selesnya Guildmage and added Ooze Garden. It works too great to get some more life.

WargRave on Yasova taking over control

8 months ago

Just some random thoughts, sorry for the disorder. I don't really have time to organize this atm.

You're extremely light on way to interact with _non_creatures. You're gonna feel real silly as a green deck when you're facing an Asceticism and you don't have so much as a Reclamation Sage to deal with one enchantment. Consider taking out the tapping subtheme and adding Decimate, Beast Within, Hull Breach, or similar cards. Get Cyclonic Rift in there too. You need Turn to Frog much less than more noncreature interaction. Most any creature you can target, you can steal, one way or another, and the ones you can't probably aren't numerous enough to make Turn to Frog worth it.

17/39 is a lot of etb tapped lands. Try to replace some guildgates and Smoldering Crater at least, swap them for untapped dual lands, or conditionally untappeds or basics. I would guess that, while also etb tapped, the U and G vivid lands would serve better than guildgates. High Market has great utility with your gameplan. Opal Palace is possible, it helps with Yasova's power.

FYI, you can tag cards into multiple categories, so Helm of Possession, Grab the Reins, and Demonmail Hauberk can both go under Sacrificing as well. You might want even more sac outlets and fewer steal effects. Your general gives you the second but not the first, so the rest of your deck should provide more of the first and less of the second to ensure you have one of each every turn. It seems like you can do better than Barrin, Master Wizard. What about Ooze Garden? There's always the classics Fling and Birthing Pod.

You need card draw too, and a generous amount. A hand with 4 Threaten effects is a lot worse than one with 3 threaten effects and a Harmonize. At the very least, no Tibalt please. He doesn't even count as a steal effect, he's too slow for that. Shamanic Revelation, Rishkar's Expertise, and Treasure Cruise are all options. Skullclamp can turn your enemy's dorks into cards for you, or just pump up Yasova and give her death insurance. Add some more like Elvish Mystic of your own for more consistency out of the clamp. Life's Legacy and Momentous Fall do double duty. If Yasova is out, Life's Legacy is probably better than a hand of three threatens.

By the way, OG Threaten isn't good enough to make the cut, and Kari Zev's Expertise and Act of Aggression might not be enough of an improvement.

Under your ramp package, Temur Banner should be Commander's Sphere and Nissa's Pilgrimage should be Cultivate to fix your colors. You've got a pretty high curve, so adding even more ramp and bringing down the curve would help. Better to play a spell with 80% power than have a 100% power spell stuck in hand for three turns. Think about exchanging Clone Legion, Nissa's Renewal, and one of the expensive threaten effects with Rampant Growth, Farseek, and Primal Growth which gives another sac outlet. With more cheap fixing, you can run more basics, and therefor fewer etb tapped lands.

Rancor is nice for helping the general, much more efficient than Incremental Growth I think. Stormsurge Kraken seems pretty intimidating but it doesn't advance the gameplan and Yasova herself is pretty easy to remove.

waffledevouror on The Wizard of Ooze

10 months ago

In a deck like this, you need ways to abuse Ooze Garden and I can't think of a better way than Parallel Lives.

drakereid on Hope You Didn't Want That

1 year ago

I like the build. I strongly recommend Forgotten Ancient. It is a cheap way to pump up Yasova, allowing you to steal stronger stuff.

If you are looking at what to cut, I might focus on some of our counterspells. You are going for a totally different type of control here. And most of the sac outlets you can through in won't be able to be prime counterspell targets until it's too late.

I would also look at the question of "How do I want to win?" You've got a LOT of options in here (pumping your creatures up, countering key spells, swinging with creatures that have a lot of +1/+1s on them). My concern for you though is that it seems too unfocused. I would recommend focusing on 2 or 3 specific wins. If your primary way of winning is pumping the shit out of your own creatures - focus on that. If you want to win by stealing your opponents main creature and swinging with that, go with that. My main wins are either swinging with the opponents big guys and KEEPING them (Conjurer's Closet, Willbreaker, Corrupted Conscience, etc.) or stealing everyone's shit and sacing it, leaving me free to swing away (Insurrection, Mob Rule, etc. with Dracoplasm, Birthing Pod, Ooze Garden, etc.)

It's a strong build, and I think it will be a lot of fun to play. My personal preference is to go in with a plan, like I stated, but if you prefer to play it as it comes, that's cool too. Good build!

Wyrd13 on Yasova TL

1 year ago

Looking good. Here are some suggestions to make the most of Yasova's ability.

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