Kor Castigator


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Limited Legal
Custom Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Highlander Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Battle for Zendikar (BFZ) Common

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Kor Castigator

Creature — Kor Wizard Ally

Kor Castigator can't be blocked by Eldrazi Scions.

Kor Castigator Discussion

CyborgAeon on

1 year ago

In order to make the deck comply with basic EDH laws, sol ring has been added.


-Sol Ring

-Lotus Petal

-Lion's Eye Diamond

-Chromatic Star

-Chromatic Sphere

-Swords to Plowshares


-Argivian Archaeologist

-Auriok Salvagers


-Weathered Wayfarer

-Kor Castigator

-Reckless Bushwhacker

-Kor Bladewhirl

-1x Mountain

-1x Plains

-Open the Armory

-Stone Haven Outfitter

-Akoum Battlesinger

Unfortunately, the build is veering more and more away from allies, towards boros eggs, abusing ally synergy, without much actually in the way of winning through ally beats. Not the original intention, but I'm trying to keep it as on theme, while actually giving it any semblance of a competitive deck.

TheDuggernaught on

2 years ago

With your limited card pool, I would suggest sticking to mono white weenies. This means cutting your big creatures (I would say anything over 4 cmc), and just sticking with the small creatures that are low to the ground. This strategy utilizes a "go wide" approach where you simply spit out too many creatures for your opponent to block. Things with flying are also very good with this strategy as once your opponent has creatures, they still might have difficulty blocking the ones with flying. The artifacts can also go. Artifacts generally cost a lot of tempo to both play and then equip. It is usually better to just play another creature. I would also consider adding the following cards from your collection: Bygone Bishop, Fiend Hunter, Bonds of Faith (acts as a pump if you need it, or pseudo-removal if you need it), Doomed Traveler, Steadfast Guard, Inspiring Captain, Steadfast Cathar, Kor Scythemaster, Kor Castigator, Mardu Hordechief, Fiend Binder, Elder Cathar, Dauntless Cathar, Cliffside Lookout, Nearheath Chaplain, Courageous Outrider, Sanctifier of Souls, Retreat to Emeria, Chapel Geist, Kor Bladewhirl. Serra Angel can be a good top end finisher. Most things with flying, produce tokens, and/or pump all creatures are good additions to a weenie deck.

I would up your lands count to 22, and I would try to have about seven 1-drops, about fifteen 2-drops, about twelve 3 drops, about five 4/5-drops. 22 lands will mean that you will hit your third land drop on turn 3 90% of the time when you are on the draw, and 85% of the time on the play. I would aim to have about 28-30 creatures creatures, and about 8-10 instants/sorceries/enchantments. This gets you to exactly 60 cards -- which is important. I could get into a lengthy mathematical explanation into why 60 cards is always the best -- but it essentially boils down to increasing the chances of drawing your best cards when you need them. It increases the consistency of the deck.

Firebones675 on Black/White Feedback Please

2 years ago

Your land count is a bit high, you could realistically cut a couple and still be fine which would give you room to add other spells.

As a general rule of thumb, most decks will run somewhere in the ballpark of 20-25 lands. Super aggressive decks that want the game to end quickly run on the lower end of that spectrum, and more controlling decks that want the game to go long will run closer to 25. Worth noting that either 20 or 25 is a bit extreme but some decks want that.

As for the spells in the deck, the majority of them are the sort that you cannot play until later in the game, or get better the longer the game goes on making you more of a control deck and less of an aggressive one. (I tend to favor control decks myself) There are a few cards in there that seem to be a bit out of place in that kind of deck though. Expedition Envoy, Kor Castigator, and Untamed Hunger are generally better on the attack than on the defense. Personally i would replace them with other cads that are a bit better at slowing the game down.

Another staple of control decks is being able to regain card advantage though card draw spells. White draw is pretty much nonexistant so your best bet is in black. Cards like Read the Bones (and most cards that allow you to draw multiple cards) are good for setting up your hand for the late game as will as ensuring you make your land drops. If you have any around, i'd throw a few in the deck.

The nice thing about control decks is you don't need as many ways to end the game. Take your deck for example: If you can slow down the game enough and draw enough cards, it's only a matter of time before you draw your splashy finishers. Aggro decks on the other hand (due to their nature of needing to end the game as soon as possible) have less flexibility. They need to make every card count because ideally they won't end up seeing many cards before the game ends.

dahhahm on $8.50 White Weenie

2 years ago

Guardians' Pledge is better than inspired charge. Daring Skyjek and Accorder Paladin are a more functional Dromoka Warrior and Kor Castigator. You might want to look into War Falcon and Loyal Pegasus.

Chuubii on

3 years ago

You need a lower mana base for an aggro deck. You want strike fast and win by turn 4 latest. So about ~12 one mana creatures, ~10 two mana creatures

If you want to keep an ally theme: Expedition Envoy, Kor Bladewhirl, Kor Castigator, Ondu War Cleric, Zada's Commando, Reckless Bushwhacker.

If you are open to non-allies:

  1. ONE MANA: Town Gossipmonger  Flip, Lightning Berserker, Zurgo Bellstriker (you want maybe 2 because it is legendary), Insolent Neonate

  2. TWO MANA: Akoum Stonewaker, Kolaghan Aspirant, Borderland Marauder, Ire Shaman

  3. THREE MANA: Acolyte of the Inferno, Kolaghan Forerunners, Fiery Hellhound, Geier Reach Bandit  Flip, (However I am not sure about werewolves, since you want to cast as many creatures per turn as you can)

For turn you can add something like Ethereal Guidance or Great Teacher's Decree.


  1. Evolving Wilds - bad because you never want to have a tapped land and not be able to put a creature in.
  2. Chaplain's Blessing - even in control decks this is useless
  3. Outnumber - bad because it can't hit the player.
  4. Corrupted Grafstone - you dont need extra mana. This card does nothing in this deck.
  5. Thalia's Lieutenant - you need more 1 mana humans for this to be worth it.
  6. Makindi Patrol - aggro decks want big damage.
  7. Valakut Invoker as an aggro deck, you will never have 8 mana.
  8. Smite the Monstrous - bad removal
  9. Zada, Hedron Grinder - you don't have enough things that target him.

This could work a budget deck, but if you want to put in a few hundred for a budget deck, I'd suggest you look at http://mtgtop8.com/format?f=ST - this is a link detailing all professional tournament decks. Or better yet, go to your local game shop and ask what could work at events there.

greywanderer13 on Selesnya Alliance

3 years ago

You're running 4 Stoneforge Acolyte, but you only have 2 equipment in your deck to search for. Since Stoneforge Acolyte only looks 4 cards deep, it's not going to hit very often. Unless you want to make a more dedicated equipment deck, which you probably don't since this is a Collected Company deck, I'd remove the Stoneforge Acolyte. Kor Castigator might fit in your aggressive theme better. Joraga Auxiliary gives you a mana sink for later game if you're flooding out. And I like the vigilance from Makindi Patrol.

Zemi on

3 years ago

Hello patbou I must agree with you. The deck needs more creatures.I updated it by adding 4 Goblin Freerunner and removing 4 equipments and instants. I was thinking on Kor Castigator but in this deck im positive that Im able to pay surge cost. I have now to test the deck. Thank you for your comments!

patbou on Mardu AAA (All Allies Aggro)

3 years ago

Thanks for your comment. I really appreciate it.

Here's my take on the Weapon Trainer (see above, I just added this explanation)... This one puzzles all opponents. In fact, they most often smile, thinking the game will be easy against an Equipment deck. The Trainer has 3 huge advantages that make him a must in this deck : he's 3/2, he's 2cmc, and he's an Ally. He's better than Kor Castigator, less mana hungry than Serene Steward, and he triggers all other Allies on the battlefield. I don't care playing no Equipment, and losing the value of his ability. His body just do the job.

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