Elvish Warrior

Elvish Warrior

Creature — Elf Warrior

Elvish Warrior Discussion

Abzkaban on Random Favorite Cards

1 year ago

Back when I started playing, I really liked Elvish Warrior because of its art and flavor text. Same for Elvish Champion

Nowadays Ghave, Guru of Spores is my favorite, though I also really like Earthcraft and Doubling Season (both of which just happen to be in my Ghave deck.)

Epochalyptik on Nephalia Academy Question

1 year ago

You can produce six types of mana: , , , , , and . Of these, the first five are colored mana and the lattermost is colorless.

These six types of mana can be used to pay costs that require their particular symbol (e.g., can be used to pay for Llanowar Elves).

Costs requiring were introduced when the symbol was introduced in Oath of the Gatewatch.

Costs can also include generic mana, represented by a number (e.g., or ). You can pay for generic costs using any of the six types of mana.

A few examples:
Elvish Warrior's cost must be paid with .
Spatial Contortion must be paid with plus one mana of any type.
Alpha Myr's cost can be paid with two mana of any type.

Gattison on Pauper? Pauper? i love it!

2 years ago

Dalektable: Nice deck. Left a suggestion. Here's my latest attempt at an Impact Tremors deck: The Ol' In-Out, In-Out. I use it to "EXTERMINATE!" opponents... ;]

UrbanGirlScout: you might like Elvish Warrior, Nissa's Chosen and/or Swordwise Centaur

malfeischylde: I actually asked because I saw the Chainer's Edicts, but same result, lol.

TheRedMage on Pattern Recognition #8 - Bears

3 years ago

I think in your discussion of vanilla p/t you forget to mention a fairly important aspect - that being power creep.

Creatures are slowly becoming better and better as years go by. Alpha had Scathe Zombies and Gray Ogre, now we get Walking Corpse and Falkenrath Reaver. Does being an uncommon factor into the extra point of stats that Kalonian Tusker gets? Probably. But Tusker is also a much more recent card than either Elvish Warrior or Gnarled Mass, which explains why it's more pushed. A more apt comparison for Gnarled Mass would be Watchwolf - uncommon, from the same period, but also in two colors. Mass saw constructed play in its time if I recall correctly. These days even 3/3 for 2 is not good enough for standard without significant upside or good synergy.

Re: Rarity as a balancing factor. I think it's actually perfectly fine for rarity to to be used that way because it allows to point different cards at different formats. I agree with you that in a world in which people routinely use websites to acquire their cards rarity is a non-factor when it comes to constructed formats. That is fine. Maybe 5% or 10% of all cards in a format are intended for constructed play, and those that would completely warp a limited deck or be useless because o how much synergy they require should be put at rare or mythic which largely keeps them out of most drafts and sealed pools and keeps the limited environment balanced.

Basically I think the rarity symbol on a card is irrelevant unless you are viewing the card in the context of Limited play. And in draft, it makes perfect sense for uncommons to be a bit more pushed - it's a way to set the average power level of decks. Cards that are aimed at constructed play often have a power level that is problematic for limited, so putting them at rares or mythics make sense. You don't want every other draft deck to have a titan in it.

AmazingGrace15 on Elf pauper featuring Ulamogs Crusher

3 years ago

Great job with the choices so far! Elvish Visionary is phenomenal, so good job picking that up. Your ramp looks pretty good too, but I think adding Elvish Guidance would be incredible in this deck. To help with a solid base for Elvish Guidance, I suggest Presence of Gond. This will help you put elves onto the battlefield quicker, ultimately helping trigger Elvish Guidance, which will lead to Ulamog being out faster.

To make room for some noncreature spells, I suggest you move maybe 1 Elvish Warrior, 1 Farhaven Elf, and maybe even 1 or 2 Elvish Mystics or Llanowar Elves to the sideboard. I know mana ramp is super important, but I think you can get the deed done with 3 Mystics and 3 Llanowar. Then if you add them to your sideboard, you'll always be sure you can have extra ramp if needed.

As for noncreature spells, it depends on what you'd like. Obviously, there are plenty of green cards that buff your creatures. If you're looking to buff them up pretty quick and make then threatening, then cards that target your creatures are the way to go. If you want removal (which is always a good idea, at least to have in your sideboard), then you have to decide if you want to remove creatures, enchantments or artifacts. A few I suggest for both are listed below:


Mortal's Resolve, Chorus of Might, Aim High, Strength in Numbers (this one would be BOMB), Spidery Grasp

Some cards I suggested here are more on the defensive side and some are on the offensive side. I'm not sure how you'd prefer to play, so it's up to you to decide!


Aerial Predation, Crushing Vines, Natural End, Natural State, Deconstruct (good for ramp, if people play lots of artifacts), etc.

Misc. Suggestions

Evolution Charm, Spidersilk Armor

This is a great start, the rest is up to you and how you want to play. Remember, the sideboard is always there to help you if you're not entirely sure what you want to put in your deck and want to test a few things first. Get creative, be passionate, and do what you think is best no matter what!