Natural Obsolescence


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt Common

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Natural Obsolescence


Put target artifact on the bottom of the owner's library.

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Natural Obsolescence Discussion

WednesdayAdamsMan on Eldrazi Bounty

3 weeks ago

Hey standard eldrazi friend! Figured I'd come check out your deck, definitely into it. Do have a few suggestions while trying to keep your budget in check. I think the eldrazi enchantment From Beyond would be a better play here, the tutor ability seems super good for you. LOVE the new deserts here but I think you run the blue one over the Survivors' Encampment rather than tapping extra permanents. I love blisterpod but I think you should also had another ramp dork here just to sure up the possibility for extra mana, I think naga vitalist would do great here in place of kozilek and 1-2 anticipate. lastly, I think Natural State or Natural Obsolescence is a better sideboard option than creeping mold just for speeds sake. BTW I am in love with the Reason/Believe here definitely buying a play set to mess around with in my deck. Be well!

ShotgunCrocodile on Rishkar Shall Overrun

1 month ago

Maybe Unravel the Aether over Natural Obsolescence because it hits both artifacts and enchantments despite that the card could end up anywhere due to shuffling?

clayperce on Newbie Mono-Green Energy

1 month ago

It's cool to see a Mono-G Pummeler build! Looks solid!

A few quick thoughts:

Draw well!

Freezingfist on G/W My Stuff Won't Die No Matter How Hard You Try!

1 month ago

Just by deck name, Snerfasaur, I think you need to include Heroic Intervention.

Plus, I think you're missing the Ultimate Evasion Master Hide-Away Hydra!

For sideboard, I'd add Cast Outs, and Natural Obsolescences to protect against Marvels and graveyard strategies.

Cragon18 on Casting Spells

2 months ago

Thanks for the feedback Chandrian and landofMordor. After reading your comments, I kind of went back to the drawing board. It has many of the same cards, but I attempted to up the energy package, mainly for Aetherworks Marvel to maximize my Rashmi triggers. I removed some of the dead cards as both of you suggested. There are still likely a few dead cards but I can work those out as I play. Keep in mind that many of the choices are for my kitchen table meta which has lots of artifacts and graveyard shenanigans, hence cards like Learn from the Past, Natural Obsolescence, and Energy Flux(mostly that card is hilarious against an artifact deck) and the like. I attempted to add some more mana ramp. I don't have many of the mana ramp staples that you suggested Chandrian since I have only been playing since OGW. I did collect as a kid, hence some of the 4th edition cards. If I like the deck I will certainly look at acquiring more of the commander staples. Thanks again and let me know if y'all like the new direction! Cheers and Happy Brewing!

clayperce on Steaming Tar Pit

2 months ago

Maybe some Artifact-hate for Aetherworks Marvel? I like Natural Obsolescence personally, but others swear by Appetite for the Unnatural, Manglehorn, and Release the Gremlins, so I think the pros and cons all kind of even out.

And Sweltering Suns for the Zombie hordes, maybe?

Draw well!

clayperce on G-R Werewolves

2 months ago

Sweltering Suns for the Zombie hordes, maybe?

And maybe some more Artifact-hate for Vehicles and Aetherworks Marvel? I like Natural Obsolescence personally, but others swear by Natural State, Appetite for the Unnatural (I see the 3x in your 75), Manglehorn, and Release the Gremlins, so I think the pros and cons all kind of even out.

Draw well!

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