Elvish Piper

Elvish Piper

Creature — Elf Shaman

G, Tap: You may put a creature card from your hand onto the battlefield.

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Elvish Piper Discussion

Lame_Duck on Werewolves and casting/playing spells

4 hours ago

For things that put creatures directly from your hand on to the battlefield there's Elvish Piper, Quicksilver Amulet, Garruk, Caller of Beasts and Braids, Conjurer Adept but they're designed and costed in such a way that putting a Werewolf into play with them instead of an Emrakul, the Aeons Torn is a waste.

Soul Foundry, Mastery of the Unseen, Whisperwood Elemental, Call of the Wild, Call to the Kindred all let you get creatures into play without casting them and provide card advantage, which is probably a better angle to go for, although they are all still pretty heavy on the mana requirements.

enpc on Mana doublers

2 days ago

Simple answer, you don't want one. Not only are they fragile but slow. You're much better off just having a strong ramp suite. It's the exact same argument for why you cut Elvish Piper (which would feel more at home even now than any mana doubler).

enpc on Help: Competitive Nath/Eldrazi Annihilator

6 days ago

Personally, I think Nath of the Gilt-Leaf is much better suited to a stax deck.

Have you considered building a voltron deck? You have to deal a lot less damage than a beats deck and you pretty much always have acess to your damage source. and if you build it nice and ramp heavy, you can still run all of the beats creatures alongside your voltron commander.

I personall ru na Drana, Kalastria Bloodchief deck (In the Black) which runs some of the big eldrazi. You could look into a similar kind of build with maybe less equipment / removal and more beaters.

In general, you're better off running more ramp and less ways to cheat creatures out. Ramp helps you cast things other than creatures and it's harder to remove. Not to mention there aren't that many "cheat into play for cheap" effects - Elvish Piper and Quicksilver amulet are the big ones. And that's only 2 cards. Whereas I can name at least 15 ramp cards that can go into any deck.

saleens66 on Scion's Fury (Revamped) Still could use ideas!

1 week ago

I never knew, about Prophet getting banned. That's a shame about that. But Seedborn Muse seems like the best and obvious choice/replacement. And I'v been through many cards on what to replace the monuments on. And on seeing, the Quicksilver Amulet and Elvish Piper, it seems like the a better choice, if 2 Dragon Arch + Elvish Piper , Ill just be practically placing dragons on the field. Quicksilver Amulet is a little high in mana but still 1 or 2 maybe 3 better than my actual dragons CMC. And for Mirari's Wake is that allowing me to produce 2 mana for 1 land?

Rockstick on Scion's Fury (Revamped) Still could use ideas!

2 weeks ago

Since you have Hellkite Charger, you could add Nature's Will, to add a potential infinite combo

Quicksilver Amulet and Elvish Piper are also great cards to vomit dragons on the board

Also, Mirari's Wake is great too

Prophet of Kruphix is now banned, but you may add Seedborn Muse, which pretty much does the same job

Now, if you're looking for what to remove, I'll suggest both Dragonlord's monument, since they aren't this great and maybe Wardscale Dragon

NinjaKitty778 on Mayael, Pokemon Master

2 weeks ago

Mayael's Aria: this card is cute but it just doesn't do quite enough and usually has no real effect on the board. I have better ways of spending 3 mana.

Tooth and Nail/Fauna Shaman: having no tutors is just a personal choice. While it is true that consistency is important, I don't want to play the same game every time. Leaving out tutors keeps this deck fresh to play with and against. In the case of Fauna Shaman, I have to discard creatures to get a creature, and that creature goes to my hand which is not where I want it to be. Yes Elvish Piper could put it onto the field for cheap but thats what Scroll Rack is for; if I have a creature in my hand I use Scroll Rack to put it on top of my deck AND it allows me to draw. From there just use Mayael's ability.

Hamletback Goliath: while it is true that he is a solid choice for a Mayael deck, he doesn't do enough board-wise. So I opted him out for a Dragonlord Atarka or something, which can dish out some board control on entry while still being a beat-stick.

Now like I said in the description above, I've seen and played against other Mayael decks in my area who have their own style of play and I'm not saying that your suggestions are wrong by any means, just that they didn't match up for how I wanted the deck to be. But thanks for the comment :)

michaelknives on Mayael, Pokemon Master

2 weeks ago

Why you no Mayael's Aria or Hamletback Goliath?

Also Tooth and Nail would work pretty well. Fauna Shaman and Elvish Piper would be better choices for small creatures.

Havtorn on A General is Nothing without Her Allies

2 weeks ago

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Xenograft a card that does almost nothing in this deck? Every creature is already an Ally, so the only things I can see that interact are the cards that make non-ally tokens or animates land, of which you have four. I think you'd be better served running Gideon, Ally of Zendikar or something cheaper that interacts with your actual allies. Alternately, if you want to justify keeping it I would include some non-ally creatures that give you options you don't have. Like letting allies enter the battlefield outside of your turn, like Prophet of Kruphix or Elvish Piper. Tbh I would look into that even if you drop the Xenograft, having allies potentially enter whenever is huge. Non-creature cards that allow you to do that are, for example, Alchemist's Refuge, Aluren, Leyline of Anticipation, Vedalken Orrery, Vernal Equinox and Winding Canyons. Include whichever you like. :)

Otherwise I'd say you have a pretty solid foundation. You don't have a lot of control-y cards so you might have some trouble facing board-wipes and combo decks, both of which are fairly common in Commander. Consider a counterspell or two since you're in blue anyway.

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