Gobbling Ooze

Gobbling Ooze

Creature — Ooze

G, Sacrifice another creature: Put a +1/+1 counter on Gobbling Ooze.

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Set Rarity
Return to Ravnica (RTR) Uncommon

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Highlander Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Block Constructed Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Pioneer Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Gobbling Ooze Discussion

Soren841 on Chain Hulk - Vannifar Flash Hulk

1 year ago

Rzepkanut, unfortunately that chain doesn't work because we won't have a sac outlet at the end, which defeats any upside of adding such radical changes to the deck imo. You have to sacrifice Gobbling Ooze to continue the chain.

Rzepkanut on Chain Hulk - Vannifar Flash Hulk

1 year ago

With Retreat to Coralhelm in play you could use mana tutoring dorks and make a chain like like Veteran Explorer > Viridian Emissary / Primal Druid > Farhaven Elf / Wood Elves > Wild Wanderer / Solemn Simulacrum > Gobbling Ooze > Ulvenwald Hydra > Protean Hulk. You should have mana left over and a sac outlet to use on the hulk at the end of it. Even if you get fizzled somehow you ramp out a bunch of mana in the process. Imagine it happening with Amulet of Vigor or Lotus Cobra in play too...mmmmm yummy over kill.

Could be an interesting angle to explore for the deck. However it since it requires the enchantment to be in play to function, we need ways to find it. I think the best tutor for it might be Drift of Phantasms... which also conveniently finds Intruder Alarm and Faces of the Past (which probably enables some decent elf/wizard/ooze chains too). Getting the Drift of Phantasms in hand should be easy enough with all the creature tutors available in green. Could be cool, maybe even good ;)

Kjartan on Get Oozed

1 year ago

It would be an imrpovement if you manage to cut the deck down to 60 cards and lowered your curve.

Experiment Kraj doesn't do much for you. You have to go into a color you don't play just for that single card, and it's not that great here. Having Gobbling Ooze's ability is redundant, and having Scavenging Ooze's ability is close to redundant. That leaves you with a 6 CMC, Off color 4/6, that can tap to put a +1/+1 counter on something. Maybe do something else if your opponent has Activated Abilities.

Speaking of, Gobbling Ooze is super underpowered. It's a 5-drop that dies to bolt, if you don't have another creature and a mana open. It is especially bad as a 4-of, since, (sorry to sound like a broken recond), its ability is redundant. Having multiple on the battlefield is only a 3/3 creature in difference.

Mephitic Ooze, Cool as it is, seems off here. You included your artifact package because of it, right? Genesis Chamber is really not good outside of a combo deck trying to abuse it. It is more likely to hurt you than help you.

I like Bloodhall Ooze, I think it's a powerful card. Probably the second best card in your deck, but having it in a non-red deck, as a 2-of, I think it's just not consistant enough to actually be good.

I can see three ways to take this deck.

Either as an agresseive Jund Ooze tribal deck, or as a Golgari Necrotic combo deck, or as a Mono Green Ooze Midrange deck.

I would be happy to give you an example if you're interested in upgrading your deck, but if you just want to keep it ultra casual, I understand.

TheVectornaut on

3 years ago

While fairly slow, Necrotic Ooze and Gutter Grime play into a more death-centric plan that Gobbling Ooze becomes better in. Maybe add Hell's Caretaker to continue recurring Mitotic Slime for sacrifice. Maybe you can even recur Acidic Slime to blow up all of your opponents' lands. Again, very slow, but that might be fine in a casual enough meta.

Oloro_Magic on

3 years ago

If your looking to go forward with +1/+1 counters then you should have some effects that ensure counters are actually placed. Might Beyond Reason is a cheap card that enables some quick growth. I would also consider splashing blue in the deck as you don't play hydras. This would allow you access to not only Experiment Kraj but also Vorel of the Hull Clade, a staple of a lot of counter decks. Scute Mob by that reasoning may be your best 1-drop option. Other than that proliferate is a mechanic that may be worth taking a look at. Gobbling Ooze feels much too slow and is only really dangerous if you get Mitotic Slime. I'm also not so sure that Sol Ring is the best fir here as a lot of your cards require coloured mana, maybe consider using some ramp like Nissa's Pilgrimage instead.

lagotripha on Saproling Kozilek

3 years ago

I'm not a fan of Earthen Arms, Gobbling Ooze or Sporemound, they don't do a lot with the cards and mana you invest in them, otherwise compare your card draw to the cost of cards you get- there isn't much point in having three 5 cost cards when you have 4 lands on board, ideally you'll want things to sit a little lower on the curve to help survive in the fast modern metagame- if you don't have blockers and inhibitors or removal(Prey Upon is your best bet) before turn 4 you lose the game, thats just the way the scene is at the moment.

If you can find some Evolutionary Leap and possibly run token spam like Nest Invader/Tukatongue Thallid you can make up for having a lot less by way of efficient, high cost creatures, easing draws and lowering the overall price of the deck by having less copies of more expensive cards. Kozilek, Butcher of Truth is a lot better when you draw him every game.

Look at the mono green stompy arcetype if you're looking for something hyper competitive, or do what I do and look at the sideboards for interesting, cheap cards like Young Wolf and Dryad Militant. For recent green useful stuff, look for lifegain and toughness like Jaddi Offshoot/Narnam Renegade.

Fangorian on Fungi from Yuggoth

4 years ago

Added Jungle Hollow and Mortuary Mire, pretty nifty lands which I managed to miss.

Deathcap Cultivator would have been so awesome, if he'd turn into a fungus when Delirium kicks in! Flavor sure fits but his abilities are a bit lacking. I have no idea why that card is rare to be honest.

But lo! We also have new ooze AND fungus!

Inexorable Blob, 3/3 for 3 that spawns new 3/3 tokens when it attacks with Delirium. Without that Delirium requirement this would've been much better. Also, it doesn't grow any bigger so it's quite easy to kill the original slime.

Moldgraf Scavenger, 0/4 for 2 that gets +3/0 with Delirium. Nothing too fancy but it's a mushroom so, yeah. It's in. Replacing either Consumptive Goo or Gobbling Ooze I think.

enpc on Just Stay Dead

4 years ago

NarejED: Yeah, I've looked at the combo but it's just too hard to make work in the build. The biggest issue the deck runs into is getting a sac outlet down and Boonweaver Giant doesn't help with that. I recently added Tooth and Nail (it was banned in the league I play in but there is some down time at the moment) which I think helps the dck much better o nthe whole than just adding another combo.

But yeah, if they ever released a function reprint of Viscera Seer in great that would be amazing. I used to run Gobbling Ooze in a much older version of the deck but it's just not the same.