Huatli's Snubhorn


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ixalan (XLN) Common

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Huatli's Snubhorn

Creature — Dinosaur

Vigilance (Attacking with this creature doesn't cause it to tap.)

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Huatli's Snubhorn Discussion

Danielj111 on Huatli

2 months ago

I would recommend, if you want to keep green, use it more for ramp than you are atm. I would also recomend replacing Slash of Talons with Lightning Bolt, Crested Herdcaller with Regisaur Alpha, Two Huatli's Snubhorn with Temple Altisaur's, Everdawn Champion with Atzocan Seer, balance the land a little more, maybe some Dual Shots and Ranging Raptors for ramp and enrage triggers, maybe one Ravenous Daggertooth instead of an Imperial Ceratops so you can get enrage lifegain earlier, it's also more of an earlier bait target for removal which will benefit you. Also Regrowth, Destructive Revelry for your sideboard. Otherwise removing green, adding in more red like Silverclad Ferocidons, Raptor Hatchling and Charging Monstrosaur and the white and red Ixalan Avatars, if you cut out the green you could also lean into more of the lifegain aspect with some give lifelink spells on your fliers then you can chump block small boys with either face or enrage dinos.

LordMithos on Dromoka Me Crazy

9 months ago

Hey buddy, saw your deck on the advertise thing and thought Id take a gander. So this does need some work.

First of all you can only have cards that are the same colours as your commander which in this case means that everything you have in here that is red is a problem. What Id suggest doing is switching Dromoka into the 99 for Gishath, Sun's Avatar which would keep your theme and allow you to keep your red stuff. The other rules thing is you need to only have one of each card in your deck other than lands. Probably a typo but you need to cut a Huatli's Snubhorn.

You kind of have 2 themes going on here, life gain and dinosaurs. Trust me, I love both but depending how streamlined you want this deck you kind of need to choose one or the other. If you want to keep the Dino theme you should add in some things that either make your dinosaurs cheaper or creatures that make mana (like Llanowar Elves). If you want to do the life gain stuff you will likely want to remove some of the high cost Dinos that dont have anything to do with gaining life.

I hope that helps! If you need any more help Im happy to offer advice.

Guyvas on Zacama EDH deck

9 months ago

This is my first time building an EDH deck and I was curious what could be improved.

7 Mountains

8 Forests

8 Plains

Golden Guardian  Flip

Zacama, Primal Calamity

Gishath, Sun's Avatar

New Horizons

Orazca Raptor

Nest Robber

Traveler's Amulet

Xenagos, God of Revels

Gyre Sage

Iroas, God of Victory

Kinjalli's Caller

Otepec Huntmaster

Majestic Heliopterus

Colossal Dreadmaw

Ravenous Daggertooth

Charging Tuskodon

Tilonalli's Knight

Forerunner of the Empire

Tilonalli's Crown


Overgrown Armasaur

Sun-Collared Raptor

Path of Mettle  Flip

Raging Regisaur

Mosswort Bridge

Knight of the Stampede

Stampeding Horncrest

Luminous Bonds

Kodama's Reach

Nissa's Renewal

Radiant Destiny

Wayward Swordtooth

Trapjaw Tyrant

Siegehorn Ceratops


Stone Quarry

Thunderherd Migration

Tranquil Expanse

Gruul Turf


Shake the Foundations

Frilled Deathspitter

Ghalta, Primal Hunger

Zetalpa, Primal Dawn


Sunpetal Grove

Orazca Frillback

Boros Garrison

Silverclad Ferocidons

Etali, Primal Storm

Strength of the Pack

Thrash of Raptors

Sun-Crested Pterodon

Graypelt Refuge

Cherished Hatchling

Reckless Rage

Blinding Fog

Pillar of Origins

Atzocan Seer

Sky Terror

Raging Swordtooth

Crash the Ramparts

Slash of Talons

Frenzied Raptor

Selesnya Sanctuary

Sun-Blessed Mount

Huatli, Dinosaur Knight

Goring Ceratops

Burning Sun's Avatar  Flip

Unclaimed Territory

Huatli's Snubhorn

Bonded Horncrest

Pterodon Knight

Shining Aerosaur

Huatli's Spurring

Rallying Roar

Kazandu Refuge

Snapping Sailback

Territorial Hammerskull

Commune with Dinosaurs

Mayael's Aria

I want to add in a boardwipe like Wrath of God or Planar Cleansing and switch something out for Wakening Sun's Avatar and then I don't have Command Tower or Reliquary Tower in and don't know if they're "required".

Acute19 on My Little Dinosaurs R/W

11 months ago

With R/W colors you should try to get a Huatli planeswalker. The planeswalker deck is pretty good and comes with 4x Huatli's Snubhorn, which is a really versatile card. You might also look at Sky Terror.

Acute19 on R/W Jurassic Park, The Scary Bit

11 months ago

I like it. Nicely done. A couple thoughts:

  • 20 lands seems way too lean, especially with 12 spells costing 5-6 mana. With that many pricey spells I would run at least 24 lands.
  • I'm surprised you went with Nest Robber instead of Huatli's Snubhorn for your 2 drop. The vigilance on Snubhorns make them super versatile.
  • As a dirt-cheap way to throw a wrench in some higher tier decks, I highly recommend 4x Tocatli Honor Guard. It's shocking how many Top 8 decks are absolutely RUINED by this card. Burning Sun's Avatar and Sun-Blessed Mount wouldn't work anymore but the disruption for your opponent is well worth it IMO.
  • For card-churn, I suggest adding a Vance's Blasting Cannons  Flip.
  • You probably need at least a bit of removal in the form of Lightning Strike or Cast Out.

Take a look at my version of this deck and let me know your thoughts.

eyes2sky on Lurdurhynchosauropteryx: Jurassic Pork

11 months ago

Gattisondo you have any Huatli's Snubhorn? if yes plz bring them, i could use up to 4

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