Nissa's Revelation


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic Origins (ORI) Rare

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Nissa's Revelation


Scry 5, then reveal the top card of your library. If it's a creature card, you draw cards equal to its power and you gain life equal to its toughness.

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Nissa's Revelation Discussion

BennyBartez on Mono Green Baru

3 weeks ago
  1. Is Eldrazi Monument a bit risky because it dies after a boardwipe?
  2. Is Worldspine Wurm's casting cost too expensive?
  3. Is Living Hive and Giant Adephage and Gigantomancer too slow/not enough value from the mana investment?
  4. Is 30 basic forest plus 9 non-basic land too little, too many, or ok?
  5. Is Abzan Beastmaster good enough card draw?
  6. Are the lifegain cards needed/good enough? Essence Warden and Arborback Stomper
  7. Is Druidic Satchel too slow and mana intensive?
  8. Is Nissa's Revelation too expensive and inconsistent?
  9. Is Moonsilver Spear a bit counter-intuitive in an anti-flyer deck? It's supposed to synergise with the token creation and a way to fight opponents' flyers.
  10. Should I play Squirrel Nest to combine with my Earthcraft for the infinite squirrel combo, or is that a bit inconsistent and unfair?
  11. Is Whisperwood Elemental any good? It does not synergise with the token creation theme, and has other risks.
  12. Is Whispersilk Cloak any good? it seems and over costed Swiftfoot Boots, but do I need to protect my commander, plus the unblockable might be valid.
  13. Is Archetype of Endurance worth it, as it seems like a not as good Asceticism?

MonoGreenKing on Samut's Stompers

7 months ago

Shamanic Revelation and Nissa's Revelation both draw you cards and gain life

VesuvanDoppelbanger on Super Maro Odyssey [Tishana Drawgro]

7 months ago

THIS is fantastic. Thematic, powerful, and it looks like a hell of a ride.

Life's Legacy, Nissa's Revelation, Rishkar's Expertise, Soul's Majesty all do essentially the same thing - pump your Maros.

Mystic Remora provides significant draw power, especially in multiplayer.

With such a huge focus on draw engines, ramping may be better served by Sakura-Tribe Scout or Skyshroud Ranger.

A truly awesome brew, keep it up.

Hyperalgialysis on Finding Strong G/B/U healing cards!

7 months ago

Without really glancing at your list, Nissa's Revelation Nissa's Renewal Arborback Stomper Pelakka Wurm Stream of Life this one is great with your commanders ability since x will get copied as what you cast it for. Example you cast Stream of Life for 9 plus one green. You copy it with your general. You gain 18!

multimedia on Nissa Elves

8 months ago

I'm also a big fan of Nissa and I really like the Nissa theme you have here, it's creative and unique. +1

Consider using Nissa, Vastwood Seer  Flip as your Commander instead of Nath? Not really sure why Nath is your Commander when you aren't playing any other black cards or lands that can make black mana.

Changing to Nissa as your Commander would be better for the Nissa theme you have here, Planeswalkers and cards with Nissa in the name. Nissa as a Commander is great, in fact she's one of the better green Commanders in the Commander format. My suggestions are to use Nissa as Commander and focus on ramp, mana ramp with Elves and land ramp with Elves and spells. I suggest this because a lot of the Nissa Planeswalkers and Nissa named spells have high mana costs you'll need more than Elves to make enough mana to play these cards.

Unfortunately, due to the Commander color identify rules you can't play Nissa, Steward of Elements because it has a blue mana symbol in it's casting cost. You can only use cards of the same color who your Commander is.

Two of the better cards with Nissa in the name are Nissa's Pilgrimage and Nissa's Revelation I recommend adding both especially Pilgrimage.

If choosing to use Nissa as your Commander than here's some cards that have great synergy with her:

  1. Skyshroud Claim
  2. Nature's Lore
  3. Harvest Season

  4. Farhaven Elf
  5. Rampaging Baloths
  6. Tireless Tracker
  7. Courser of Kruphix

  8. Exploration
  9. Burgeoning
  10. Gaea's Touch

These cards I've suggested all care about lands because using Nissa as a Commander is about getting lands into play because you need seven lands to flip her into Sage Animist. Not sure if budget matters to you, but all my suggestions are budget other than Exploration and Tracker.

Good luck with your deck.

snotice on Nissa, Eldrazi's Seer

8 months ago

Some suggestions:

Nature's Claim: Cheap instant speed removal at the cost of only 4 life that is easy to take with a deck like this one.

Mind's Eye: You can never have enough draw in a mono-color deck. This is great for a deck like this where you are only trying to ramp to victory.

Tireless Tracker: One of the Best creatures to come out of Shadows over Innistriad. I can't see why you wouldn't have this in your deck.

Selvala's Stampede: One of the better ways to plant big boys and girls onto the battlefield. At only 6 mana and with all the draw you will have, this card will intimidate any opponent on which mode to choose from.

Possible cards to take out:

Nissa's Revelation: In your deck it can be amazing, but at 7 mana (even with the ramp) can be a bust. I think Selvala's Stampede is a better card at one less mana.

Warden of Geometries: An eldrazi at 4 mana to ramp you one generic mana seems like a waste. I believe that drawing cards would more beneficial to the consistency of the deck long-term.

Ulvenwald Captive  Flip: 9 mana investment for a 4/6 that produces two generic. It seems a bit steep even for EDH.

Dreamstone Hedron: The Hedron Archive is good enough that you shouldn't need a second one at two more mana.

Hope my suggestions were helpful to you.

Steaditup on The daily recommended dosage of Greens

9 months ago

My favorite card? It's so hard to say. I love the nissa flavor of it all. My favorite might be Nissa's Revelation. Getting big draw/life gain in mono green is very strong. Genesis Wave backed up by a Mana Reflection is disgusting as well.

Vininn126 on But I'm Not the Only One

9 months ago

Looks fun as hell. I might add something Like Dragonlord's Perogative for some card draw, or Nissa's Revelation, Nissa, Steward of Elements, or Ugin's Insight, or Rishkar's Expertise. These are all sick ways to draw cards of huge dudes, or cheat creatures into play.

Also Aqueous Form for Inent. Makes it easy for him to block, also you get to see the top?

But basically add some card draw and the deck looks sick as hell.

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