Inescapable Blaze


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Custom Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Arena Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Guilds of Ravnica (GRN) Uncommon

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Inescapable Blaze


This spell can't be countered.

Inescapable Blaze deals 6 damage to to target creature, player or planeswalker.

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Inescapable Blaze Discussion

Poaralion on Mono-Red Burn

7 months ago

Hey there ! I playtested a mono-Red burn too and I have some suggestions for you.

Doublecast is kinda akward. It slows you down in a way and can be a dead draw. I'm not a big fan of it.

Guttersnipe same goes for it. If you cast it on turn 3, as a 2/2, it will die pretty quickly. Later in the game, your hand will prolly not be full enough to burn enough. It's slow and doesn't apply imediate pressure. Sure it helps to do a big turn but meh, your op won't just sit there.

Inescapable Blaze is weird. Even as a two of, it is really heavy.

I tried all those three card but end up cutting them all. My version was really more aggressive than yours but I think mono-Red as to be. In this kind of deck, you have to go quick else the op will be ready for you.

Goblin Chainwhirler is a bomb against many deck. Same goes for Legion Warboss. Could move the lava coil in the mainboard.

Hope it will help you !

RzrBladeMontage on Burning Goblin Tits (POWER HOUSE!)

7 months ago

I just made this deck exactly how you have it, minus the sideboard. I'm super excited to play it in the next couple days, I love really fast decks and this looks like it's gonna be my cup of tea. In case you're interested, here's what I put in my sideboard.

4x Sentinel Totem, 2x Inescapable Blaze, 2x Warlord's Fury, 2x Crash Through, 2x Cosmotronic Wave, 2x Fight with Fire, 1x Experimental Frenzy

I put so many Sentinel Totem's in my side, simply because a TON of people in my area play Golgari, and it's a super easy, and cheap, counter to their deck; plus it allows you to scry, which is always nice. I chose Inescapable Blaze over Banefire because it's an instant, that can't be countered, versus a sorcery; it's always nice to do that kind of thing on your opponents end step. Warlord's Fury and Crash Through both for their combat advantage abilities, plus you get to draw a card. Cosmotronic Wave helps with 1/1 tokens, and makes it so everything else can't block. Fight with Fire could be a game ender, or board wipe. Experimental Frenzy could be insane with all the low costs in this deck.

So that's what I put in mine, and why. Will report back on my games in a few days, thanks for the deck build!

MyChilliFeets on Izzet control

7 months ago

Perhaps replace Inescapable Blaze with Banefire. Banefire offers some early game versatility without sacrificing the can't be countered ability. All you give up is one damage while paying 6 mana. In similar decks, I have been able to stall my opponents while holding two or more Banefire and win the game that way over two or more turns. It is a great card to sideboard against Jeskai Control since it can't be countered when x>5.

KreepingShadow on Mono-Red Phoenix Burn (GRN-Standard)

7 months ago

I feel like the spell package with this list would make recurring the Arclight Phoenix spotty at best. Maybe consider Crash Through or Warlord's Fury as cantrips, or Tormenting Voice as both a cantrip of sorts and a discard enabler for Arclight Phoenix.

I also think Experimental Frenzy is probably better than The Flame of Keld in a deck that wants to consistently cast multiple cards per turn. Banefire is just better than Fight with Fire and Inescapable Blaze in most cases.

You could also consider Viashino Pyromancer rather than Guttersnipe to enable Wizard's Lightning. Though only having a few Wizards probably is t enough.

Overall I really like your idea of putting both Arclight Phoenix and Rekindling Phoenix into a burn shell together, but Arclight Phoenix requires a consistant way to chain together spells in order to see a payoff, otherwise it's just a 3/2 Hastey Flyer for 4 mana.

Red_X on guilds standard brew

8 months ago

So, there's a few things going on here. First, you're running a 4 color deck with no mana fixing and multiple cards with either two color requirements or double single color requirements. You can help this by running some mana fixing like Flower / Flourish, or by cutting a color. Second, your curve is pretty high, especially with no ramp. I'd probably cut a couple of the 6 drops, most likely the Inescapable Blazes. If you want a good finisher to dump mana into, Banefire generally does it better, but in your deck I think you just want big creatures like Doom Whisperer or an angel. Finally, you're running a lot of cards that don't work super well in a midrange deck. Settle the Wreckage is generally a control card because most midrange decks want to play something on their turn and can't afford to keep up 4 mana, Risk Factor is more of an aggro card because you don't have the ability to pressure them fast enough to make the 4 damage relevant, and you don't have the time to spend 3 mana to only deal 4 damage. Also, you can't play the explosion part of Expansion / Explosion, and expansion is only really good if you're playing giant spells that are worth copying, and is just ok the rest of the time. You have the core of a good midrange deck, but cutting a color/adding fixing for consistency, switching the instants out for more creatures or powerful sorcerys so you aren't awkwardly holding up mana on certain turns, and lowering the curve can help you out.

MarrecoMTG on Izzet Wizards

8 months ago

Pretty deece. If you are going full aggro I would take the Negate and Ionize from the sideboard for Fiery Cannonade vs celesnia tokens if that is a thing or Fight with Fire for angels which are pretty meta atm.. Also would add Firemind's Research in the sideboard vs control.

Not too sure about Inescapable Blaze - this is only really useful if you are committing to going full burn and the game goes long, again maybe vs control.

Edit: Obviously add 3x Steam Vents when you can

Shingouki on Standard Izzet Counterburn + Thousand Year Storm

8 months ago

I like your deck idea but i would ether add more draw cards like Opt or Expansion / Explosion to get to Thousand-Year Storm consistently or go to 4 Thousand-Year Storm also i would main deck Banefire over Inescapable Blaze because is still removal you can cast earlier if need be but has all the perks of the blaze on fatter targets. If you don't mind let me know what you think of my take on counter burn with Scald the deck

-Gabriel- on Burntastic

8 months ago

If the top of your curve has 4 drops I think you cant go lower than 22 lands. But if you also want to use Doublecast, Jaya Ballard and Inescapable Blaze, I think 24 is the norm.

I personally have a agro burn list that runs 23 lands. Its for consistency (and The Flame of Keld)

If you want to use Jaya Ballard and use big burns to kill the opponent this is also an idea:

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