Maze Behemoth


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Custom Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Dragon's Maze (DGM) Common

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Maze Behemoth

Creature — Elemental


Multicolored creatures you control have trample.

Maze Behemoth Discussion

hiphopsinclaire on Omnath, the Raging Party

3 years ago

A quick update! Evolutionary Leap, Clan Defiance, Wolf of Devil's Breach, Fertilid, Akoum Stonewaker, Maze Behemoth, Cyclops of Eternal Fury, and Oak Street Innkeeper have all been removed. It was hard to get rid of a couple as they have proven useful in past games. However, I feel like I have replaced them with much stronger and more efficient cards: Liege of the Tangle, Siege Behemoth, Silvos, Rogue Elemental, Vigor, War Elemental, Asceticism, Burgeoning, and Soulblast. I played 6 games tonight and won 5! Hopefully this deck will remain versatile and now be even more deadly! Thanks!

lapolli on

3 years ago

Tira:Grinning Ignus

Maze Behemoth (no tem muita coisa multicolorida, e o seu commander no a fonte primria de dano)

Primal Surge (tem muita sorcery e instant no deck pra essa carta valer a pena)

ForeseeRecurring Insight (ao inves de draw puro, ponha criaturas que compram, assim voc bate ao mesmo tempo que compra. Ex: Mulldrifter)

Exploration (melhor por um ramp normal, essa carta s funciona num deck que tem como abusar dela)Stroke of Genius (custo X ruim)

Belbe's PortalQuicksilver Amulet(eu no gosto muito dessas duas ultimas cartas, pq elas diminuem a velocidade do deck quando vem na cascata e s funcionam se voc tiver algo gordo na mo)

Coloca:Brainstorm Worldly Tutor Seedborn Muse Sylvan Library Sensei's Divining Top Ashnod's Altar Food Chain Explore Harrow Fertilid Wilderness Elemental Mulldrifter

PS: caguei o otro post todinho, mals. kkk

GarrukCallerofBeasts on Tokens

3 years ago

Is Maze Behemoth really necessary? You have no multicolored creatures in your deck. If you want more saprolings, Fists of Ironwood and Sporemound and good ol' Thallid make good additions.

Ammo37 on Return to Ravnica Commander Deck

3 years ago


Borborygmos Enraged: Turn lategame lands into advantage

Chaos Imps: Huge Flier

Chromatic Lantern: Best Mana Fixing

Death's Presence: Capitalize on Big Creatures

Explosive Impact: Removal

Giant Growth: Combat Trick

Glaring Spotlight: Lethal Swing

Hellkite Tyrant: Big Flier

Madcap Skills: Powerful Evasion (note, does not make a creature unblockable with Alpha Authority)

Maze Behemoth: Gives Commander Trample

Mizzium Mortars: Board Clear

Molten Primordial: Removes big blockers, gives additional attackers, and can act as removal

Rogue's Passage: Gives creatures unblockable, like your commander that has to keep attacking

Skarrg Goliath: Combat trick that kills defenders and players

Sylvan Primordial: Ramp and Enchantment/artifact/planeswalker/land removal.

Thespian's Stage: With being limited to RTR lands, why not get out of set lands?

Utvara Hellkite: Wins games on its own

Viashino Shanktail: Firststrike Combat trick (also called SHANK tail)

Weapon Surge: Combat trick/mass combat trick, turn trades into chumps

Worldspine Wurm: 15/15 that spawns 5/5's

Wrecking Ogre: Combat Trick Doublestrike


Bomber Corps: Doesn't do much, the battalion isn't reliable, and ping isn't useful

Experiment One: your deck doesn't spam creatures with ascending power/toughness.

Foundry Street Denizen: Doesn't do much of anything, wasted slot

Spire Tracer: 1/1 faux flier doesn't help

Skinbrand Goblin: small combat trick, weak creature

Gatecreeper Vine: defender in an aggressive deck that searches out a single card in deck

Skullcrack: a useless card, even for an aggressive deck, burn is used for creature removal

4x Mountain: Too many lands

5x Forest: Ditto

Mending Touch: Regen isn't worth a card

Pyroconvergence: too expensive, Shocking on multi-color doesn't help much

Skylasher: counters a single faerie a turn, doesn't do much else

Tablet of the Guilds: lifegain doesn't matter, wasted slot

Gruul Charm: doesn't do anything


Hellraiser Goblin: Gives all creatures haste

Illusionist's Bracers: 12 damage with Ruric Thar, the Unbowed, instead of 6

Racecourse Fury: gives any creature haste

Seek the Horizon: Ramp

Street Spasm: boardclear

Tower Defense: anti-fliers if you are concerned about that

Zhur-Taa Ancient: ramp for all, also really cheap big guy

No data for this card yet.