Ledev Champion

Ledev Champion

Creature — Elf Knight

Whenever Ledev Champion attacks you my tap any number of untapped creatures you control. Ledev Champion gets +1/+1 until end of turn or each creature tapped this way.

: Create a 1/1 white Soldier creature token with lifelink.

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Set Rarity
Guilds of Ravnica (GRN) Uncommon

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Unformat Legal
Brawl Legal
Casual Legal
Arena Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Legacy Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Pre-release Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Historic Legal
Pioneer Legal
Highlander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal

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Ledev Champion Discussion

FSims81 on

1 year ago

I still think Ledev Champion is the best engine for cranking out Emmara, Soul of the Accord tokens, but I never even considered using her to crew vehicles. Crew the Dreadnaught with Emmara, create a token, crew the Schooner, repeat. I definitely think Rallying Roar would put you over the top with this fun idea. Create tokens, crew, and convoke your heart out only to untap everything, pump it, and then swing?

FSims81 on Selesnya Angel Tokens

1 year ago

With you running Emmara, Soul of the Accord you should seriously consider adding Ledev Champion. Currently you only have so many ways to tap her to generate the tokens you want for your combo, but Champion offers you a permanent tap engine for Emmara. Not to mention he is a late game mana sink to create additional tokens himself.

Booch138 on Selesnya Tokens

1 year ago

Hi! Nice start to a fun guild with lots of customization. Could use a little cleaning up and some of the high end stuff taken down a smidge. Personal opinion of course, but I would probably cut the Vivien and Ajani down to 2 each main deck, and maybe even cut more as while they’re terrific cards, they are a little on the heavier side (and are better fits in side decks). The 2 drop section is a little lacking too, and these would be better slots to fill there. Emmara is great, but Adanto Vanguard and Knight of Grace are highly suggested. Also, if you’re going to only run 20 lands, I would make room for (and should go in the deck anyways) 4x Flower / Flourish as it let’s you cheat land count a bit and it’s otherside works well with the rest of your deck anyways.

These are just a few things I would suggest tidying is all. I also don't know how I feel about Ledev Champion but yeah :P


1 year ago

Thank you for your suggestion.

I'll try it out and let you know how it fares. Ledev Champion was added for a little better mana curve and can pump out some more damage on occassion.


1 year ago

I would drop the 2 Ledev Champion to add 2 more Divine Visitation. The deck already has crazy token creation without it, and you'll have better chances of getting Divine Visitation out.

Kizmetto on Song of the Conclave (Tokens)

1 year ago

Paper Testing is going well, Teferi match up is very bad. Put Sorcerous Spyglass into sideboard to try and help me in those matches. A very fun deck to pilot. Got a few new cards i want to test, being Path of Discovery and Tendershoot Dryad. Ledev Champion is a solid budget card, often made it a 6/6 in games by tapping down whatever creatures i just played that turn thanks to its ability, also a great mana sink with Song of Freyalise.

Suns_Champion on Best Art from Guilds of …

1 year ago

Love seeing so many different arts mentioned! Also thanks to those who say why they like the art they do... I know I didn't, prefering to let the art speak for itself... but I like seeing other's thought processes on admiring art.

Ryjo ooo I must have missed Ledev Champion! I like that one!

Boza the guy in Maximize Velocity does look so happy haha

cdkime I really like Notion Rain too. It reminds me of the Blade Runner movies.

Argy any favorite art, while you're here? :)

LittleBlueHero I didn't think about than for the Emmara art! I have a new appreciation for it now!

saluma Sworn Companions reminds me of this moment from Predator:

Icbrgr on Best Art from Guilds of …

1 year ago

for humor i vote Generous Stray wins both art and flavor text.... but for just being awesome and blendiing [email protected]$$ery with Majesty ill go with Ledev Champion because the idea of a Elf knight riding into battle on a Dire wolf is just too cool.

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