Moonglove Changeling

Moonglove Changeling

Creature — Shapeshifter

Changeling (This card is every creature type at all times.)

(Black): Moonglove Changeling gains deathtouch until end of turn. (Whenever it deals damage to a creature, destroy that creature.)

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Set Rarity
Morningtide (MOR) Common

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Format Legality
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Vintage Legal
Limited Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Modern Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Leviathan Legal
Block Constructed Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Legacy Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Highlander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Moonglove Changeling Discussion

ClockworkSwordfish on Battle Cattle

1 year ago

Not "Battle Cattle"? For why?

If you find yourself running a number of sub-par minotaurs just for the sake of padding out numbers, don't forget that there are some quality changelings that can take their place and still count as marauding moo-men. Taurean Mauler , Cairn Wanderer , Changeling Outcast and Graveshifter are all solid cards. Note also that Venomous Changeling and Moonglove Changeling already have (or can get) Deathtouch, meaning they can get the dreaded 'instant-kill' from Neheb if you don't have Felhide Petrifier around.

Eiti3 on Time for a new deck …

4 years ago

Here's way too long of a list of suggestions now that I know you're interested in Changeling Scarecrows.

Stuff That Works Well With Reaper King Show

If you have any more questions, I should have eaten my supper by then. Best of luck!

Barbarian_Sun_Pope on minotaurs want to eat your face

4 years ago

I think 29 lands is a bit high; you run the risk of getting mana flooded even at 25. This becomes even more apparent when you have Ragemonger and Urza's Incubator in play. I would suggest going down to 24, at that number you'll still be getting a lot of land to play your cards. Since this is a beatdown deck at heart, I'm not going to suggest removal, instead I would suggest that in the place of that land try some card draw to make sure you get the cards you need or fill up you hand with more Minotaur.

Sign in Blood/Night's Whisper/Wild Guess/Tormenting Voice are all good choices for card draw in these colors.

You should also consider cards with the "Changeling" mechanic as they also count as Minotaur. Taurean Mauler and Moonglove Changeling seem like particularly good choices.

Hope this helps.

Argy on The David Bowie Tribute Deck.

4 years ago

Moonglove Changeling feels very Bowie to me.

Rebel Rebel Informer

I'm not sure if s/he's a Young American but IS a Young Pyromancer. Nice bit of androgyny there, too.

We could be Ajani, Mentor of Heroes, just for one day. Or even a Changeling Hero, if we feel like making some ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-changes.

My last suggestion is Slip Through Space, a tribute to the ultimate astronaut, who was always ahead of the times. Fitting, this is from the latest set.

GeminiSpartanX on

4 years ago

I like fun themed casual decks like these! I think Ruthless Ripper is a strictly-better version of Typhoid Rats due to it's other ability. I'd also add in 4 Thornbite Staffs along with 4 Vampire Nighthawks. Adding the Staff allows you to pay 2 and kill any of your opponent's creatures without harming your own! And since Vampire Nighthawk is a shaman, the staff can equip to him for free when you play him. I'd take out Virulent Plague since it doesn't play well with the tokens you make from your own Hornet Queen or Hornet Nest. I also don't think you need Archetype of Finality either, since the rest of your creatures already have deathtouch. You could keep the Archetype of Finality in if you wanted to add some Moonglove Changelings. Since the changelings are all creature types (which includes shaman), the Staff can attach to them when they come into play also. Cairn Wanderer is great when you have a deathtouch guy in your GY, and he can steal other good abilities from creatures that have died (he makes a better version of Vampire Nighthawk!), including your opponents'! Again it's another changeling that combo's well with the Staff if you want to make sure your opponent doesn't keep any creatures on the field.

Check out my deck that uses some of these ideas. It still has a few problems and isn't competitive enough for tournament modern, but it's fun when I play with my brothers who don't have the budget to buy a lot of cards- Korlash's Deathtouch!