Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Custom Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
MTGO Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Vintage Masters (VMA) Common
Urza's Saga (USG) Common

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Creatures without flying can't block this turn.

Falter Discussion

Spell_Slam on PDH - Zada Hedron Grinder

1 month ago

Looks like a great start!

You're missing a few of the card-draw cards that really make this deck competitive. I'd recommend you add Renegade Tactics and Panic are the main ones you're missing, and the deck can't get enough of them. I even considered running Rile , but it's a bit risky.

I just wanted to make sure you knew that copied spells off of Zada won't trigger Prowess and other "Cast" triggers. They're still fine cards, but maybe not as effective as you maybe thought.

When playing Red PDH, I don't leave home without Destructive Tampering . That card is so good as an overcosted Shatter or Falter effect.

I see you're also playing Goblin Freerunner . Since Zada doubles up as an ally, I take advantage of that by also playing Akoum Flameseeker and Ondu Champion for some recurring fixing and trample-giving. They are pretty reliable with Zada.

It's not necessarily synergistic with Zada, but Rites of Initiation is an awesome finisher with all the card draw we do.

Here's a link to my list. I went with a more Goblin Tribal theme that has been shredding through opponents so far. I'd like to see what you think! Zada, Card Advantage Grinder

HalbrechtHalbrecht on No Blocks

7 months ago

I like decks like this that have themes! I remember trying to make a "steal all your stuff" deck — that was fun. XD

Seismic Stomp alternatives

I have no idea what your meta is like, but a possible card in place of Seismic Stomp would be Destructive Tampering . It's 1 CMC more, but if artifacts become a problem for you, the added flexibility might be worth it. Possible sideboard card?

If you're in a flyer-heavy meta (in which case Stomp isn't very good), some alternatives for Stomp, all at 3 CMC, are: Goblin War Cry (and the creature they choose you can easily deal with), Incite Hysteria if you tend to face more one- to two-color decks, and Ruthless Invasion in an artifact-light meta.

If you want to stick with Seismic Stomp , then consider Falter instead. Same CMC and effect, but it's strictly better as an instant.

Tail Slash alternatives

Fall of the Hammer is 1 CMC less than Tail Slash and Soul's Fire can hit ANY target for the same CMC.

A possible win-con with Zada out would be Chandra's Ignition . You'll kill all your own creatures, too, so it's effectively a boardwipe (though with Otherworldly Outburst it's a one-sided wipe), but who cares when you're Fling ing multiple creatures with power 3 and 4 at your opponents' faces!! Good in multiplayer, if that's your jam. I'd only put in 1-2, since it has 5 CMC.

Other cards for Zada

Rile is amazing for drawing cards! Sure, it'll kill some of your smaller dudes, and the trample doesn't really matter to you. But it basically reads "{R} -- Draw cards equal to the number of creatures you control." For red, that's a good thing, especially to re-fuel in the late game. Maybe 1-2.

Dynacharge and Weapon Surge are easy to Overload if Zada isn't out, but with her out they cost less mana, which can matter quite often. First Strike is less of a big deal if no one can block, so Dynacharge's +2 is better, BUT Surge's overload is cheaper. Possible replacements for Otherworldly Outburst if you find the Overload useful.

Also, imagine casting either of those on the same turn as cards like Fall of the Hammer and Soul's Fire !

Mokiflip on Vic Vinegar's 8Whack Whacktastic Wonder

1 year ago

Hey man,

Thanks for the suggestions.

Glorious End is definitely interesting, had never seen it before. Nice option.

As for Falter I was thinking of replacing it with Seismic Stomp which is basically exactly the same card, so it's still an instant.


Sin089 on Vic Vinegar's 8Whack Whacktastic Wonder

1 year ago

Could do Magmatic Chasm instead of Falter. It's a sorcery instead of an instant, but serves the same purpose.

Glorious End could be an option for "taking an extra turn" over Final Fortune. It does cost 1 more mana and has different text, but it accomplishes a similar goal.

GoldenDiggle on Pirates

1 year ago

Teleportal, Magmatic Chasm, Falter, Mark for Death, Seismic Stomp, and Tectonic Rift all muddle up your opponent's non-fliers. All star Bedlam could make or break the game, a more one-sided option is Goblin War Drums, Raging River, and War Cadence.

Door of Destinies, Obelisk of Urd, Cover of Darkness, Metallic Mimic, and Vanquisher's Banner all help out your chosen creature type well.

Look into some shroud and hexproof options, as you won't be targeting your creatures with anything, so making sure they don't get removed is important.

ROUROU on Zada Token Grinder

2 years ago

really, REALLY nice and original deck. How about Brute Strength ? it will give you the extra damage you need to win, if the opponent has a shenanigan and blocks somehow your hordes xD And while we're at it , i have won games with Falter , or Magmatic Chasm . +1

Slycne on Tribal White Knight advice

3 years ago

Personally, I just wouldn't. It's cute and sometimes gets someone, but it's otherwise not very good and dilutes the deck.

Think about it this way. What creature boardstate are you losing with a bunch of indestructible knights that you even need a Wrath of God? Even if you're interested in Falter-esque effect, your Brave the Elements already provide that.

And this is all under the assumption that you manage to draw Knight Exemplar and Wrath of God together. Drawing Knight Exemplar by itself is certainly fine, but any time you draw Wrath of God without Knight Exemplar you've essentially discarded a card.

Also, just imagine the actual worst case scenario you introduce. You cast Wrath of God and they respond killing your Knight Exemplar.

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