Dismissive Pyromancer


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Core Set 2019 (M19) Rare

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Dismissive Pyromancer

Creature — Human Wizard

, , Discard a card: Draw a card.

, , Sacrifice Dismissive Pyromancer: It deals 4 damage to target creature.

Dismissive Pyromancer Discussion

gywthblueshrt on Power Mill

1 month ago

After playtesting I realized how crippling the lack of cheaper creatures is, so I added Tattered Mummy for some damage and Dismissive Pyromancer for more milling, also to get creature cards into the graveyard for the use of Lotleth Giant late game

UTNova on Flamio Hotman

1 month ago

Cereal_Killer Thanks for the suggestions.

Yeah Demanding Dragon was just a cheap alternative to Lightning Bolt . My main goal for this deck was to make it as cheap as possible, and I picked DD as it seemed like a decent filler.

I agree about Dismissive Pyromancer . It's very niche but it comes in handy for poor draws every now and then.

Vexing Devil would be amazing in this deck, but it costs more than the entire thing. Will put in the maybeboard for sure though.

madcap and Bonesplitter seem like great alternatives. Originally this was a standard deck is why I have the others. Will try them out though. (Sometimes the extra +1 to toughness can make all the difference though.)

Fatal Frenzy could be a kill card, but so far the creatures do fine on their own. Could be very powerful though and I'll test it out some for sure.

Thank you for your suggestions!

Cereal_Killer on Flamio Hotman

1 month ago

I like the deck's idea, but, since you need to be very fast, why don't you replace Frenzied Rage with Madcap Skills and Short Sword with Bonesplitter ?

Then, I do not understand why Demanding Dragon should be usefull, I mean, it's true that's a 5/5 flying creature, but it's effect is not worth the mana you spend on him, in my opinion. Remember that is the opponent who chooses whether sacrifice a creature or lose 5. Basically you cast it and if you are lucky its effect would sort in something, but most of the times it won't and you've spent 5 mana on an easily removable creature. That's why I'd suggest some Lightning Bolt or, if you really like things that make your opponent decide something, Vexing Devil or Browbeat

Similar story for Dismissive Pyromancer : basically you have an easily destroyable creature, that let's you discard a card in order to draw one (and, since you don't have ways to draw cards, sometimes would not be so usefull) or, for the cost of 3 mana, deals 4 damage to an opponent and then dies. Is it worth?

Could Fatal Frenzy be usefull here?

TheErebos on Bloodbath

2 months ago


OK, I've been searching on gatherer for all cards with discard effect (quite a lot xD). Honorable mentions:

So...that will be all buddy. Sadly WotC don't care about good vampires with discard theme :c

stensiagamekeeper on Red Black Burn deck help

2 months ago

I've whipped out the calculator and here's some information you might find useful. While in your current configuration you are roughly 72% to have 3 lands by turn 3 on the draw you are only 53% to have 3 red sources. You also will only have an 80% chance to have black mana on turn 3 (around the same chance that out of the first three lands you draw in a game at least one will be black). In conclusion Goblin Chainwhirler and your black cards are roughly 20% less castable than any other 3 drop.

Obviously taking the above into consideration Mono is more consistent, far less infuriating to pilot and probably better overall. That said, it is also incredibly boring;). As I see it your choices are drop the black cards for maindeck Experimental Frenzy/The Flame of Keld and Lava Coil or run a couple cinder barrens and possibly cut a chainwhirler or two. In addition I'd suggest dropping Ghitu Journeymage and a Dismissive Pyromancer for 2 more Sword-Point Diplomacy and a 3rd Risk Factor. Pointing burn upstairs is how the deck wins and these are usually essential to reaching 20 on time.

multimedia on Red Black Burn deck help

3 months ago

Hey, adding black to Mono-Red Aggro is not worth it right now because of the available playable lands.

Currently there's only Dragonskull Summit for Rakdos and it alone is not enough black sources to include any black cards. Goblin Chainwhirler is too important for Mono-Red Aggro to risk playing a bunch of Swamps which can conflict with casting Chainwhirler. Runaway Steam-Kin only gets a counter when casting red cards so you really want to play Rakdos black cards not just black cards. Making Steam-Kin worse to play black cards doesn't seem worth it.

Jan. 25th 2019 you can play Blood Crypt and Rakdos is a guild in the next Magic Standard set. It will have support with potential new burn cards. Ponder adding black to Mono-Red Aggro in Jan. My advice for now is stick with just mono-red and if you want more burn add Risk Factor, Experimental Frenzy, Arclight Phoenix, Tormenting Voice, Dismissive Pyromancer

WiDOC on Angels of Fire ~ Boros Midrange

3 months ago

I played the deck a lot this last days. Your exact list and sometimes with other very minor changes. It is a fair deck, I really like it. But it is also kinda frustrating when you end up turn 4 or 5 with still 3 mana and/or only 2 drops minions with 0 draw to help you getting out of problem. And at some point, I think midrange deck need at least to have some. Here's what I've done.

I keeped the 2 drops. So i tried to preserve more of the aggro aspect of the deck. I removed the Lava Coil and replace them with 4 Lightning Strike. I did this for 3 major reasons.

  1. It is an instant so it permit to clean the way so you can attack with your small 2 drops.
  2. To finish most of planeswalkers like Vraska, or Tefeiri which, at this point because you've played agressive early will most likely use their 2nd ability ending up at 1 or 3 loyal points.
  3. It permits me to finish my opponents more than 50% of time (I have the feeling that it is more than 70% actually). And just that is insane. The problem with Lava Coil is that because you have no hexproof or whatsoever, a lot of time I find myself in a position where my board has been cleaned up, or is entirely blocked and my opponents only have less than 5 HP and I have no draw to kinda recreate a decent board. Golgari will Block you kinda easily, Controls will not let you finish, And it's hard to spend 4 life to keep Adantos on board vs aggro deck because you'll loose more life than him early. And in that last case, Lightning strike has way more value to deal with cards like Goblin Chainwhirler. So my strategy is, be as aggro as possible against control deck and finish him off with Lightning Strike or manage the biggest aggro threat the time I have my Angels. It really works better, at least for me.

(The only thing Lava Coil is good for is to remove Rekindling Phoenix, but since you play some, you enter sort of a status quo which you can win a bit later with Trample cards and Lifelink.)

Since I cannot be less aggressive vs control and I can take a bit few time vs Aggro, I'm only playing 3 copy or less of each 4+ drops. Aurelia, Lyra etc. to make some place to try some draw card and especially Risk Factor. I tried almost every draw card and it seems that it is this one that works better amongst all others. Why though ? Because first, it is an instant. WITH JUMP-START. And it is.. absolutely amazing to play with. Let's take my previous example. I'm playing vs control and I'm stuck with 3 land and only 1 or 2 2drops here. Well, at least I have a board that dealt some damage early game and I can manage to play this card even if it's countered. Because if he greed these 4 damages too much, you'll kill him with Lightning Strike anyway. And I'm not afraid of discarding an Aurelia, or a Lyra, I can't play them anyway and since I'm stuck at this point, It is preferable to commit into searching for that next land that will give you possibilities. I'm not saying it works 100% of time eh, but it definitely unlocks a lot more potential.

The other problem I have is that, even game I could have curved perfectly until turn 5, sometimes it just stops because, well, no more mana for Resplendent Angel , not enough control to manage opponents board so...well, you know at this point you have to tighten your butthocks until you draw an other land or something. I'm sure you've already encounter this frustrating position. Where you curved everything perfectly but you need, a slightly bit more options. It's not about power, it's about options.

Just to finish with most serious drawer I tried.

Mentor of the Meek: easily countered, easily managed. Doesn't rly works since it slow your deck more than it looks. It even sometimes prevents you to keep mana for Response / Resurgence or Justice Strike if you run it or else. The only good interaction i found is when your 0/1 phoenix token pops or Phoenix to rebirth, during the second phase of Benalia or with the -2 of Ajani. It's not THAT bad. It's just not that good.

Dismissive Pyromancer: Well, that one is not bad at all since it's only a 2 drop. But still, it's a creature that easily get shocked away by anything. So I often use his ability only once or zero. Since Adanto is most likely not targeted, the only other logic choice to kill a creature on board is this one. But maybe I'm playing it bad. I'm not sure.

Boros Locket: Nope !

Arch of Orazca: Not bad, still wondering how many to run in the deck. (1 or 2).

Dawn of Hope: Well ... if only it could apply any kind of pressure that would have been good but. Early game it's a dead card, and in midgame you most of the time have better option. 4 mana for a 1/1 lifelink is deadly expensive. It would have been a 2/2 knight vigilance that might have been better actually. Let's be honest, you prefer cast Ajani, Aurelia or anything else for 4 mana. You don't have a lot of lifelink source in the deck until end of midgame so. It's meh. I thought of pairing it with Fountain of Renewal which is a drawer I still didn't try. But I guess It's the same problem. Doesn't really help early, and doesn't help in lategame.

I'll try it a bit more in the next days, I still don't know if I should run 3 or 4 copy of Risk Factor, but maybe you should give it a shot.

Last but not least, Chance for Glory won me a lot of game. I just played 1 to test it. It seems that I very underestimated the card. It is also this kind of 'option' that unlock your board when you can't just finish your opponent.

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Dismissive Pyromancer occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0,0%


All decks: 0,03%