Illusionary Servant


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
2010 Core Set (M10) Common

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Illusionary Servant

Creature — Illusion


When Illusionary Servant becomes the target of a spell or ability, sacrifice it.

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Illusionary Servant Discussion

PayOneLife on Lord of Illusion

3 weeks ago


I've been looking at all the mono-blue modern decks trying to find cool sideboard cards and bits of tech. This deck plays a fair bit like modern Merfolk and I reckon you could steal a few tricks from them.

For one, Metallic Mimic seems like it would be great here. It's 2 cmc so it works well with Aether Vial, it's another lord (Merfolk runs 12 lords usually!) and it's an illusion. It's a bit pricey but a solid addition without a doubt.

Also because you close out games fast you should use your life as a resource (your opponent shouldn't be putting much life pressure on you because you kill them so fast). I reckon a copy of Dismember wouldn't go astray. getting a problem blocker like Gurmag Angler out of the way can be the difference between victory and loss for aggro decks like yours. Being able to pay one colourless makes it versatile in your deck, which has quite a few colourless lands.

Being on the aggro plan means that you want to hit fast. Sometimes that means removing defenders. However if you can do direct damage to the face that is sweet too, especially in blue where no one sees it coming. Psionic Blast is an all-star in this deck by Saffron Olive. Being an aggro deck you don't care about doing damage to yourself so this card should be in strong contention as it gives you serious reach and surprise factor.

Another lord you can use is Grand Architect. It not only gives your creatures +1/+1 but it also allows you to tap a creature to play an artifact. That's pretty cool with Metallic Mimic (which you can cast just by tapping a creature - especially one with summoning sickness), Damping Sphere or Relic of Progenitus. You could even do what Saffron Olive did and throw in some Smuggler's Copter just because it gives evasion and looting which is pretty solid. As a more budget option Illusionary Servant is pretty good. Anything they use to target it would probably kill it anyway so the sacrifice trigger isn't much of an issue. If you cast this on turn 3 after casting a lord on turn two you just got a 4/5 flier on turn 3 for 3 mana. That's good enough for modern. I'd choose Grand Architect as the three drop first but if budget is an issue Illusionary Servant is pretty good.

As for cards I'd drop - Search For Azcanta is first. You hardly have anything it can actually draw you once it flips and only one card that cares about the graveyard. You're trying to kill your opponent ASAP and Search doesn't do anything toward making that happen.

Another card I'd drop for similar reasons is Opt. Card selection is not as important for you as it is in the control shells that love this card. You want threats thick and fast so Phantasmal Bear or Jace's Phantasm are your turn 1 plays.

Halimar Depths has the same problem of offering card selection by slowing your deck down.

Muddle the Mixture is too narrow for a two mana counter and the transmute ability is too slow for your deck. It turns a 2 cmc lord into a 5 cmc lord.

Finally Phyrexian Metamorph is a worse verion of Metallic Mimic because you need to already have a lord for it to matter. Copying someone else's creature means that you just have what they have already. Also being an artifact it eats heaps more removal and is a total blowout against Kolaghan's Command.

So overall I'd add +4 Metallic Mimic, +4 Grand Architect, +2 Psionic Blast, +1 Dismember and + 3 Island (to get around Blood Moon) for -2 Search for Azcanta, -4 Opt, -2 Muddle the Mixture, -3 Phyrexian Metamorph and -3 Halimar Depths.

Anyway, mono-blue modern solidarity! Hope you get lots of wins out there :)

Yusor on Modern Illusions [2018]

2 months ago

Hey, i am also running Illusions in my local stores modern fnm and have some expierience.

I am using 2 Monastery Sieges right now, so far to great effect, they can either protect my lord by taxing opponents or loot to give lots of virtual card advantage (drawing 2 spells each turn and discarding a land is great to close out games)

If you can i would get some Aether Vials and change the Illusionary Servants for Illusory Angels as they have a bigger body and don't have the sacrifice clause, as they will be vialed in anyways so not being able to cast them doesn't matter that much.

Cavern of Souls: expensive and i don't own it but there are basically no downsides for running 4 of them.

I would cut the Unsubstantiates as you don't need them anymore to protect your creatures from counters, as they can't be countered and bouncing a removal spell or a creature to it's owners hand usally isn't very effective.

TankyHamster on Lord of Illusions

11 months ago

Hey Hunterlink!

Great deck and love how it's budget.

Just wondering why not add Labyrinth Guardian or Illusionary Servant?

ellie-is on

11 months ago

Thanks! Phyrexian Metamorph is a bit expensive for me right now, but I might consider adding a couple of them eventually, if they never print any better illusions, haha. It's even better when you're running both that and Grand Architect - in fact a lot of Illusion decks do, and some even run Wurmcoil Engine - but I decided I wanted mine to stay pure-Illusions.

Gossamer Phantasm and Illusionary Servant are definitely the weakest creatures in the deck right now (a shame - I love the art on Phantasm so much!), and would be the first ones to go if I did add the Metamorph or another new, stronger creature.

cupofsun on

11 months ago

Ok, I used to run almost this exact same deck in standard, back in my Grand Architect days... My suggestions if you can swing it would be to trade out two Gossamer Phantasm's and two Illusionary Servant for 4x Phyrexian Metamorph which can copy your Lord of the Unreal and give your opponent fits. I loved this deck when I played it, and yeah, Phantasmal Dragon is a total beating. Love it.

Icbrgr on It's just an illusion, so why are you seeing this?

1 year ago

Spellskite seems like a pretty good idea.. i also run illusions in real life and i never thought of that (you can check out my primer on my page if ya want).... some things i run differently from you is Monastery Siege the option of having the draw or stave off targeting spells comes in handy and Muddle the Mixture is good for tutoring you Lord of the Unreal and others. personally im not a fan of Illusionary Servant have you considered Illusory Angel or Halcyon Glaze?

as far as splashing thats new territory for me though and good luck fellow Illusionist!

Garzhod on

1 year ago

Phantasmal Bear, Phantasmal Dragon, and Illusionary Servant were all considered. I may sideboard them or change into them if the synergy is not right.

Barring the other cards, quite outside the goal for this budget deck. <$25 is an incredible power point even with these.

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