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Ember Beast

Creature — Beast

Ember Beast can't attack or block alone.

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Ember Beast Discussion

Generalsplat on

3 months ago

Ember Beast is very bad... There are more than enough beast way better than thatDrop defense of the hearth and add more land

JackOfAllTrades on Shadow Slice+Illusionist's Bracers=Does it work?

5 months ago

Let us say that I have Tenement Crasher , Minotaur Abomination , Ember Beast , and Batterhorn on my field and I play Shadow Slice deal the 3 damage and exile it to Minotaur Abomination . Next turn I play Illusionist's Bracers and I manage to attack a player directly. Because of Cipher I reactivate Shadow Slice , would Illusionist's Bracers allow me to equip Shadow Slice to my 3 other cards?

ZwJ on

6 months ago

The deck looks fun and very affordable. :)

Maybe it's a good idea to give the deck more creatures and less burn, because otherwise, a Polukranos, World Eater for example simply bashes your beasts' face in.

Maybe add Renegade Krasis for some crazy fast extra +1/+1 counters on the beasts that already grew by Advocate of the Beast 's ability. If you reach near 30 creatures, Ember Beast might be a good option as a cheap strong beast that can make Renegade Krasis evolve even to 5/4. Polukranos, World Eater can be a good option too. I think he earns a place in every green aggro-ish deck in standard. Finally, consider Nylea, God of the Hunt for extra power, if you can afford it. You easily get the devotion up to five, especially if you put some other extra creatures in. Oh, and Nylea, God of the Hunt is deadly with Bow of Nylea because of the deathtouch + trample synergy. (Your creatures deal only 1 damage to every blocking creature and the rest to the defending player.)

ziggy_stardust on Gruul Aggro/Ramp Post Theros

6 months ago

I'm not sure if you really want Nykthos, due to fact that it will make two-land hands super awkward when one of them is the Shrine to Nyx; all of your two-drops aside from Lightning Strike require two colored mana to cast. As suggested above, switching out Zhur-Taa Druid for Sylvan Caryatid helps remedy this problem a bit.

As for ramp targets, lose the Worldspine Wurm s, for sure, since they will usually just be a dead card in your hand until you get one of your two copies of Garruk or your opponent has zero action and just lets you ramp to infinity. I'm not a huge fan of Mistcutter Hydra , either. If you look at it for each value for x, (1/1 uncounterable, haste, pro-blue for 2; 2/2 uncounterable, haste, pro-blue for 3; etc) it's not a very good card at any point on the curve. If you really want to play him, though, move him to the board. Big dumb monsters that I prefer: Polukranos, Ruric Thar, Gruul Ragebeast , Stormbreath Dragon , Ember Beast (maybe.. might be going a little deep with that one, but it can really set them back), Arbor Colossus . I particularly like the monstrosity mechanic in this deck, because it's a great mana sink for late in the game if you've ramped like crazy, but at the same time, you're not stuck with dead cards if your ramp was blown out by Anger of the Gods /Supreme Verdict .

As for the sideboard, having 8 copies of spells to kill artifacts and enchantments seems like overkill. Here are some suggestions of reasonable sideboard cards that will give you more options to vary up your deck: Burning Earth , more Domri (great against control; I might also find room for more Domri in the main with so many creatures), Peak Eruption (great for dealing with unchaining your dudes from their rocks), Polis Crusher . I typically play at least 10 different cards in my sideboard (lots of one or two-ofs).

Lastly, you want to reliably be casting six-drops by turn four. If you find that you're having trouble because of lands entering the battlefield tapped, I would consider cutting 1-2 gates for basics.

jias3333 on

7 months ago

Tenement Crasher is a bad card, I would add 2x Advocate of the Beast because you definitely want to consistently draw him and the more the merrier in this deck. Also I would take out your non-beasts Woodborn Behemoth and Zhur-Taa Swine completely and put 4x Elvish Mystic for acceleration in the deck and the ability to get to the high end of your curve with a bit more ease.For this kind of aggro deck I would definitely run 4x Rancor . I would remove Druid's Deliverance entirely as you have no use for the populate mechanic in this deck and you can have better tricks in GR. Signal the Clans should also be removed as well as Primal Visitation which is simply a terrible card because the +3+3 haste will never be relevant for 5 mana as you can never cast it the same turn as a big creature you want to give haste to. As well almost all your sorceries are very bad / dont fit the curve / aggro levels of the deck. The things you should replace the cards I suggested you remove are 1x more Gruul War Chant 3x Domri Rade and then round out the numbers on your creatures for example you should definitely have 4x Ghor-Clan Rampager Rumbling Baloth 4x Ember Beast etc. Since there are so many changed I have suggested I literally built the deck on tapped out (of course giving you credit for the original concept). Every creature in the deck other than the Advocate of the Beast and your 1drop accelerator Elvish Mystic has the creature type beast and they all enable eachother and almost every single creature will trigger evolve / is very beefy. Domri Rade is in the deck because he is incredible for accelerating your draw as well as giving you lots of spot-removal by using pitfight with your super beefy creatures.

The link to the deck is HERE: The Beast Without.

The only change you may want to make that I am also considering is adding more Primal Huntbeast s as they are hexproof and thus very hard to deal with and probably the best target in the deck for your Advocate of the Beast counters as it is the only thing with real protection.

RedZebra on Advocating the Beasts

7 months ago

Powerful beast creatures you aren't using and should be: Ghor-Clan Rampager , Kalonian Tusker , Thragtusk (Only if you have any. It's not worth getting for a 3-month period), Zhur-Taa Ancient , 1x Garruk's Horde , Ember Beast , Brushstrider , Slaughterhorn . You REALLY shouldn't use bad beasts just because of evolve unless you specifically want this to be an evolve deck.

Ruric on

8 months ago

this type of deck requires much more land to do a good performance, recommend you from 22- 24 lands and get 4 copies of the Elvish Mystic .

also i count you have a total of 6 beast type creatures in your deck, it is a low amount for a beast deck, if you plan to use Advocate of the Beast then recommend you to include Marauding Maulhorn

if you are running a R/G beast deck i think is a MUST to get 4 copies of Ghor-Clan Rampager

if you like it you may have 2 copies of Garruk's Horde instead of 1

standard beast:


Towering Indrik

Ember Beast

you may try 1 copy of Skarrg Goliath is a game winning bloodrush card pretty lethal if it goes through

arguslogos on Gruul Unleashed

9 months ago

Hello, welcome to the Magic community, and remember that it's a game. So, have fun.

In an aggro deck Acidic Slime is a darn good support card. On the other hand, Battering Krasis is much too vulnerable for costing 3 to play. Looking at Bloodfray Giant a 5/4 trample for 4 is pretty good beats for mid game. The Cryptborn Horror is very dependent on hitting your opponent for a good chunk of damage--the kind that will win you the game without the horror. Compared to Grizzly Bears , the Disciple of the Old Ways is worth keeping. The pair of Ember Beast s seems good.You could do without Feral Animist --there are just better cards.

I'm liking the Gore-House Chainwalker and Riot Piker . The Rubblebelt Maaka is not horrible, but there is better. Only having one Rubblehulk should work, but other bloodrush cards may work better. In fact, the rest of the creatures look good.

You could look up deck lists to help get some ideas, but depending on your usual opponents and your personal style, there should be some key differences between those deck lists and yours. If you have any questions, just let me know. Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.03 $0.13 $0.63 $0.24
Power / Toughness 3/4
Color(s) R
Cost 2R
Converted cost 3
Avg. draft pick 3.99
Avg. cube pick 8.06


Format Legality
Heirloom Legal
Standard Legal
Extended Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Common
Odyssey Common