Natural Obsolescence


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt Common

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Natural Obsolescence


Put target artifact on the bottom of the owner's library.

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Natural Obsolescence Discussion

darkoverlord on Bant Midrange Tempo

1 hour ago

After a few matches I love the deck. I make a lot of mistakes, it is really not easy to pilot the deck. My thoughts so far:

  • 4 Heart of Kiran is probably too much, going down to 3 for now

  • 4 Longtusk Cub is a must. This is our synergy payoff (Attune, Miner, Refiner), we always want it, and almost everyone is running 4 Fatal Push, so we need pressure after the first is killed

  • I am not sure about Nissa, Voice of Zendikar

  • I am also not sure about Blossoming Defense. I never had it when I needed it (thought it would have been a blowout), and it is quite bad in topdeck mode.

I made more changes in the sideboard:

  • added 4th Tamiyo, Field Researcher for the BG matchups -> BG is the most popular deck, and they cannot beat this card

  • added 3 Negate and 2 Disallow --> these together with the Quellers are excellent against control and Saheeli Combo decks, also great against Metalwork Colossus decks

  • added 2 Natural Obsolescence --> this is great agains everything (Mardu, artifact heavy BG lists, Aetherflux combo, Marvel decks, and Metalwork Colossus

  • added Confiscation Coup - great against any creature based decks and is always a 3 for 1 (they lose something, you get something and they need to remove that something somehow)

I have not played against the Saheeli combo yet (which will probably be banned in a few weeks anyways, so not a big deal), I assume that is not an easy one. We have to put pressure on the board early to prevent them from casting a T3 Saheeli. If we can do this, I ghink we are good. After sideboard we can more rely on counterspells, so we should be fine.

In general I would like to have access to main deck Negate and Disallow but I simply do not want to cut anything.

killerfroggy on G/B Counter Constrictor

3 hours ago

I've played a similar deck to this and he ended up beating me. Things that he had that I think would work well in your deck is Fatal Push, Tireless Tracker, and Aethersphere Harvester.

I'd probably sideboard in 3 Blossoming Defense and a couple of Heroic Intervention to thwart your opponent's removal they'll be sure to add in.

Some Artifact/Enchantment Removal like Natural Obsolescence and/or Appetite for the Unnatural is probably something you should have in your sideboard in standard these days.

Boza on Standard AA deck

1 week ago

The best artifact removal in Standard right now is Release the Gremlins and Natural Obsolescence. Additionally, most artifacts played are creatures or vehicles that all die to Fatal Push.

I would say that it would be best to look up Jund Energy as an archetype. It can easily be modified to include more artifact hate and is a good deck for the meta right now.

BLEATH on Temur Energy Midrange Marvel

1 week ago

I think the list needs one more Aetherwind Basker if not the full four. If the deck doesn't win in the mid game, it's going to have a very hard time if you don't find one.

You also seem really week to Yahenni's Expertise. Are there many GB players at your LGS? You should have an answer.

Lastly, I think you have enough vehicle hate then the SB without Natural Obsolescence. Maybe you could use these 2 slots for Negate or Turn Aside? Not too sure about this one.

Jedders on Bant Spirits Midrange, 15-1-2, Aether Game Day Win

1 week ago

Great results so far - in 4 small FNMs I have won 2, came second in 1, and third in 1 (threw a game with bad plays vs zombie recurrence).

Last night I then won the Revolt game day! (Details in the updates). As mentioned in updates, Natural Obsolescence has proven itself to be amazing. Why?

  1. It is instant speed, which Fragmentize is not.

  2. It can hit 4+ cmc, which Natural State cannot.

  3. It is the perfect answer to Scrapheap Scrounger, which neither of the above can deal with properly.

As a control rather than tempo deck, I am cool with 2-drop removal rather than 1-drop. And this IS control, especially after sideboard. The judge at my local store insists "it is a tempo deck" and that maybe I could be a little more aggressive...which I consider a pointless thing to say when I play it as control, sideboard as control, and just won a gameday vs both control and aggro.

The two things I didn't come up against were the Saheeli combo control shell (but I have tested against it and it is an ok match-up, 50-50 perhaps) and snakes n tokens (removal-heavy plus card advantage should do it I reckon, and that deck is bad for removal in return - just keep control).

Finally, the landbase needs work. I am working hard on it, so it is subject to change...maximising my mana symbols to not get locked out of a colour, vs ensuring my turn 2 and 3 plays, has created a very fine and difficult balance which I am constantly wrestling with.

Suggestions on that are very much appreciated

clayperce on Serious Infection

1 week ago

Yeah, I ran 4x Blossoming Defense for a while. It's a great card for sure.

I'm guessing you don't see a lot of Eldrazi in your meta. If they start popping up, you may want to keep Ceremonious Rejection in mind :-)

By the way, though it obviously doesn't hit Enchantments, if Lantern is a big concern you might consider Natural Obsolescence over Deglamer.

Thanks much for dropping by, and thanks again for trying out Jace!

Draw well!

Geo67 on Eldrazi Our Saviors

1 week ago

Hi Bloodbath,

Here's what I did, kinda messing around with your idea: Creature (20)3x Endless One4x Matter Reshaper4x Metallic Mimic3x Reality Smasher3x Thought-Knot Seer2x Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger1x World BreakerArtifact (6)3x Prophetic Prism3x Renegade MapLand (22)7x Forest4x Holdout Settlement5x Plains2x Sanctum of Ugin4x Shrine of the Forsaken GodsInstant (6)3x Blessed Alliance3x Spatial ContortionSorcery (3)3x Attune with AetherEnchantment (3)3x Authority of the ConsulsSideboard (15)2x Appetite for the Unnatural3x Hedron Archive1x Kozilek, the Great Distortion1x Natural Obsolescence3x Natural State3x Skywhaler's Shot2x Sylvan Scrying

I think the biggest issue is not being able to get Ulamog in faster than a hard case. Some sort of extra mana generator, scion creator, or something that will let you cast it with improvise.

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