Exile target enchantment. If the exiled card is a God card, search its controller's graveyard, hand, and library for any number of cards with the same name as that card and exile them, then that player shuffles his or her library.

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Set Rarity
Journey into Nyx (JOU) Rare

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Pioneer Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Noble Legal
Hero Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Block Constructed Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
MTGO Legal
Vanguard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Heirloom Legal
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Casual Legal
Oathbreaker Legal

Deicide Discussion

BMHKain on Since I can't access the ...

9 months ago

Actually I'll try my luck on the Four Colors myself: Starting w/ Yidris (), It lacks , which represents LAW & ORDER: MTG THE SERIES EDITION (XD), Discipline in a pinch, A sense of Morality in an Ethical Base (Thus Why One of Bruce Wayne/Batman's colors would be for an ethical code (He breaks.).), & is religious sometimes, always wants some kind of conformity, & needs to be Structured by governmental & Planning means. White seeks peace through Structure. All four other colors don't have this merit. In some way or another, any of the other 4 colors of the Pie will go berserk (Blue being too obsessed over Planning Reckt & Link (Second time I said that... Somebody make a second true sequel to Rozenkreuzstilette, please..), Black's Ambition, & Lust for Power would be the same as Oda Nogunaga's end result of his life, defeat. Red is the Rawest of Emotion of the five colors, & potentially the most Chaotic, & mentally out of it. & Green can go berserk at anytime like an actual animal w/ a bloodlust that murders others.). The reason why (Boros Legion) has Chaos in them at all, is part of the part of the Guild Identity.)

This is why if you don't include in this identity, all four colors will go Insane beyond a cure. Thus the reason whi it is dubbed as "Chaos"; sure, had some of the most evil characters in MTG, like Konda, Lord of Eiganjo , who intentionally pissed off a Kami-Sama named O-Kagachi, Vengeful Kami by stealing their That Which Was Taken , & Heliod, God of the Sun congratulated Elspeth, Sun's Champion after she committed Deicide on Xenagos, the Reveler , who killed the previous God, & replaced (Gender is the same as UNDERTALE-Era Chara.) as a result, & was killed by her, & congratulated her by killing her with her own Godsend , & sent Erebos to watch her, making sure she never leaves, even if Ajani Goldmane can intervene. Aside from this, is the color identity of Pure CHAOS, Working Nickname?: Discord. Don't ask; he's like this in the Season 1 Finale (At least) in MLP FIM.

On the topic of Breya's Colors, Green wasn't there as it seems to focus on some kind of Animal Instinct, As they abhor impurities (Look at Vivien's Arkbow , idiot. & look at any Mono- Enchantment ever made, Baka Yarou!). Their tuning with nature would make me want to say: Where did we get metallic materials? Your Peat; which evolved to Slate. As Green in all Planes of the Multiverse knows nothing of Peat: (Here comes a Dictionary Section: a brown deposit resembling soil, formed by the partial decomposition of vegetable matter in the wet acidic conditions of bogs and fens, and often cut out and dried for use as fuel and in gardening.)

White has conformity, which can help in a big BIG project. Blue is basically the Brains of these four colors. Black has Ambition, & can even help with ideas that are sometimes SO CRAZY, it just might help the project better. While Red can Destroy the land around it, & even Artifice, actually has a Passion for the project, & can even help in a pinch when an idea is weighed in on the For Color's Opinions. This color is also adventurous, meaning it believes if it can't work well enough, at least the other colors can help make a decision. What ever this BIG Project is, is that, thus why I call this Color Identity Nickname: "MIND≒0" (Hey, it's NOT A Persona 4 Ripoff, The Protagonist actually kicks ass, I hated Yu Narukami (IMO.), & The Captain's Attendant, or whatever isn't the main Antagonist here. There, I spoiled P4 for you. Just Play either Persona 3, or 5 instead, will ya?). But seriously though, I chose that name as the 4 colors of such creativity can even be a literal team, each w/ a good part to play for all 4 colors. Sure, has Impurities of their own, but sensing AEther, & creating organic life as a construct far from counts... Friggen elves of Kaladesh. -_-


Welp, that's 2 4c's down, 3 to go. I'd appreciate your thoughts on my case...

solarbeam on Esper Pact

2 years ago

Hey AvacynUnleashed, thank you! I have not. Theros gods don't really show up often enough to consider it. I understand why you run it though, but consider Esper Charm, a couple more copies of Anguished Unmaking, or even Mortify instead. Deicide is far too narrow in my opinion, all the other spells allow you far more flexibility.

Despite_Myself on Esper Pact

2 years ago

Quite like the deck and it seems to function pretty well. Have you thought about adding Deicide? Its worked for me so far.

Tyrant-Thanatos on Pattern Recognition #40 - Removal

2 years ago

I respect your ability to take criticisms berryjon, and Removal is a huge topic to tackle, especially with limited writing time and research time. It would take a novel to truly hit on every point about Removal in MTG, as every color has a long an illustrious relationship with removal, what it likes to remove, what it struggles to remove, how much it costs, how it removes, outlier cards, the many shifts in the overall direction of the game have almost always had an immediate impact on how removal is handled for each color, especially in development.

I mean just looking at Disenchant vs Naturalize, Disenchant was only ever even printed in one modern-legal set: Time Spiral. Even there it still had the old border, the only modern-border printing of Disenchant is the Conspiracy Take the Crown printing, which is relatively recent. Naturalize on the other hand first saw printing in Onslaught, and then continued to see print across every damn core set, and even a couple of expansions. It seems clear to me that Naturalize wasn't just a color-shift of Disenchant, it was a replacement. WotC had decided that artifact/enchant destroy was a Green thing now. White still has enchantment removal quite often, cards like Erase, Deicide, etc. But artifact destroy is firmly a Green/Red thing. Oxidize puts Shatter to shame.

Removal is constantly changing as the game changes. I remember spending years upon years playing this game, wishing that Murder was a thing. Not being able to hit Black creatures or artifact creatures with Terror sucked. But by the time we got Murder? It sucked. There is far better removal than that now. In fact, looking back on it, it seems silly that we ever even used Terror. What a garbage card, right? Times change, removal changes.

Epyon3247 on

3 years ago

it actually looks great Circle of Affliction is pretty awesome I'm not sure what you would take out to sub it for, plus you'd need something like Skybind to bounce it around. Dictate of Erebos seems a little out of place since this isn't sack mill in any way, even though it is a great way to keep people from hating on you too much Exquisite Blood Sanguine Bond in conjunction with Tainted Remedy is pretty broken, seems like a good fit. there's a lot of destroy target creature cards, maybe try to exile a little more, maybe even put in a Deicide because god cards are pretty prevalent. because it gets around indestructible effects cards like, Curse of the Cabal or even better Utter End I like the deck the way it is in many respects so nice job either way! :)

Daedalus19876 on Magic is only fun when I'm the only one playing.

3 years ago

Personally, I'd run Cataclysm over Catastrophe. Why choose one when you can hit both?

The deck looks pretty darn optimized. But the landbase is a little odd. No Sacred Foundry over Clifftop Retreat, etc?

I've seen Mana Severance used in decks like this to make every single card castable off of the top.

Lightning Greaves over Mass Hysteria, and Return to Dust over Deicide?

And since you're running no creatures beyond your commander, you could play some cards like Crackdown or Smoke or Stasis that hamstring quick offensive decks so that you can have time to abuse Narset, and prevent them from removing her.

Hope that helps a bit! :)

Firebones675 on Test-ex

3 years ago

Deck looks pretty good, the biggest issue with it is the land count as you pointed out in the description. Most of my decks run around 36ish lands depending on the mana curve and how much ramp there is. I can make afew suggestions about cuts to make room for them. As a side note, when you are playing EDH your commander is technically supposed to be a legendary creature (like Brimaz, King of Oreskos. If your friends don't mind you using Elspeth, I wouldn't worry about changing it but wanted to let you know. Also since mox lotus is from unhinged, it isn't legal in commander (again if your friends don't mind you using it, don't worry about it.) Anyway here are some potential cuts:

Eldrazi Displacer: You don't have many sources of colorless mana for it's ability so more times than not you won't be able to use it. Unless you want to add more sources, i'd cut him.

Memnite: Yes he's free but short of odd combos, it's generally not worth it. It oftentimes cant attack due to the opponent just playing a slightly bigger creature and late game you should have enough mana anyway.

Lifegain cards: Unless you have strong synergy with gaining life, it's often times not worth it as if the reason you need to gain life is you are getting beat down by creatures, you would want to draw an answer to those creatures rather than just buying you time to draw that answer. I think you can cut Ajani's Pridemate, Apothecary Initiate, Angel's Feather, Graveyard Shovel

Soulfire Grand Master: While its a good card, you can't actually activate it's ability and even if you could you are not allowed to run this in your deck. Due to its ability it has a white/blue/red color identity whereas your commander is only white.

Eternal Scourge: Good in combo decks, not as much elsewhere

Conjurer's Closet dont think you have enough enter the battlefield abilities to take advantage of this card

Grinding Station If your plan is to win through damage this seems out of place. This card normally only fits into dedicated mill decks. You also don't use your own graveyard enough to want to target yourself

Perpetual Timepiece ditto

Call to Arms often times is situational

Celestial Dawn doesn't help you that much

Enduring Renewal okay in combo decks but here it might hurt you more than it helps

Quarantine Field You currently have it listed twice

Devout Lightcaster In a game without anyone playing black it doesnt do much.

Erase you already have a lot of ways to deal with enchantments

Deicide ditto

Ornithopter doesn't do a huge amount by itslef

Reciprocate not the best here since you have to have been dealt damage before you can use this card

Angelic Edict high mana cost for what it does

You already have enough graveyard hate.Might need to cut a few more after these but it should be most of the cuts you need. Hope this helps!

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