Bloodstained Mire

Bloodstained Mire


, Pay 1 life, Sacrifice Bloodstained Mire: Search your library for a Swamp or Mountain card and put it onto the battlefield. Then shuffle your library.

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Bloodstained Mire Discussion

Mandalorian on Omnath, Locus of Spellslingin'

20 hours ago

Fellow Landfall EDH player here. I have some good Landfall EDH suggestions:

Horn of Greed

Crucible of Worlds

All on color fetches, Windswept Heath, Bloodstained Mire ect..

Titania, Protector of Argoth

Azusa, Lost but Seeking

Rampaging Baloths

Zendikar's Roil

Nissa, Vastwood Seer  Flip

Nissa, Worldwaker Both Nissa ultimates would be amazing in this deck with a sac outlet

Purphoros, God of the Forge

Rites of Flourishing

Cloudstone Curio to bounce lands repeatedly

Boundless Realms

CPD on Mono red (Sorta), turn 2 win on a budget!

21 hours ago

Nice deck! I didn't think about putting in Gittaxian Probe when I built mine. Might have to put a couple in. I also run playsets of each of Pyretic Ritual and Desperate Ritual for more mana acceleration, instead of Manamorphose and Simian Spirit Guide, but after thinking about it, maybe I should try to slip Manamorphose in there as well.

Something I was going to do, but haven't done yet, and maybe I could get your advice on, was run a playset of Rootbound Crag in case the game ended up going long and I didn't want to pay life for Mutagenic Growth, but also run the set of Bloodstained Mire that I own for deck thinning. Then, in the sideboard, run the copy of Stomping Ground that I own, and a playset of Avoid Fate to deal with removal. Of course, you would have to slow down to at least turn 3, probably turn 4, so that you can play your creatures, see if they get removed early, then keep that in hand for a "In response, path to exile" scenario. Just something I have on-hand to use, and something that would catch other players off-guard.

FAMOUSWATERMELON on My FNM deck (nivmagus suicide)

2 days ago

Well... Thoughtseize is pretty much a strict upgrade to Duress. Take out the Slaughter Pacts for a Dismember. Ground Rift is interesting but it certainly feels lackluster most of the time, I would knock in 2-3 bolts in its place. The sideboard looks pretty solid, though you might want a Gut Shot or two in there for Affinity/Infect (replacing the bolts which will go mainboard). Land-wise, you want a full playset of Bloodstained Mire, replacing a Blood Crypt and one of the basics.

Argeaux on Jeskai Aggro [OGW]

3 days ago

Since the only thing the Bloodstained Mire can fetch in this deck is a Mountain, take it out and just put another Mountain in.

Otherwise you are losing a life for no gain.

If you are using the card just to "thin your deck" you should know that the pros no longer do this, as it has proven to be of no benefit.

Here's an article which explains why.

hoodyhoo66 on Vampire Aggro

3 days ago

rothgar13, thank you for your input, it helps a lot, i was on the edge of splashing red, exactly because of Stromkirk Captain and Lightning Bolt from lightnig bolt I already have a playset, But i decided to run Monoblack, because yet i cant afford a 4x Bloodstained Mire, perhaps in March I can. Till then I will try to get 4x Guul Draz Vampire, cout out Urge to Feed, Cut down a to two the Gatekeeper of Malakir. Vampire Nighthawk is in there because of Dark Prophecy need compensate the life loss in someway, but maybe i should increase Kalastria Highborn to 3x, it is better against board wipe.What do you Think? Any idea for black removals? since i have to cut out urge to feed...

rothgar13 on Vampire Aggro

3 days ago

If you want to turn this into an aggro deck, you need for Stromkirk Captain (so that your creatures will beat other decks' creatures in combat) and Lightning Bolt (a bit of a nonbo with Vampire Nocturnus, but it's acceptable because of the early-game aggro). I know the likes of Blackcleave Cliffs, Blood Crypt, and Bloodstained Mire are expensive, but there are decent budget replacements in Dragonskull Summit and Sulfurous Springs. Terminate is also a strong reason to consider the splash, given that it clears the way for your attackers (which is something that both and are frankly not that good at). Night's Whisper is pretty much a strict upgrade over Sign in Blood. You also desperately need 1-drop creatures if you're going to be an aggro deck - Vampire Lacerator is a strong place to start, and while Guul Draz Vampire, Stromkirk Noble, and Viscera Seer aren't offensive all-stars, they could provide you with some utility.

On the subject of what cards to cut, Urge to Feed is terrible in aggro - the only time you want to be tapping creatures is to attack. Vampire Nighthawk is not a very aggressive creature, and I think it should be moved to the sideboard. Gatekeeper of Malakir is a fine creature... provided you pay the kicker. However, that makes it a 3-drop, so I would advise you trim the count to 2 or so, so you can keep your curve under control. Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx is also a wasted slot in anything but dedicated ramp aggro (like Elves).

Ratstail91 on [HELP] Mono-Red is still a thing in Standard!

3 days ago

As you said, this is a budget build, so what I'm recommending probably won't help. Still, you could go all-in on goblin tribal.

Playsets of Dragon Fodder and Hordeling Outburst work well with both 4x Goblin Piledriver and 4x Goblin Dark-Dwellers (Dark Dwellers can target outburst ;) ). Finally, a playset of Goblin Glory Chaser Brings the goblin cards up to 20. If you want a budget token strategy, you should look into Flameshadow Conjuring and Stoneforge Masterwork.

If you're not going deep on goblins, then you should switch Goblin Piledriver for something else. Otherwise, Infectious Bloodlust actually serves to thin the deck out just as well as fetchlands, so mainboard a playset. If you're willing to splash blue, you could combine Monastery Mentor with Stormchaser Mage for aggro and Jori En, Ruin Diver for card advantage. I tried Impact Tremors a while back, but couldn't get it working to it's fullest potential. Titan's Strength is possibly the best red pump spell in years, not just for power/toughness, but for it's scry ability. Do NOT run Fiery Impulse, you need to burn your opponent's life total not their creatures. Expedite and Slip Through Space could help as well.

I'd recommend running 20-22 lands, and about 28-30 creatures total. You could include 1x Sunken Hollow and 4x Bloodstained Mire to help with fixing, but there are other options like Evolving Wilds.

P.S. Your sideboard is not where you should store cards you wish you could use, but rather where you want flexible metagame answers. i.e. Magmatic Chasm is a sideboard card.

P.P.S. Why aren't I playing this?

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