Insidious Mist

Creature — Elemental

Hexproof, indestructible

Insidious Mist can't block and can't be blocked.

Whenever Insidious Mist attacks and isn't blocked, you may pay . If you do, transform it.

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Set Rarity
Shadows over Innistrad (SOI) Rare
Promo Set (000) Rare

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Heirloom Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Highlander Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Pioneer Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Insidious Mist Discussion

multimedia on Otrimi, Over-Mutation - Strategy - Casual

1 week ago

Hey, two budget creatures who have hexproof you want to mutate too are Insidious Mist and Troll Ascetic. The hexproof is wanted because this protects the creature from targeted removal when being mutated and after it's mutated. In multiplayer Commander there's three or more opponents who will have potential removal for your mutated creature; without hexproof mutating is risky. Swiftfoot Boots can give any creature you control hexproof it's worth adding.

Mist is the back side of Elusive Tormentor  Flip and once it flips then you don't ever have to flip it back. Hexproof, indestructible, unblockable, trample are monster stats for 6/6 Otrimi. The combination of hexproof and regenerate of Troll is powerful with mutate; protecting from targeted removal, from most board wipes/non targeted removal and in combat.

Good luck with your deck.

multimedia on Playfully Mutated

1 month ago

Hey, you really want hexproof with the creatures you want to mutate too because this protects the creature from removal in response or after mutating. It's pretty risky to chain a bunch of mutate creatures into the pile if the pile doesn't have hexproof. Without hexproof a single Swords to Plowshares by opponent will ruin your game and exile all the creatures in the mutate pile except Otrimi.

Swiftfoot Boots is a helpful equipment with mutate because then any creature can have hexproof before you mutate and keep hexproof for as long as Boots is equipped. When you mutate a creature who's equipped with Boots, Boots will stay on the creature during mutation and after.

  • Slippery Bogle
  • Gladecover Scout
  • Silhana Ledgewalker: if opponent doesn't have a flying creature then the mutated creature can't be blocked by that opponent.
  • Paradise Druid: has hexproof as long as it's untapped, good to mutate too while also using it as ramp before you want to mutate.
  • Troll Ascetic: also has regeneration which can protect the mutated creature from nontargeted removal that can destroy it such as a board wipe or from legal combat damage. Combination of hexproof and regeneration is powerful projection for the mutated creature.
  • Elusive Tormentor  Flip: for Insidious Mist, mutate Otrimi with Mist for 6/6 unblockable, hexproof, indestructible, trample that doesn't flip back unless you want it too.

Crystal Shard can be repeatable creature bounce for one blue mana of the mutate pile. This effect lets you mutate the entire pile again, protect all the creatures in the pile from being exiled or destroyed, change which creature is first mutated with Otrimi, etc. Buried Alive and Jarad's Orders can tutor for creature and put into your graveyard. This is good to setup your graveyard to recur a mutate creature when Otrimi does combat damage to an opponent.

Orders can do both, tutor for a creature to mutate too and a put a creature into your graveyard. If Otrimi is part of the mutate pile then the creature will have trample which can make Mask of Memory a repeatable draw two/discard mutate creature/recur mutate creature effect. Wonder is good when you can tutor for it or discard it because giving the mutated creature flying is better evasion than trample. Wonder is good with Buried as one of the three creatures you can tutor for and put into your graveyard.

There's a few of the better budget creatures with mutate that are missing here:

  • Sea-Dasher Octopus: mutate at instant speed with flash and for only two mana it's the lowest mutate mana cost, can be another source of repeatable draw when mutated creature has evasion.
  • Gemrazer: destroy an artifact or enchantment.
  • Boneyard Lurker: recur any permanent.

One of the worst parts of the precon is the manabase, which is not good with 11x Forests and 2x Island ratio. If you would like help with improving the manabase then I offer help in another comment.

Good luck with your deck.

SpecimeN87 on Lazav the Multifarious and transform/flip ...

8 months ago

If Lazav, the Multifarious clones Elusive Tormentor  Flip, and then activates the transformation condition, does the transformation happen? Would Lazav then have the abilities of Insidious Mist ?

Conversely, what if I were to copy either jace, vryn prodigy or Liliana, Heretical Healer  Flip? Is it now a planeswalker?

Kogarashi on Do flip cards remain flipped ...

11 months ago

The rule you're looking for is this one:

  • 711.4a While a double-faced card is outside the game, in a zone other than the battlefield, or on the battlefield with its front face up, it has only the characteristics of its front face.

In exile, the card is Elusive Tormentor  Flip.

It should be noted, Insidious Mist has hexproof, so your opponent's kill spell will have to be a sweep effect, not a targeted effect. Additionally, Insidious Mist has indestructible, so your opponent's kill spell will also have to be one that reduces its toughness, because "destroy" effects won't work. Something like Mutilate could do the trick. Killing it in response to transforming it would also work (before it becomes Insidious Mist ).

SaltySpecula on Do flip cards remain flipped ...

11 months ago

Example, I get an Elusive Tormentor  Flip on the field, then flip it to become Insidious Mist . My opponent has an Anafenza, the Foremost on the board. I do nothing else and end my turn and my opponent responds by hitting the Elusive Mist with a kill spell which resolves, so the replacement effect exiles it instead.

In exile, is the card considered to be Elusive Tormentor  Flip or Insidious Mist ?

ThunderCrank on Can The Mimeoplasm transform?

1 year ago

If i have The Mimeoplasm enter as Elusive Tormentor  Flip can i use the discard effect to transform the Mimeoplasm into Insidious Mist ? If yes, does it lose it the counters it got from the second creature?

Darth_Savage on Dimir Control

1 year ago

Your deck gives me a chance to suggest a card the I've wanted to use, but never quite seen the right setup for, but more on that in a bit...

Conventional wisdom is that you shouldn't mix creatures with infect and those without, outside of mana dorks. It is also that you shouldn't rely on auras, as they give your opponent a 2-for-1. Invisible Stalker though will wear any aura quite happily since it has hexproof, it also can't be blocked. A card like Slippery Scoundrel might also be ok, though 10 permanents is a lot. Neither of these were the card I mentioned in my opening, that card is Elusive Tormentor  Flip this card is interesting because it transforms into a 0/1 hexproof, indestructible, can't be blocked creature and can then be flipped back to deliver the 4 damage. It doesn't lose any auras attached when it transforms, so that means a 4/4 infect and the gag is you can transform it back to Insidious Mist in response to your opponents removal.

There is also a decent draw spell with proliferate Tezzeret's Gambit and proliferate on a stick Thrummingbird, both of these are worth consideration. 27 land is a lot, 23-5 would be fine and this gives you more slots. Your also wanting to play control, so Temple of Deceit or Fetid Pools is a lot better than Submerged Boneyard, Halimar Depths might also be worth considering. Moving on, a pump spell might be a good idea Virulent Swipe or Supernatural Stamina for example.

There are 2 cards in modern that wreck an infect plan Melira, Sylvok Outcast and Solemnity , so be aware and don't let these resolve... That's it from me, good luck and have fun brewing your deck.

Neotrup on Insidious Mist

2 years ago

The benefit's of Insidious Mist  Flip is that you can turn into it to stop a kill spell at any time you have the mana and card in hand, and that when you attack with it you get to turn it back into Elusive Tormentor  Flip after blockers are declared so you get a free hit through their defenses. You can also block with Elusive Tormentor  Flip and then transform it into Insidious Mist  Flip to stop an attack from a big creature as long as it doesn't have trample.

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