Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt Common

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Destroy target artifact or enchantment.

Revolt - If a permanent you controlled left the battlefield this turn, you gain 3 life.

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Decommission Discussion

JamerzGamerz on mardu control

2 weeks ago

Thoughts on Fragmentize over Decommission in the sideboard?

Wyrmweird on Poor White Trash

1 month ago

I was curious about that strategy. I was just playing straight up; Swing, drop land, drop creature, pass turn. I was given the advice to watch out for Yahenni's Expertise and Baral's Expertise. Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet, Heart of Kiran Ob Nixilis Reignited and Jace, the Mind Sculptor were pretty hard on the deck too. Heart is the only card I had an answer to. Control draws so many cards they could get all the answers, and my deck only has clues to help my hand. I wish I could play 6 copies of Blessed Alliance and Decommission lol. I often have to play 2 on the stack because of counter spells wrecking the first one played.

With a few tweaks and a decent pilot I think tribal decks can do OK at FNM. I did beat the Ally Tribal and an Elf tribal played by newer players. So at least I won the matches I should have won. I'm pretty new to MTG too so a lot of times I see decks for the first time at FNM.

iglesia777 on White Whaler

2 months ago

First thought is you need more land. 20 is too few for how many cards you have that cost 3,4,5. Shot for closer to 24.

First things I'd look to swap out: Fabrication Module because you only have 2 cards that produce energy. And paying 4 for a +1/+1 to use itself is expensive. And technically you have to pay 7 for the first one. Decommission is also more of a sideboard card.

Something I'd look to add are more creatures with vigilance. That way you can attack and leave them to block/blink. Aerial Responder might be a good fit there.

Good luck!

Mokan on revolt for life

2 months ago

Aethergeode Miner is annoying as all hell to play against and it's amazing at activating revolt so I suggest playing a whole playset of them. On the other hand I'm not sold on the Restoration Specialist all that much; yeah, you can do fancy stuff with Implements and Renegade Rallier but I still think it's too weak. Solemn Recruit seems amazing in this deck so I suggest a playset there as well. I don't really know how useful Renegade Rallier will be, but Vengeful Rebel seems really good. i really don't think you need Decommission in the main, consider moving it to the sideboard. As for implements Ferocity is imo the best one out of the bunch so I would suggest a playset of those on behalf of Implement of Malice - it really seems too slow. I don't really know if Unbridled Growth and Conviction are worth it. I think you could experiment with Winding Constrictor - it works well with Aethergeode Miner, Solemn Recruit, Narnam Renegade and Implement of Ferocity. I hope this was helpful :)

Jagd_Tallgeese on PULL THE VEHICLE OVER!

2 months ago

After some much appreciated advice, here are the following edits:1. Removing all 4 Choking Restraints in favor of 2 Sram, Senior Edificer and 2 Thopter Arrest.2. Removed 1 Ironclad Slayer and 1 Thalia for 2 Ninth Bridge Patrol.3. Removed all 4 Fragmentize from the sideboard in favor of 2 Decommission.

j0es on Abzan Revolt

2 months ago

What to sideboard in/out and when

  1. If you're up against harnessed lighting(gruul or temur energy generally)or control, switch out Greenwheel Liberator and Smothering Abomination for more things to protect your board like Heroic Intervention or Transgress the Mind To get rid of pummelers, hydras, and gearhulks.

  2. If your opponent is combo (be it Panharmonicon or Paradox Engine), Switch out 5 and 4 mana cards for Natural Obsolescence and Decommission

  3. If you're playing against tokens or other go wide strategies, try to squeeze in the Yahenni's Expertise into the deck. The card can hurt your board as well, so make sure to use it only when you don't have a wide board as well.

  4. Against anything looking to build up to big eldrazi, Switch out 5 and/or 4 mana cards for Angelic Purge and additional Bone Splinters.

This is a budget build

If you can afford a higher budget, throw in some Fatal Push and better dual lands. There are plenty of cuts that can be made to make it more budget as well. This wasn't built to win leagues. Just to be a fun, competitive deck that won't break the bank.

clayperce on Speedway Champions

3 months ago

For whatever reason (and despite all the text on the card), I hadn't actually thought about Disallow as anything but a "normal" counterspell. The ability to counter Saheeli's activated ability and to counter opposing Vehicles' activated ability to Crew is really cool. So yeah, that plus Negate plus Welding Sparks is probably plenty! :-)

And yeah, that all makes sense on Walking Ballista.


So I finally had a chance to do some serious playtesting with your deck. I ran it against Raymond Perez' U/R Control (Top 16 SCG Columbus) (for a Control mirror), Crackdown Collector (AER) (the strongest of my janky Crackdown Construct decks), and Bronson Gervasi's G/R Energy (Top 64 SCG Columbus) (because why not). As always, please take these thoughts with healthy skepticism as I'm 100% sure I don't play your deck well nor do I have a good feel for your meta!

  • It was no surprise, but Scrapheap Scrounger was just sooooo good. I actually took to running 2x Incendiary Flow in sideboard last season primarily because of Scrounger, and the card certainly hasn't gotten any worse!
  • Mainboard Dispel was great too. Though I found myself using it most often to protect individual Creatures (rather than to counter opponent counterspells). So if your local meta ends up with a bunch of Ruinous Path and Stasis Snare, Turn Aside might actually be more useful.
  • I was impressed at how little your deck had to mulligan. It seems to just have a LOT of lines available, which makes it easy to have plenty of opening plays. The only exception to this was the RG Energy match-up. There were only a few opening hands that were able to stop the early beatdown, and once it got out of hand it was often hard to recover. I'm not yet convinced RG Energy will have any kind of role in AER Standard though, so I'm not sure I'd worry about it. But there may be a point where you want Horribly Awry, Revolutionary Rebuff, or maindeck removal.
  • Creature-based counter/exile spells were also pretty effective at disrupting your deck's early play, which sometimes snowballed. If you end up seeing much Mausoleum Wanderer, Spell Queller, or Fairgrounds Warden, you might also want Awry/Rebuff.
  • I found myself really frustrated a couple times, wishing I had just one more for Aethersphere Harvester. That said, the deck never lost because of it though, so if it's working for you, never mind! But I'd probably run just a couple more Energy sources ... maybe one more Aether Hub and a Harnessed Lightning. Or maybe Decoction Module as a one-of.
  • These may all be obvious, but just in case not: After sideboard, watch out for (Natural Obsolescence), (Decommission), (Appetite for the Unnatural), and / (Release the Gremlins).

Hope this helps, and sorry for the spam if it doesn't!

Draw well!

EDIT: Never mind on Turn Aside; I just noticed it on your maybeboard.

Firebones675 on the expendables

3 months ago

I think you have enough humans that Thalia's Lieutenant and Heron's Grace Champion could be considerations.

As for your sideboard, here are some cards that I run in my standard sideboards. Mine is a bit more controlling so it has to devote a bit more to fight against aggressive decks than yours will. You still should have a plan for those decks though.

Authority of the Consuls: for decks that try to make infinite creatures or super aggressive decks

Blessed Alliance Also good against decks that unload a lot of damage quickly

Fragmentize: Note this is sorcery speed which doesn't usually matter but there are some match ups where it does. Cheapest way to hit big ones at instant speed are Decommission&Appetite for the Unnatural

Descend upon the Sinful for the decks that keep reanimating creatures, this can exile all of them.

Quarantine Field a catch-all for that one super annoying permanent

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