Destructive Tampering


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt Common

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Destructive Tampering


Choose one —

  • Destroy target artifact.
  • Creatures without flying can't block this turn.
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Destructive Tampering Discussion

BlaineTog on Madness mono red with vampires

2 days ago

Your creature count is way too low and your lands are a little high. Red Vampires are very aggressive so you want to focus on fast aggro, which means filling the ground with creatures. You're also at 66 cards right now, which is a huge no-no. Gotta cut that down to 60.


4x Skin Invasion: Not really part of the core gameplan.

4x Galvanic Bombardment: You're not a Control deck so no need to go so crazy with the removal.

1x Mountain_: 24 lands is a bit much. 23 should be ok, considering you have Key to the City to mitigate flood.

2x Avacyn's Judgment: This is ok as a finisher but terrible any other time. You really don't want to be drawing this all day.

2x Cathartic Reunion: You have Key to help refill your hand if you really need the card draw. You aren't really a combo deck, nor do you care about your graveyard, so digging for answers isn't very helpful. And finally, this is just a terrible topdeck. You're going to empty your hand fast with this deck and drawing this with an empty hand means you have to wait three turns to do anything with it.

3x Magmatic Chasm: This card can lead to blowouts, but there are better options. Destructive Tampering would work great as a sideboard option against artifact decks, but I don't like this for the mainboard.

That's 16 cards cut, which means we can add 10 back in.


4x Insolent Neonate: This card is loaded with value. It's very aggressive, works as an emergency Madness outlet, and even replaces itself.

4x Falkenrath Gorger: A 2/1 for R is already right in your wheelhouse, and this guy additionally lets you Madness out Ravenous Bloodseekers (and duplicates of itself, and Insolent Neonates).

2x Stensia Masquerade: This makes blocking very awkward for your opponent and punishes them for letting you through. It's a bit on the pricey side, but I think that's ok as a 2-of. The Madness option is just gas, too, turning this into a nasty combat trick that sticks around to provide value for the entire game.

golgarigirl on AER Pre Release Pool - Opinions?

2 days ago

Thanks! That's always helpful, to see what you saw while building the deck, and see if there's anything else you pinpointed as strong along the way. Admittedly, this pool isn't the greatest, but one thing I really like about prereleases is you can make some really amazing decks out of what seems like the most hopeless pile.

I agree with your Red for sure...Kari Zev, Skyship Raider, Quicksmith Rebel, and Sweatworks Brawler are all strong pulls pushing you into the color, and the removal in Shock, Chandra's Revolution, and Destructive Tampering only help.

I see the appeal in the Black for more removal and evasion (and honestly, I did the same in my prerelease pool, after all...), but I feel like with the card pool you have, a bit of menace and Unlicensed Disintegration is not really enough to pull me in.

I think I would have attempted Green. Between providing energy to power your Territorial Gorger, and a Riparian Tiger (which, honestly, is better than most of the rares you can get out of the prerelease packs), those make for an excellent high end that can't be accidentally stymied by an artifact-light deck (as my Fen Hauler often was). Aside from all the energy cards, Scrounging Bandar is surprisingly good. I don't know how much use you got out of your vehicles in practice, but I feel like the Daredevil Dragster is good enough to include as well, if for nothing other than eliminating a few chumps and drawing some cards, maybe in place of the Irontread Crusher, depending on how many 3-power creatures you ended up with. Natural Obsolescence is actually worth considering in this format, given how common artifacts are.

One thing to look at in upcoming prereleases is the potential for a 3-color deck/a color splash. That depends on if there are a.) multicolor lands (none in this set) and b) other fixing (in this set Prophetic Prism and Renegade Map) in your pool. But here, we didn't really have that opportunity.

j_reed92 on AER Pre Release Pool - Opinions?

3 days ago

golgarigirl - I thought red was strong with menace creatures, Lathnu Sailback for something big, and removal with Shock, Chandra's Revolution and Destructive Tampering. Black had more menace and Fen Hauler as a big creature with artifact evasion as well as more removal with Die Young and access to Unlicensed Disintegration. I nearly opted for white over black because of Caught in the Brights. I liked the flyers I had in blue but didn't think it was a strong colour otherwise. I think that I misjudged green at the time as I saw removal in the other colours.

SkyknightXi on Help wanted for unorthodox Yasova

3 days ago

"Unorthodox" because I'm not regarding the stealing as a strategy in and of itself, but rather to supplement the real theme of combat manipulation. Mostly I'm looking for card draw and possibly extra sacrifice outlets, right now. As well as a way to cram in Destructive Tampering and Krosan Grip.

Melee Mastery

RecklessReanimator on RB Vampires Join the Revolt!

5 days ago


I think biggest issue post release with Fatal Push may be getting enough of them as they are likely to be sold out for a while :) . From what I've seen of box openings only likely to get about 2 of an uncommon per box . Also hope mimic stays low $ as I want for several decks.

I'm definately looking forward to testing with Key to the City, I remember when EM came out and we were so happy to get Stromkirk Condemned. It was the BB casting cost of that card that actually is what scared me of pariah many messed up turn 2s. That and it could just die half the time. Reminds me...more pileup on Asylum Visitor hehe, she has bad synergy with the Key as if you choose to pay the 2 you get it during untap step before upkeep so you won't be hellbent.

Per Stromkirk Occultist while it was limited/sealed maybe my best card in prerelease was Renegade Freighter. Man has power creep come long way since Juggernaut. It's a 3cc 5/4 trampler on offense and it just steamrolled over weenies/servos. A frequent 4/3 or even 5/4 trampler (with olivia + mimic)...seems fun at least to try.

Btw I for some reason temporarily forgot as a vampire pariah can be up to 5/5 herself, and yeah instant speed removal at that is basically down to 2 cards. I'm definately gonna try to run 2 copies and I'll just keep track of how she plays out in hands I draw her.

Yeah I'm glad they printed cards like Metallic Mimic to passively beef up the tribes of past sets. I think of Vampires as sort of like in between modern affinity/burn, trying to dump hand fast and 0 opponent quickly and those strategies usually stay relevant unless hated out. Now its becoming closer to merfolk with 3 kinds of "lords" :). I'm also interested in rebrewing humans in modern/standard with new cards as well.

Sideboard so I think that having some anti-control hand disruption is good but if Collective Brutality isn't good here then probably worth trying Transgress the Mind in its spot for now. Not sure how relevant exile is in this meta but actually could be relevant vs. angel version of Aetherworks Marvel. That should be pretty good vs flash deck and can take out all planeswalkers as well and board wipes. For artifact hate from what I see options include Destructive Tampering which could maybe be relevant for 2nd part, but I think I'd try out Release the Gremlins. Likely to cast for 3 usually but 5 is doable and also helps out tempo by giving a threat. One idea is to run Asylum Visitor in side against control (I used to keep it in my side for that), swap out maybe fiery temper for them and get another threat. I'd probably take out the Incendiary Flow unless you have decks you need to exile creatures as you have enough burn/removal. I like Unlicensed Disintegration more as its instant, guaranteed removal and high chance of 3 to the dome as well. One other card idea for MB or SB is a planeswalker...thinking either Liliana, the Last Hope for a recursion element (relevant ultimate also), or Chandra, Torch of Defiance. Chandra I think I've seen a list or two using a couple of copies, it does pump up the budget a bit but I'd say all of its abilities could be relevant. Liliana also synergizes well with Yahenni's Expertise btw if you wanna try that out. She can come down and -2/-1 something that is left at 1 toughness, or just recur something of yours that just died on an empty board. Could help in letting game go long as well. I wouldn't use more than a copy or two of either.

clayperce on Infinite Construct (AER)

1 week ago

Finally catching up on comments ...

oblivion234 and ArmyJM07,
Yep. I've been thinking about making a Temur build ever since this post.

Red also has Artifact hate. No more Smash to Smithereens of course, but IMO Destructive Tampering and Release the Gremlins are quite good, and Gremlin Infestation, Structural Distortion, and Ruinous Gremlin have their uses.

Sounds like a fun deck!

Sorry but neither Aqueous Form nor Artful Dodge are legal in Standard. Plus they have the same problems Slip Through Space does, from this post.

Thanks for the kudos. In actual testing (with 4x Crackdown Construct, 3x Key to the City, and 2x Trail of Evidence), I've seen Inventors' Fair in about 70% of my games, and it's triggered in about 30% of those. That's a far cry from "never" :-D

Less than 26 Lands might work, but I started there (based on this list) and have been happy with it so far.

As an aside, at some point I'm going to test a Clue-heavy build, using Mechanized Production (#Protect_Combo_Pieces #Alt_Wincon) and Tamiyo's Journal (#Find_Combo_Pieces). If I do that, I would likely increase the Investigate effects too (e.g., with Erdwal Illuminator and Confirm Suspicions)

Yeah, that could be fun. I figure half the Internet is already trying to break Saheeli and Guardian though, so I'm gonna stick to Crackdown Construct for now. For ideas on what other people are doing, I recommend checking out the Recent Decks section of the Crackdown Construct page.

Thanks everyone!