Blind Seer


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Invasion (INV) Rare

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Blind Seer

Legendary Creature — Human Wizard

{{1,U}}: Target spell or permanent becomes the color of your choice until end of turn.

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Blind Seer Discussion

Kilrane on Azorius Hatred

2 months ago

I saw a deck featuring Gwafa Hazid, Profiteer as the commander and it made me think about how I'd like to run him and an idea came to me: the old hate cards would absolutely destroy my meta. Most people run
Jund or a slice of Jund with being the least played color and of course being pretty popular. The more I thought about it the more Hanna, Ship's Navigator spoke to me as the commander due to her being a recursion engine.

Justice+Blind Seer kind of jank just makes me smile. So does Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth+Karma. I've tried to find a comprehensive list for cards like this but found bits and pieces of them. What are some of your favorite color hate cards in Azorius?

ersatz_olorin on Advertise your COMMANDER deck!

6 months ago

Blind Man with a sword

Commander / EDH ersatz_olorin


Voltron deck based around equipping swords to Blind Seer and then changing opponents' creature's colors accordingly

Also includes extra turns to help you sweep into victory once you've achieved a critical mass of equipment

And some staxy-ish stuff to prevent opponents from keeping a lot of creatures on the board.

berryjon on Pattern Recognition #62 - Phyrexia, ...

6 months ago

Lord_Khaine: One's a god, the other only pretends to be. Yawgmoth.

IAmTheWraith: Because they are too powerful, and printing them would take away from the mystique of the story. No card printed could match what you see in your mind's eye what they were capable of. cough Blind Seer cough

Rzepkanut on Two Choices... Can't Decide.

6 months ago

I Love my Blind Seer deck, old man Urza gets my vote. Check it out for inspiration.

Blind Seer Color Control Shenanigans

1v1 Commander Rzepkanut


DrukenReaps on Two Choices... Can't Decide.

6 months ago

Like the others said these are very different play styles. So do you enjoy the shenanigans blind seer will do or do you like to smash face more?

Akroma, Angel of Fury not only has awesome art but makes a wicked commander for doing commander damage. You want a lot of things that give you a lot of mana like Gilded Lotus and Braid of Fire. You pump her and swing. Really easy to throw in some of the mana burn spells like Comet Storm.

Blind Seer is a control deck. Personally not a fan of blue control but he does it in an interesting way. Things like Douse become good(?) or at least decent... Blue has a bunch of color specific hate which he turns into every color hate and it can be brutal to play against that. Mana Maze is terrifying with him.

Arcaneful on Two Choices... Can't Decide.

6 months ago

Hey all.

I'm currently in quite the dilemma...

I was planning on building a Blind Seer EDH deck but I recently was gifted an Akroma, Angel of Fury from my little brother since he knows I love angels. I can only afford to build one currently, so which do you guys think I should build? Do you have lists for either?



skoobysnackz on Doctor Strange Deck?

7 months ago

I may be wrong, but I think this has already been done with Narset, Enlightened Master. Anyways, I love the idea and I just wanted to share some thoughts. I think the most obvious direction is lots of extra turn spells because he can manipulate time. Turning things into other things also seems pretty on theme like Polymorphist's Jest, Pongify etc.

As far as commanders go, I feel like Arcanis is not a bad choice, going from battlefield back to hand, back to battlefield kind of represents the teleporting. Alternatively, you could go with a flickering strategy. Other potential commanders I would consider are Teferi, Temporal Archmage, I mean... common, you could even make an avengers themed deck! And lastly Blind Seer seems like an awesome choice for a Doctor Strange Commander.

SteelSentry on Fun Underused Mono-Blue Commanders?

8 months ago

Blind Seer. Nobody will see it coming.

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