Scry 4, then draw two cards. (To scry 4, look at the top four cards of your library, then put any number of them on the bottom of your library and the rest on top in any order.)

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Foresee Discussion

TaladagaKnights on It's Just Narset

1 day ago

At first look I think that there are a few of things you may have overlooked... Lightning Greaves, Darksteel Plate, Chromatic Lantern is the best for color fixing which means cards like Mirrodin's Core aren't necessary since they are pretty slow, Myriad Landscape, Isochron Scepter, Omniscience + Enter the Infinite is pretty expensive but is a really easy win con for this deck. I feel Homeward Path is unnecessary for this deck seeing as narset is your only creature. Here is some of the cards I would replace and the ones I would replace it with: Generator Servant => Slayers' Stronghold, Battlefield Forge => Command Tower, Shivan Reef => Exotic Orchard or Vesuva, since you don't run creatures you should run lands that can be creatures as blockers or for damage such as Wind-Scarred Crag => Needle Spires, Tranquil Cove => Celestial Colonnade, Swiftwater Cliffs => Wandering Fumarole... Cranial Archive => Tormod's Crypt, personally I like Elixir of Immortality better than Feldon's Cane... Now as a deck as a whole it has potential however I think that you need to go looking for really nice bombs that Narset can cast for free for you to actually win a game. Right now this list is more geared to controlling the board down and sorta playing as the referee for multiplayer games. What I mean is, cards like Clone Legion or Insurrection or Storm Herd... They don't have to be really brokenly good cards just ones with huge effects that your opponents cant ignore. To be able to pull this off you need more things that can set up the top cards of your library to make sure you know what you are going to hit and plan your turns accordingly such as Sensei's Divining Top or Preordain or Ponder or Foresee.

Here is the part where I just list cards that I have play tested in decks like this that I really don't like: Mirari is really slow but if you are committed to having the mana open for it every turn you can probably make it work, Jeskai Banner is too expensive for what it does, Grapeshot is too little of an effect for EDH you aren't playing storm its not effective at max you are going to probably only get 4 storm count in a turn is four or less damage really worth a deck slot?

Cards that I have found that are neat and dangerous are: Price of Progress, Past in Flames, Increasing Vengeance (flashed back) + Reverberate or Fork + Lightning Bolt = Infinite damage, Wild Ricochet, Radiate.

That's just a few suggestions I have for you, take it or leave it as you will and Good Luck.

Caligula on Parcel Tongue ~

1 week ago

@Lanzo493 I totally agree, but my issue is surviving mid-game, I can just Foresee myself casting Arcum Dagsson in a multiplayer round and getting waxed before I even get my next turn.

also, I think i'd need to run more artifact critters to better abuse Arcum

irishsteel31 on Daxos, swords, blink, recursion

1 month ago

Looking for better recursion for Remember the Fallen.Dream is to get Eldrazi Conscription and then another one on daxos with Clever Impersonator.Need playtesting to see if Strionic Resonator is worth including.Vanish into Memory could be very big in response to a board wipe with an equiped Daxos.Is it worth having a Expedition Map to tutor for Reliquary Tower. Took out Sword of War and Peace and Sword of Light and Shadow because of conflict with white aura's.Is Concentrate the most efficient card draw and Foresee the best at 4 mana.Do i need a finisher like Cyclonic Rift or just grind out the win with more equipment and aura'sIs Batterskull to weak in this build, possibly use Shielded by Faith

acht_deck_manager on Flicker Makes Them Scoop

1 month ago

Thinking about swapping as follows:

Terminus for Evacuation . While Evacuation can be very one-side if I am sitting with omniscience, Terminus has more utility when trying to regain board control and the tucking effect could have its uses (stop me from being decked, could still be abused by other mechanics while omniscience is out)

Austere Command for Karmic Guide . The echo cost on guide is killer, and I have plenty of other recursion. Flickering Karmic with targets in the yard is nice, until I have to pay echo. Austere just gives me so many options!

Enlightened Tutor for Serum Visions. Visions is worse than Brainstorm Ponder and Preordain to me in a lot of ways. This tutor would be a bomb of a replacement (but is costly)

Fierce Empath for Foresee would let me tutor up some of the worst of my fatties and is repeatable with flicker mechanic.

Curse of the Swine for Angel of Finality . While I hate to lose the graveyard exile effect, cure of the swine is awesome one-sided removal with very few setbacks. Great if I can turn ugly fliers in to 2/2 boars

Venser, Shaper Savant and Glen Elendra Archmage look SO tempting but slots remaining that I could see them being swaps for are getting ugly. Blue Sun's Zenith seems like a candidate due to its ugly cost (shuffle effect is nice, but 3 blue mana is rough sometime), Garruk, Primal Hunter because I only ever use him for his -3 killing him on cast (but he can be recurred for this purpose with the right cards which is why he's a thing), or Gilded Lotus which i can never bring myself to remove because it's such a freaking solid mana rock when I land it

Canopy Vista for Seaside Citadel I think is a good trade (faster mana, losing the blue but fetchable)

Hinterland Harbor probably the best replacement for Selesnya Guildgate . While the scry from Temple of Plenty is tempting, the Harbor covers my color pie better and has very few setbacks

Time Spiral is also a card that I could see replacing Garruk, Primal Hunter with because it's a Time Reversal on steroids. The untap is so good, especially if freely cast with Omniscience. But in general I've never been disappointed to see Time Reversal come up and think I'd be even less disappointed if I saw Time Spiral

Ihazadeck on The Arbiter's Amazing Level of Apathy (HELP PLZ!)

1 month ago

If you want better draws you should look into Mind's Eye, is almost another Rhystic Study. Also I like filter affects like Crystal Ball and Foresee.

clayperce on 2015-12-11 update of She Who ...

2 months ago

It's cool to see this coming together, michael921!
Please note that though I'll highlight any card over $5, I'm not necessarily aiming for budget rec's here. Also, it seems to me Rubinia would want Creatures (for sure) or Enchantments (maybe, just 'cause she's a Faerie) much more than Artifacts (though you could call them 'shiny baubles' and probably get away with it) and other spells, so I kind of focused in that order.

First, with an activated ability, I think Rubinia might want more haste effects (OK, in Bant it's mostly flash, but whatever). You've got the Greaves and Boots of course, but here's some other cards for your consideration: Prophet of Kruphix, Surrak, the Hunt Caller, Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir (>$5), and Yeva, Nature's Herald. Unfortunately, Concordant Crossroads is the only Enchantment I know of, and I don't think much of it's group hug aspect. Maybe a Leyline of Anticipation (>$5) or Vedalken Orrery? Land options include Alchemist's Refuge, Hall of the Bandit Lord (>$5), and Winding Canyons (>$5), which are great if you've got enough mana fixing, because they don't take a spell slot.

I see you've got Illusionist's Bracers and Thousand-Year Elixir to double her activated ability. Rings of Brighthearth (>$5) maybe?

For card draw, I like Mulldrifter, Future Sight, Mystic Remora, and Rhystic Study for Rubinia. Some other good options are Brainstorm, Fact or Fiction, Sphinx of Uthuun (FoF on a stick), Foresee, Ponder, Recurring Insight, and Windfall. Some of the aggro draw-spells might be a really good fit too: Bident of Thassa, Coastal Piracy, Curiosity, Keep Watch, Last Thoughts, Military Intelligence, Ophidian Eye and Tandem Lookout. TOO MANY OPTIONS!!!

In other news, maybe some more untap effects? You've got Murkfiend Liege, but Prophet of Kruphix and Seedborn Muse (>$5) are both great. Not sure there are any land options besides Minamo, School at Water's Edge (much >$5) :-(

Looks like you've got a bunch of sac' effects, but more blink engines might be even better. Nephalia Smuggler for sure, but maybe Cold Storage,Conjurer's Closet, or Synod Sanctum too? And since she's in-between sac' and blink, I think Adarkar Valkyrie is going to be awesome with Rubinia.

Some miscellaneous thoughts:

Sorry about the wall of text, and thanks for reading this far!

acht_deck_manager on 2015-12-20 update of Flicker Makes ...

2 months ago

Ixidron looks like he could be a real easy solution to some creatures with difficult abilities to work around

Foresee doesn't look to shabby at digging for answers while drawing

Karametra, God of Harvests is a card I keep debating. Nice when I have enough devotion to make stick as a creature, but the ramp is later in the curve then I'd like.

Another "not budget" card that would be cool - Azusa, Lost but Seeking

I have a copy of Future Sight that I keep wondering if I should toss in to this deck.

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Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Pauper Legal

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