Inflame deals 2 damage to each creature dealt damage this turn.

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Set Rarity
Darksteel (DST) Common
Prophecy (PCY) Common

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Format Legality
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Vintage Legal
Limited Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Modern Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Leviathan Legal
Block Constructed Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Legacy Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Highlander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Inflame Discussion

lagotripha on Dinosaur

2 years ago

If you're playing modern, there aren't any good dinosaurs bar Deathmist Raptor, and thats only really playable in morph.

You do get some amazing deck tools- from Cavern of Souls to Avacyn's Pilgrim, Atarka's Command to Mirror Entity and Taurean Mauler. Ashes of the Fallen, Conspiracy, Roar of the Crowd, Shared Animosity. Cherished Hatchling alongside cards like Scout's Warning are major options.

All that said, you want to play enrage if you're playing dinosaurs in competitive modern. Good 1/2/3 drops with interesting synergies are the core of the format, with . Arcbond Inflame Krark-Clan Shaman Kindle the Carnage and similar is all there alongside a bunch of abusable fight effects and protection effects.

Grubbernaut on Mono Red Stax (Land Destruction)

2 years ago

That's not how Inflame works. The card deals damage to creatures that have been dealt damage, not creatures that have dealt damage. It doesn't say "each creature that dealt damage," it says "each creature dealt damage."

Thorbogl on Mono Red Stax (Land Destruction)

2 years ago

If i'm not completly wrong Inflame does indeed only deal damage to creatures that have been dealt damage previously.

Chuubii on Mono Red Stax (Land Destruction)

2 years ago

@euananddalesaccount I started with Electrickery in the sideboard, then put 1 in the mainboard, then 2.. then 3.. then 4, and every time I'm seeing better results. Often I am glad to use it and trade a goblin or two, to take out an X/2 or X/3; I am not glad to do it, but more often than not for me it's not a dead card. As the description says, it is purely a meta thing, faeries, birds, elves, and goblin everywhere.

Tormod's Crypt definitely seems better, I actually hadn't noticed that it has been printed as a common. Thanks.

Inflame deals damage to creatures that have dealt damage, not ones that have been dealt damage. It clearly is 10 times worse than Pyroclasm, but that isn't common, so I have deal with 2 toughness creatures any way I can. I have been wanting to try out Swirling Sandstorm, but I am not too optimistic about i because of the mana cost.

euananddalesaccount on Mono Red Stax (Land Destruction)

2 years ago

Why are you running Electrickery mainboard? You do realise that even against some aggro matchups, it won't do anything

maybe instead, try out Lightning Bolt, the number one go-to card for red. It's a removal spell, and may hit fewer creatures at any give time, but will hit bigger creatures, and even doubles as a burn spell.

In the sideboard, I'd be going down an Inflame for another Relic. Maybe even switchout Relic for Tormod's Crypt. I was kind of tossing up between them, since Relic is my go-to graveyard disruption/hate card, but there's 17 lands. It doesn't really feel right to me, playing an aggressive deck and going turn one Relic when you could just as easily play a Borderpost or even a Land destruction effect on the very same turn.

also, could you please explain to me how exactly Inflame wipes out elves? each elf, generally being 1/1s, has to be dealt damage for Inflame's effect to activate on it, given your example in the decription

Grubbernaut on Kiln fiend deck

2 years ago

I have SOME experience, as I play a Mono Red Heroic deck, and I used to play a silly kiln fiend modern deck... I guess I'd do it like this:

-3 Searing Blaze

-1 Incinerate

-2 Magma Jet

-1 Searing Spear

-1 Cathartic Reunion

+4 Gitaxian Probe

+4 Temur Battle Rage

For SB:

-2 Assault Strobe

-2 Inflame

+3 Searing Blood

+1 Pyroblast

The more I play with it, the more likely I am to try to fudge it into mono-red heroic, just because of my experience. I do love Reckless Charge for the flashback, though... one of my favorite recently-discovered cards

Gattison on Pauper

2 years ago

If you're playing paper, then I suggest Fireball.

Otherwise, on MTGO, maybe try Evincar's Justice? it deals 2 per shot, and with a buyback of , you can return it to hand and cast again (and again) if need be, if mana's not a concern. Live points may be though.

If you can ping whenever you want, Inflame might work.

theo30 on Burn It All

3 years ago

cool deck! if you want to spread a little further on removal, a great combo i've seen is Electrickery with Inflame, distributed appropriately around the 75.

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