You gain 1 life for each Forest in play.

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Portal (POR) Common

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Format Legality
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Limited Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pauper Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Highlander Legal

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Fruition Discussion

FlavorPolice on Selvala Brostorm

3 months ago

I have a few questions about high power Selvala builds that haven't really seen discussion at all, even as to why they are bad (I preface all of this with stating that obviously the deck is strong/fast, I'm just wondering why I never saw any of these things discussed):

Sword of the Paruns: clearly a similar but worse version of Umbral Mantle in more than one way, but a possible redundancy for a card that the deck can't search up and has to draw.

More than a few of the win cons for the deck require winning via combat damage even if it is infinite, which generally from what I've seen in cEDH games isn't as good as winning without combat due to the extra vectors of interaction you give your opponents to stop you. Having your combo finish being impossible to interact with as possible always seems to be beneficial, it's what makes the strongest combos what they are. Obviously there is one particular loop possible where you destroy all your opponents permanents, but if you don't do that and swing with haste or pass to the next turn with infinite creatures you could still have issues. Also, Beast Within isn't searchable by the deck.

So I have a couple of cards to ask about for that.

Helix Pinnacle: Clearly it requires you to wait until your next upkeep which isn't great. But if I were going to sit for a turn before winning, with my opponents having permanents or not, I would expect getting a 'you win' effect off an enchantment with Shroud would be superior to needing to swing. The only thing that I'm really curious about is the lack of any talk about it even to say it's bad most places I looked.

Aetherflux Reservoir: You're basically storming off so just kill people without attacking? Not searchable though clearly.

'Hurricane' effects, there are a few so I won't link them all. The downside is they hit you too, but in this style of deck it's not to hard to gain some incidental life. Primal Command already does this, tweaks could be made to have better consistency. The upside is you only need to have more life than your opponents and it doesn't require you have reached infinite mana yet, just that you have accumulated a lot. I only bring this up because in the past I had played a 60 card deck in casual that was essentially a sort of 'green high tide' deck that also made lots of mana and drew lots of cards and it wasn't super hard to gain a touch of life along the way and then Hurricane the table down as the win; that deck did so through land ramp mostly, so a critical card in that deck like Fruition doesn't really suit this deck and would be more at home in a Tatyova or Azusa for sure, but Primal Command is already present in some lists and does the job. It is worth noting that there are several creatures, which the deck could actually tutor, that can do this either through looping or just having a repeatable ability:

Cloudthresher, Ifh-Biff Efreet, Squallmonger

JBecicka on Ctrl-G | The Art of Mono Green Control

7 months ago

I love Atrasta and think she should be in here. Especially if you have a blue heavy meta. I cant say anything bad about Heroic Intervention and I run it in my juices up Slimefoot deck but I dont think you want it. I don't think there are a ton of destroy all enchantments in the meta but they may eventually add them to combat you. I would wait to add it till then.

A few cards I found are Sapseep Forest to gain life to beat your opponents in a hurricane battle. You need 1 more life than everyone so why not a fetchable land that you can use at end step if you have the extra mana.

Fruition was another end game 1 mana play this and then hurricane effect.

Revelation is a weird one and impacts you too but I've seen Zur's Weirding wreck a game.

Myth Unbound didn't seem amazing but it caught my eye. I don't think it's good enough but I thought I'd mention it since you don't care much about Nissa.

Last one was Gravity Well but it's super meta dependent and I could see it doing work or being completely dead based on what your playing against.

Tyrant-Thanatos on Should Green Have Lifegain this …

1 year ago

Stream of Life originates from Alpha. Back then, "White is undisputedly the best color in this game at gaining life" simply wasn't true. In fact it was quite a while before white caught up to green's level of lifegain.

Fruition , Rejuvenate , Wellwisher , Nourish , and so on. It wasn't until Soul Warden that white got anything even resembling efficient lifegain imo. Maybe Spirit Link , but that's still a single outlier among plenty of efficient green lifegain cards.

Lifegain is one of those things that shifted on the color pie as the game matured. It started as a primarily green thing that white did on occasion. If anything, I'd argue that White has become too efficient at it, to the point that Green rarely even bothers with it anymore, effectively robbing Green of what was once a defining characteristic.

And it would seem to me that Sanguine Sacrament makes Stream of Life look terrible. I don't see how Stream could possibly be "too efficient" in the face of that.

Finally, I feel like pointing out that in general, the best lifegain cards tend to be ones that are both White and Green. Vitalizing Cascade , Heroes' Reunion , Dawnglow Infusion , Oracle of Nectars , Ajani, Mentor of Heroes , Pledge of Unity , etc.

TheVectornaut on Centaur deck that favors Enchantments

3 years ago

Pheres-Band Warchief and Stonehoof Chieftain seem like strong inclusions in general. The latter is high CMC, but my suggestion is that you take this deck in a ramp direction anyway.

Step 1: Add Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx and swap some creatures around to improve devotion. Ex: Swap Centaur Courser for Swordwise Centaur, Pharika's Disciple for Seton, Krosan Protector, Pheres-Band Tromper for Jolrael's Centaur. This also makes Nylea's Disciple more effective.

Step 2: Add enchantments that help you tap forests for additional mana like Fertile Ground, Overgrowth, Utopia Sprawl, and Vernal Bloom. These gain the benefits from Herald of the Pantheon and Dowsing Shaman and provide incredible acceleration.

Step 3: Find something to do with the mana. The easy answer would be to draw with Harmonize and play more centaurs. But I think the more interesting answer is to go for broke with Genesis Wave or Primal Surge (after removing Fruition). Play all (or most) of your deck, gain a ton of life, throw in Concordant Crossroads for haste, and swing with an indestructible, trampling centaur army.

That's how I'd do it at least, though I must admit I am a sucker for flashy plays.

rhystictutor on Inch by Inch, Row by Row

3 years ago

Life and Limb for the win! It would make this deck even more funny. Concordant Crossroads to give em all haste!

Or just play Sporemound along side Life and Limb and break the game.

There's also Living Lands, Living Plane, or Nature's Revolt

Wood Elemental would also be very lulzy.


Waiting in the Weeds

TheMadRocketeer on Indestructible, Flying, Infinite Squirrels

3 years ago

I like it. I'd make a few adjustments if it were mine, though.

  • First, I'd drop my mana curve some. You're looking to overwhelm them with squirrels, so that needs a little more focus. Howl of the Night Pack is a 7 CMC that makes wolves. I see the synergy you're going for with extra land drops, but it's too slow and off-focus for this deck. I'd drop all 3 of these. You could retain 1, if preferred, as a way to break a deadlock or have a dramatic finish, but I have what I think is a better suggestion. Read on.
  • Terra Stomper is 6 CMC, which is still too high to keep, I think. Sweet as it is, I'd drop it here and use it in another deck.
  • Your 5-drops are all nice, and they work well with your theme. 4 might be more than you need of the Eldrazi Monument, but it's a focus of the deck, so it could go either way. Dropping 1 would make room for another Coat of Arms, though, which can make your squirrels into Squirrel-zilla much more quickly (albeit without flying or indestructible). With Coat of Arms, be careful if your match-up is an aggro tribal deck, like elves or goblins.
  • For the 5-drop slot, I'd like to recommend Overrun. This can give you the dramatic finish alluded to above. If you were including more large creatures, Overwhelming Stampede is better still, but in a deck like this one, I'd use Overrun. It has the advantage of not being vulnerable to artifact removal as well. I'd run at least 3, even removing other 5-drops as needed.
  • Earthcraft is nice, but if you want the combo with Squirrel Nest to come out once in a while, instead of rarely, you want more than 1 of them. You need more cards in the 2-drop slot anyway, and it helps with ramping, so I'd use about 3.
  • You actually have a bit more ramp than I think you need, so you could trim a couple of those to make room as needed.
  • Fog is a nice card and can buy you a little time, but you have only 1. You could add a couple more, or you could go more of a life gain route with some combination of things like Essence Warden, Feed the Clan, Fruition, Luminescent Rain, or Marshaling the Troops, etc. Anyway, you get the idea. Drop the mana curve some, protect yourself more while you build up, and improve your chances for the explosive finish.
  • freakingShane on turbo fog

    4 years ago

    Feed the Clan is pretty good, but it would be better if you could have a creature. Jace's Phantasm works well in a mill deck and has potential to trigger that 10 life from Clan. Jace's Phantasm could also give you another win condition. Brindle Boar could be a more expensive creature you could use, and he can be sacked for life.

    Other possibilities that I highly recommend would be Healing Leaves and Blunt the Assault. Protective and gains you life.

    Maybe Fruition or Bountiful Harvest, if you think those would work well.

    Dosan's Oldest Chant is okay, and so is Hunters' Feast. More expensive, but they are okay. I would probably skip the Hunter's Feast and just choose Dosan's. Or skip both for the first two I recommended! Haha.

    Sorry that I'm not great in this field. I don't really play green at all, and blue doesn't do too much healing. Hope I helped though!