Charging Cinderhorn


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2016 (C16) Rare

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Charging Cinderhorn

Creature — Elemental Ox


At the beginning of each player's end step, if no creatures attacked this turn, put a fury counter on Charging Cinderhorn. Then Charging Cinderhorn deals damage equal to the number of fury counters on it to that player.

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Charging Cinderhorn Discussion

puxing on Kresh the Bloodbraided Upgrade v2

2 weeks ago

Haunted Fengraf - at random zuigt + maakt colorless

Burnished Hart - deze kaart is fucking langzaam maar kijk even hoe die speelt in je deck qua doodgaan en recurring.

Ramp in je deck is goed

Draw ligt alleen wel wat laag.


Hunter's Prowess

Soul's Majesty

Soul of the Harvest

Elemental Bond

Deze kaart uit je deck is sick Charging Cinderhorn

Deze kaart zou je ook nog kunnen spelen Decimate goede removal voor veel shit

Warstorm Surge is eigenlijk ook wel een must

Also ik zou bijna Amulet of Vigor gaan spelen met deze manabase xD

ThallionDarkshine on Mogis Damage stack

3 months ago

It looks like you might need to lower your curve a little. You have so many expensive cards, and very little ramp with which to cast them. I would cut a few of the 5+ drops and put in a little more ramp, such as Rakdos Signet, Talisman of Indulgence and Worn Powerstone.

There are also lots of cheaper damaging pieces. Sulfuric Vortex prevents life gain while damaging everyone every turn. Once Bloodchief Ascension is active it deals tons of damage to your opponents while gaining you life. Charging Cinderhorn punishes people for failing to attack while being a fairly aggressive creature. Ankh of Mishra is an artifact version of Zo-Zu the Punisher. Storm World can punish people for emptying their hands too quickly.

Chandrian on Unyielding Facerolling

9 months ago

If you're looking for faster damage, Quest for Pure Flame might be a card you're interested in.

I would cut Kaalia of the Vast, she's a great card, but you only have 3 cards which she can cheat into play, so she's not very usefull. I'm not a big fan of Charging Cinderhorn, it's only got 2 toughness and no evasion, so it's easy to kill and it can also damage you.

Maybe play some more ramp so that you can play your big creatures faster, for example the signets are very good Boros Signet Rakdos Signet Gruul Signet Golgari Signet (a slower alternative are the cluestones like Boros Cluestone). A very nice artifact to have in multi-color decks is Sword of the Animist as it ramps you very fast and also fixes your colors.

Regarding your question to drop black, I think black adds more to the deck (for example recursion with Alesha, Who Smiles at Death and Ravos, Soultender and some nice removal) than meets the eye. I would keep it. My main reason being that even IF your meta is quite slow, if you aggro fast but cannot kill the table before they stabilise, it will be very hard to win the game because everyone guns for you.

I also have a Saskia deck, which you can find here

Maybe you'll find some ideas in it for your own deck.

Good luck with your build!

Draakeragon on Do you even fling, bro? - first EDH deck

9 months ago

Insult / Injury

Is a nice card that prevents all those nasty counterspells and damage reductions.

Selfless Squire

Gets big enough to fling itself

Balefire Liege

pumps all of your creatures

Muster the legion!

You have a minor theme of making attacking creatures.

Sunscorch Regent

Punishes all people that plat spells all the time by making a win con.

Charging Cinderhorn

Punishes not attacking. I think you like to attack

TwoIdiots on Baby's First Multiplayer Cube (cards to include?)

10 months ago

Additions (trying to push boros. We can remove anything on this list, of course):

Things to consider for UW (not added, lets discuss):


Some notes:

Do we include sigets? I think it might be a good idea.


djewell on Stop Hitting Yourself!

10 months ago

Austin_Smith_of_Cards Thanks for the feedback! You know, I had actually meant to add Charging Cinderhorn into the deck a while back but amidst all the idea forming, it slipped my mind. Good suggestion! Spellbreaker Behemoth was already in my maybeboard, but I couldn't find anywhere to make cuts. You are right about the land, though. i'm typically swimming in mana, not to a hindrance.. but still 3 basics won't kill me by any means!

Shaman of Forgotten Ways was a questionable card for me until I talked this over out loud. Basically, I didn't want to make myself boltable or killable by any kind of direct damage if i use the ability (and they use bolt in response). However, they would be bolting my life before the effect resolves, bringing me back to my life total equal to the amount of creatures I control. Good suggestion, I threw it in there!

Austin_Smith_of_Cards on Stop Hitting Yourself!

10 months ago

The stompiest of stompy decks I've seen in a while...glorious!

What this decklist really needs is a Shaman of Forgotten Ways. It ramps your creature spells (exactly what this deck wants), and its formidable ability is the effect of a banned card in EDH (Biorhythm). Absolutely should be included!

Charging Cinderhorn is another aggressive creature card that further punishes opponents who aren't attacking with their creatures.

Spellbreaker Behemoth ensures your controlling opponents won't EVER be able to cast their counterspells on your creatures. Also pretty beefy for its power/toughness.

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