Illusionary Servant

Illusionary Servant

Creature — Illusion


When Illusionary Servant becomes the target of a spell or ability, sacrifice it.

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Illusionary Servant Discussion

Aerokid on It's All in Your Head...

4 days ago

Frost Walker has the downsides of illusions without the upside of actually being an illusion. Illusionary Servant would be a good replacement because it's an actual illusion (and get the lord's buff) and it smooths out your curve a bit.

IzzetGod on They are back - Illusions (Modern)

7 months ago

Even when you respond to spells with Redirect or any counterspells...once the spell targets your illusion, the sac ability will trigger no matter if the spell that targeted has been redirected or countered. Replace Tamiyo as she is way too slow with Modern being quite fast paced. Halcyon Glaze would be pretty good. And replace Phantasmal Abomination with 2 Illusionary Servant's.

NTPYTO on They are back - Illusions (Modern)

7 months ago

I'd cut the Phantasmal Abominations for two more Illusionary Servants, the abominations just don't help your game plan of killing fast at all.

Also, replace a couple islands with a blue fetch such as Polluted Delta or Flooded Strand, to work with your halimar depths.

MyPreciousGollum on

10 months ago

I will add Adaptive Automaton and Distant Melody and remove Phantasmal Abomination, Illusory Angel, and Illusionary Servant. I will also increase the number of AEther Figment's and Chronozoa's. I wont be adding Jace's Phantasm or Thought Scour because this is not a mill deck. I wont add Jace's Mindseeker because it costs too much for this deck. Thanks for the suggestions!

Zer0w on

10 months ago

Q. "What should I replace Illusory Angel and Phantasmal Abomination with?"

A . Adaptive Automaton and Jace's Phantasm. Jace's Phantasm can be a first turn 1 drop that will be a beast on turn 4 With all of the +1/+1 given from the Adaptive Automaton, Lord of the Unreal and copies of there copies. they also allow you to keep 1 or 2 copies of Illusory Angel because you can easily cast both on the same turn. I might consider:

-4 Phantasmal Abomination

-2 Illusory Angel

-2 Illusionary Servant

-2 Summoner's Bane

Lastly I thought of Distant Melody and wonder if that kind of card advantage would be worth the slot.

Just my thoughts. But other then that I like it very much. +1

Necrophanton on Azorius Fliers

10 months ago

The 'white creatures' cause may be a problem, forgott that. You could use Righteous Charge, but you will lose instant speed. But I don't think its a problem, since its a beatdown deck. You could do stuff like this (in best case scenario):

T1- Cloudfin RaptorT2-Cloudfin Raptor,Loyal Pegasus, swing for 1.T3-Righteous Charge, swing for 12.T4,T5, more fliers. Probably T4 win without removal.


T1- Cloudfin RaptorT2-Cloudfin Raptor,Loyal Pegasus, swing for 1.T3-Illusionary Servant, swing for 5T4-Righteous Charge, swing for 16. gg

I like that sort of strategy, but g2 your opponents will sideboard in more burn/bounce for early desruption. You could run some Gods Willing, Dispel, or even Mana Tithe on the sideboard to prevent it.

And I believe 4x Journey to Nowhere are enough removal for a aggro deck, since you'll be focused in curving your dudes with max mana efficiency. You'll hardly use more than 1. Consider Curse of Chains instead of Journey to Nowhere, since you can cast it with either 2U or 2W.

DuTogira on Halcyon Daze (HALP PL0X!!!)

11 months ago

I tend to disagree with Phantasmal Image and Phyrexian Metamorph as they will kill off the majority of illusion creatures which I run. AEther Vial , while not a "bad card" by any means, is inconsistent by nature, which is something I wish to avoid if possible. Tectonic Edge 's function is already being served by Ghost Quarter , which I prefer given that it can be activated before my opponent gets 4 lands onto the field. As for Muddle the Mixture ... I've tried that card before, and it feels out of place in an aggro deck, as you are prone to wasting a turn (usually turn 3 when I could be playing Grand Architect or Illusionary Servant etc) to fetch a card. This problem is exacerbated against Miracles and other control decks, as the use of Muddle's transmute notifies said control players that I have a very good card in hand which is likely worth a counter. Krovikan Mist is certainly a good idea, and I will test that one out in the deck for sure.

Power / Toughness 3/4
Color(s) Blue
Cost 1UU
Converted cost 3


Format Legality
Heirloom Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
2010 Core Set Common

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