Braid of Fire

Braid of Fire


Cumulative upkeep-Add (Red) to your mana pool. (At the beginning of your upkeep, put an age counter on this permanent, then sacrifice it unless you pay its upkeep cost for each age counter on it.)

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Braid of Fire Discussion

Jace_the_Mind_Rapist on Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff

2 days ago

Braid of Fire, Because it equals "I'm going to suspend my entire hand on my upkeep, because this enchantment says I have the mana to do so". Its essentially a better Thran Turbine in my opinion.

lemmingllama on 3 Nights in Utvara

3 days ago

Mana Flare is not Modern legal. However, Heartbeat of Spring is legal and has the same effect.

Also Braid of Fire and Helix Pinnacle seem a little too slow for modern. I would recommend adding some number of smaller ramp spells like Sakura-Tribe Elder, Search for Tomorrow, or Cultivate to get those dragons and planeswalkers out.

Lastly, Worldspine Wurm costs a bit too much for your deck. I would put another dragon in it's place, something like Thundermaw Hellkite or Stormbreath Dragon.

Harashiohorn on Izzet Modern

2 weeks ago

Okay so, you have 11 mana ramping spells in this deck, but only 10 actual burnspells, and really no draw engines. This means you will have a very explosive turn 1-2, but then will be left with a bunch of dorks after that. Typically mana acceleration is only used in combo decks like storm, where you can win off of the bonus resources that turn, or the next turn. Right now you have the ramp for a combo deck, and the creatures from a value control deck. You need to decide if your going the delver creature based route, or the combo route. If you want to go creature, cut all of the mana ramp except maybe Braid of Fire for cards like Rift Bolt, and draw spells. If you want to go the combo route, add in cards like Grapeshot, and cut cards like Melek, Izzet Paragon

HeroJoe on 2016-01-24 update of Xenagos, the ...

2 weeks ago

alright, draw cards. you might want something like Wheel of Fortune, or theres a few others that i can't think of. but you aren't in blue, so thats the only kind of draw you can get. green will find you ramping your hand away, so refill spells are doubly good, as they fuck with your opponent too.

theres also some red ramp, like Desperate RitualSeething SongPyretic RitualManamorphoseInfernal Plunge

Braid of Fire and Vedalken Orrery gives you mana for days to play your spells, but i'm not sure if you'd want to play it since otherwise it is kind of a dead card.

darleen on Olivia Voldaren, Queen of the Damned

2 weeks ago

droidboxx, you make an excellent point about Braid of Fire. I will make some room for it.

kryptobrodie on Deadly not Shinny (Help needed)

2 weeks ago

This may sound crazy but why is Braid of Fire good?It seems like a mana sink that you have too keep paying for. just for one

SilentAbyss on Deadly not Shinny (Help needed)

2 weeks ago

Braid of Fire is very good with olivia's first ability.

droidboxx on Olivia Voldaren, Queen of the Damned

2 weeks ago

I'd take out Cabal Coffers personally. You have 7 swamps effectively unless you draw Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth. Drawing this in your first few turns without 3 other swamps means it's a dead drop unless you manage to draw your Expedition Map to find the Urborg.Also, I'd put Braid of Fire back in. This combos with Olivia as you can use that mana in your upkeep to ping other creatures, saving your main phase mana for stealing or other stuff. No Dark Ritual either? Turn 2 Olivia is very nice or turn 2 Braid of Fire with a turn 3 Olivia gives you a 'free' ping on turn 4 meaning you can start stealing creatures much earlier.

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