Target spell or permanent becomes black. (Mana symbols on that permanent remain unchanged.)

Deathlace Discussion

Sicohippy on X Gon Give It To Ya (Xiahou-Dun cEDH Primer)

3 years ago


I can't believe that I seriously overlooked that after having played this deck like 3000 times... I'm EXTREMELY disappointed in myself because that is actually one of my favorite and more common win conditions... If ANYBODY has ANY way that I can gain the ability to spend mana as if it were mana of any colour in a similar way to Mycosynth Lattice, I think right about now I'd appreciate that more than any other suggestion...

I've added Deathlace and Painter's Servant to my maybeboard, but my biggest problem with both of those cards is that unless I have EVERY other piece for my combo, they'll just about ALWAYS be a dead draw... :/

I am actually extremely sad to realize that you are completely correct about this, and I can't use my general to recur cards after Mycosynth Lattice hits the field.

Thank you so much for pointing it out, I don't know how long it would have taken me to notice otherwise...

clayperce on

4 years ago

I really like the idea of using Fight cards with Daarigaz.

Also seems like you could do some shenanigans on the reveal ...

Draw well!