Elven Riders

Elven Riders

Creature — Elf

Elven Riders can't be blocked except by Walls and/or creatures with flying.

Elven Riders Discussion

SmugLookingBarrel on Can traproot Kami block Elven ...

2 years ago

Traproot Kami reads that it may block as though it had flying, but the oracle text says that is has reach. certain creatures, like Elven Riders can't be blocked except by creatures that specifically have flying, and not reach, so can Traproot Kami block them?

icehit6 on

3 years ago

Some examples of what you don't need though - You don't need four Copperhorn Scout, or two Elven Riders. As well, because of the legendary creature rule, the most you're ever going to need for Dwynen, Gilt-Leaf Daen is two.

A general rule of thumb for elves is 34 creatures, 8 instants and sorceries and 18 lands. It's all you need for the deck! The 8 instants and sorceries being four Collected Company and four Chord of Calling or Lead the Stampede, whichever you prefer.

Frazzify on

4 years ago


Based on the cards in your deck, I'm assuming that you're operating under a pretty tight budget, so I'll try to keep my suggestions to under a dollar each.

Before I get to my card suggestions I have a few things to say:

  1. You should absolutely try to pick a solid direction for the deck. A consistent theme - whether that be Elf-tribal, ramping into big creatures/spells, flash tricks, etc. - will give the deck more synergy and power without necessarily raising the price tag. An important part of this would be to remove things like Rumbling Baloth and Elven Riders - creatures with either no abilities or ones which are not impactful. Another would be removing anything which has an ability which doesn't really synergize with what the rest of the deck is doing, such as Humbler of Mortals. In this case, it is a card which wants you to play enchantments, which otherwise isn't a theme of the deck, and also doesn't reward you particularly well for doing so.

  2. No matter how you build it, you will definitely want more lands. Try to aim for about 35-37 if you plan to play an Elf deck, and 37-39 if you want to play Flash-based or Ramp deck.

  3. The suggestions I make are not the end of the line. There are many more worthy cards to consider and I suggest you look into more cards based upon what I present.

  4. This post is probably going to be very long, so prepare yourself.

Yeva, Nature's Herald is a very interesting general, since it can be played in a way that is vastly different than other green decks. Flash is an incredibly powerful ability as it allows you to craft a game plan with as much information as possible and gives you the most options for how and when you want to act. With this in mind, the first section will be about cards meant to play well with her Flash-granting ability.

Since Yeva's ability allows you to play on other players turns, it makes good sense to look at adding creatures which have an effect on the board regardless of when they are cast. I would strongly suggest looking at cards with enters-the-battlefield abilities. By using creatures with ETBs in combination with Flash, your creatures become more like spells with bodies attached, and allow you to generate value over the course of a game. Attaching more of your spell effects to creatures also adds flexibility, as they can be cast anytime due to Yeva's ability.


  1. Wood Elves

  2. Wolfbriar Elemental

  3. Acidic Slime

  4. Reclamation Sage

  5. Timbermare - This card is a hidden gem for this deck, as it's ability allows you to tap all of the creatures in play during an opponents turn, setting up a big attack for you later and/or stopping an opponents big attack in its tracks.

  6. Temur Sabertooth - This card is ridiculously powerful and flexible. It allows you to reuse ETBs, can save your creatures from both spot and mass removal, and can just be an indestructible blocker when you need to play defense.

If you intend to build Yeva as an Elf-Tribal deck, you're actually going to want to adhere to a similar philosophy as with the Flash version. First, I do want to mention that if you intend to build an Elf-Tribal deck, many of the cards which make those decks tick are not cheap, and as such the deck will be much more expensive to assemble. As before, you want as many of your spells to be attached to creatures as possible, except this time those creatures should be Elves. Anything that isn't an Elf itself or that doesn't syngerize with Elves should have to justify its inclusion pretty well, or else should be cut from the deck. Furthermore, cards which make your elves more formidable should be seriously considered.


  1. Priest of Titania

  2. Elvish Archdruid - This on is seriously great. It pumps all of your elves and makes boatloads of mana.

  3. Immaculate Magistrate

  4. Hunting Triad

  5. Lys Alana Huntmaster - So... many... elves...

  6. Gempalm Strider

  7. Sylvan Messenger

  8. Timberwatch Elf

Now, onto the last section: card draw and finishers. You need to have some number of both of these if you want your deck to function properly and be viable, regardless of which direction you decide to take the deck. Card draw allows you to keep up with others, and often times overwhelm them with sheer amount of threats you are able to produce. Furthermore, when playing a creature deck, it's important to be able to rebuild after someone sweeps the board, and reliable card draw works to that end. Finishers are what allow your average or often undersized creatures to attack for huge amounts of damage and kill your opponents, or allow your creatures to sneak through unblocked. Without finishers, the game will often "stall out", with nobody able to kill anyone else. Unfortunately, some of the best finishers (read: Craterhoof Behemoth) are not exactly cheap, but that doesn't mean that there aren't powerful options available.


Card drawing -

  1. Soul of the Harvest - Many reprints have made this very powerful card incredibly cheap. This will often be a linchpin the engine which keep the deck moving forward.

  2. Primordial Sage - See above.

  3. Harmonize

  4. Shamanic Revelation - You want to play a lot of creatures. This spell wants you to as well. This will not uncommonly draw upwards of five cards, which is pretty awesome.

Finishers -

  1. Overrun

  2. Overwhelming Stampede

  3. Triumph of the Hordes

  4. Bellowing Tanglewurm

  5. Siege Behemoth

  6. Thunderfoot Baloth

Hopefully all of this is helpful to you and provides some directions to explore with Yeva! I'll leave a link to my Yeva, Nature's Herald deck below. It's more of a Flash-style deck, and while it's operating under a very different budget, it may give you a better idea of what kind of cards would make for good inclusions into your deck.

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