Gruesome Deformity


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Custom Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Innistrad (ISD) Common

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Gruesome Deformity

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Enchanted creature has intimidate.

Gruesome Deformity Discussion

Tenlor on G/B Vraska

1 year ago

The first thing I would personally do is add two Swamps and remove two of Rogue's Passage. You only need 1 of Vraska's tokens to hit, not all three. This would also make the amount of mana you have more in line with what you need. The little circle to the right of your deck will tell you that. I always try to keep it as in line as possible.

I think having some kind of tutor would suit this deck well, as you're looking for Vraska and Glissa specifically. Another thing that would suit your deck well is a way to make things unblockable. I know that is the goal of Rogue's Passage, but there are other ways of going about it. Some of these are Gruesome Deformity and Canopy Cover are both cards to look into. Whispersilk Cloak might be something as well. Good luck with all your deck building endeavors!

Snap157 on Vampire Buff Deck

2 years ago

Ookie dokee. Before I begin, it's gonna sound like I'm ripping apart your deck and taking the wheel, but with some adjustments this deck can really kick some serious ass. First of all, this is not standard legal, so you might wanna swap the format to modern or casual :)

Lightning Prowess does not help you here, as vamps grow bigger after combat damage. I know it helps with Blinding Blade but honestly that is too slow for a fast paced tribe like vamps. Mark of the Vampire is certainly on flavor here, but honestly with your vamps getting bigger, you'll want to replace those with Gruesome Deformity to help you vamps deal damage and get bigger.

Vampire Nocturnus only really works with mono black vamps, and Stromkirk Patrol is also pretty slow. With decks like this, the mana limit should really only be 4 or at absolute max 5 if the card is absolutly needed. Diabolic Tutor is also a good card, but due to the casting cost I would really only limit yourself to 2 copies max, or cutting it all together.

If we take those cards out, we are left with (I think) 16 slots. As I mentioned earlier, Gruesome Deformity is a cheap way to let your vamps get bigger and deal damage, so I would include 3. Rakish Heir is a nightmare to deal with, especially in multiples so I would throw in 4. Lightning Bolt is a staple for any deck playing red, so I'd throw in 3. That leaves us with 6 spots left, and as a replacement buff, I would put in a playset of Curse of Stalked Prey and 2 Markov Blademaster. So, in the end, you would end up cutting:

and adding:

I think these replacements will lead to smoother gameplay and more wins on your part. As with any deck, lands like Bloodstained Mire, Dragonskull Summit and Blood Crypt are not needed but certainly help, and removal like Terminate or Dreadbore is usually an upgrade to Doom Blade, however in most decks you'll do fine without making these changes. Always glad to meet another vamp player, and I hope this helps!

PS feel free to check out my vamp deck, Just for Shits n' Giggles

hardhitta71194 on

2 years ago

Will do! I didn't know there was another one, I'll try to do something about that!

I think you are right about Curse of Stalked Prey. Especially since a lot of my Vamps have first strike even with out Stromkirk Captain.

Stromkirk Condemned could be swapped out with something. His effect has helped me a few times but I still hate discarding. And yeah Adaptive Automaton was too high, maybe one day! Too many cards to buy, I can't ever decide which ones to get and which ones to get later! Gruesome Deformity is defiantly cool. Might try to pick some up! I've been using Renegade Tactics because it lets me draw, but it's been kinda iffy. Before that I had Awe for the Guilds and hardly ever used it.

I have some Fear I could use until I get Gruesome Deformity I think.

Btw Vampires are my favorite too! The other day someone said "oh cool Vampires, you must like Twilight", I almost went super sayian! Hahaha

Snap157 on

2 years ago

Might wanna check out the other deck with the same name, it's messing with your links ;)

Looks very similar to my deck, Just for Shits n' Giggles. Personally, I would take this one to FNM, as Vamps are my favorite creature tribe by far.

I think Curse of Stalked Prey is a good replacement for Stensia Masquerade, being a bit cheaper, and with you already getting first strike with Stromkirk Captain. You might also want to check out Gruesome Deformity to let your vamps through blockers.

I'm still deciding on what I think about Stromkirk Condemned. Why discard a card when you can give a permenant boost with Adaptive Automaton or another Vamp lord? (Then again its expensive as hell)

Looks radical, +1. Thanks for all the love on my other decks mate!

Simon_Williamson on Does it exist

2 years ago

For skulk there is Behind the Scenes and Skeleton Key

For intimidate there is Nim Deathmantle, Gruesome Deformity, Grisly Transformation, and Executioner's Hood

For fear there is Cover of Darkness, Dirge of Dread, Intimidation, Ebony Charm, Profane Command, Sleeper's Guile.

There's also Odric, Lunarch Marshal who copies keywords, Odric, Master Tactician who allows you to declare no blockers, Akroma's Memorial which has flying and pro two colours, a kind of evasion.

TheMadRocketeer on Re-Vamped

3 years ago

It's definitely time to update this deck. Once the opponent gets a few decent creatures out, this gets shut out too easily. It needs more ability to compete once the bigger stuff gets to the table. It's not fast enough to win before then. My thoughts:

Things to Remove:
- Vampire Lacerator - Most of the time, I just don't want this card.
- Some of my cards that bring stuff back:
----- Disentomb - Can bring any creature back, so maybe I'd add it back in if I had more stuff worth recovering.
----- Morbid Plunder - More expensive. Gets 2 back, but I'd rather have the slot for a mid-range creature, I think.
----- Unearth - This one is faster. Might be worth keeping, just to get a Vampire Nighthawk back.
----- Gravepurge - I see this as more useful as a sideboard card against sweepers or milling.
----- Animate Dead - Might keep for now. I played this in a recent game to get my Archfiend of Depravity back. Chose it over the Sengir Vampire in my son's graveyard. (They had killed each other in battle.) Situational but kind of fun.
- Guul Draz Vampire and Mogis's Marauder. I like them both, but one has to make room for additions somehow.

Things to Add:
- Removal. I need some removal to help open the path for my vampires, especially the smaller non-evasive ones. Some of the candidate cards I'd have to go acquire; some I have already.
----- I like taylors4's suggestion of Urge to Feed. It can kill a good range of things and can help buff my army.
----- Drain Life and Tragic Slip are also good.
- Blood Seeker and Pulse Tracker have proven to be good in play, so I think ektoe253's suggestion of 4 of each is spot on.
- Midnight Covenant has helped with the bigger-creature problem, but 2-of is too few at present. Larger creatures might be a better help there, though. Not sure. Combined with Gruesome Deformity against the right deck, it can be good. Against removal, that can get you three-for-oned, though.
- Good creatures, as have been suggested here, such as Gatekeeper of Malakir and Vampire Nocturnus.
- Splash Red for some vampires that can grow.
- Some sort of tutoring, when it's time to fetch out something nasty.

Clearly, that's more Adds than Removes, so I have some thinking to do. LOL.

TheMadRocketeer on Vampiric Virtue

3 years ago

Nice deck. +1 from me. I second the idea of adding a couple more Vampire Nighthawks. Flying, Lifelink, and Deathtouch on a 2/3 flyer for 1BB is hard to match for value and versatility. You have several flyers, but as another way to get damage through, consider Gruesome Deformity. It's cheap and gets your bloodsuckers past the birds or angels, etc. Also consider Hypnotic Specter. The "discards a card at random" effect can be quite disruptive.

TheMadRocketeer on Whack-A-Drac [Anti-Vampire]

3 years ago

Playing this against my casual, kitchen table, mono-black vampires deck, this one usually wins. That's kind of expected, since this one is tailored specifically against vampires. The time or two that it's lost in that matchup were due to not having enough coverage in the air. I've also found myself wishing I had a way to remove a black (or red) enchantment.

I also messed up by using Nimbus Wings on my White Knight to make him a blocker for the opponent's Hypnotic Specter. The vampires drew Gruesome Deformity, played it on Hypnotic Specter and swung unblockably. I was holding 3 cards, and of course it was my Defang that got discarded. This version 1.0 doesn't have any way to remove enchantments, though white provides plenty of options. In this case, I'd have been better off putting the Defang on the Hypnotic Specter in the first place and making a flyer later. Live and learn. The anti-vampire deck did win that one anyway, but it was a squeaker.

So, I need to cover flyers a bit better and to speed things up a bit. My vampires usually get ahead and then lose once anti-vampires begin to solidify a board position. Faster vampires might just win faster and kill this deck before it can set up. One thing I've considered (and will likely do) is to put in some cheap white exile stuff like Journey to Nowhere, Unmake, or Erase. For now, I've added them to my Maybe Board. Journey to Nowhere is better than Unmake here, since I'm running mono-white, it's 1 CMC cheaper, and my opponent cam be expected to not have a good way to remove enchantments.

I've not really had occasion to use the pumpability of the Order of Leitbur or Order of the White Shield, and the first strike they and White Knight have is mostly useful only against non-black creatures and spells.

At 14 creatures, I'm reluctant to take any of those out. I don't want to go over 60 cards. Adding creature exile effects will help with flyers too, so I can get both upgrades for one set of inclusions. Also, creature removal will help with most auras too, so I need enchantment exile only for global enchantments, like Bad Moon. What to remove though? I could Sideboard a couple of the Prismatic Wards maybe. At some point, I'll decrease the Karmas, but not just yet. Blazing Torch is a one-of, but I like it for the flavor. Defang has grown on me in play testing. 24 lands looks like about 2 too many to me on paper, but I like the way it has worked in play.

So I have a quandary. I'd like to add some combination of Journey to Nowhere and Erase, but I'm having trouble seeing what to remove or move to the Side Board to make room. Suggestions would be welcome. Thanks.

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