Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

: Enchanted creature gets +1/+1 until end of turn.

Blessing Discussion

berryjon on How does a creature with ...

5 months ago

One additional caveat is that Protection is a State based effect. As such, if you had a creature, like say White Knight that had a Aura on it, like Blessing for example, if you were to give it Protection from White through a card like Gods Willing , then the Equipment and Enchantments would fall off.

This is why White Ward specifies that the Protection it offers does not remove that card.

kamarupa on We Can All Be Heros

3 years ago

First off, wow. Under $7! That is BUDGGG-EEEET. Bravo!

I never got into "tribal" Heroic because it seemed like there'd never be enough room in a deck for creature targeting spells and lots Heroic creatures. That said, if you really want this deck to be better, I can offer a few tips that can make it more powerful.

For starters, I think you can do better in the land department. I suggest biting the bullet and going with 4xSunpetal Grove. Good lands work in so many decks, they'll be worth it. If you really don't want to spend the money on better lands, I suggest dropping white and going mono-green. It will make it faster and you'll avoid the frustration of not having the right land at the right time.

Another thing that will get you more wins is better disruption, usually in the form of removal. 2xPacifism and Plummet is just not enough. While white has some passable options budget options, green has very few. White: Celestial Flare, Reciprocate, Journey to Nowhere, Oblivion Ring - there are more, these are just off the top of my head. Green: Beast Within.

You should be running a sideboard, and in that sideboard, there should be spells that will come in handy often and can be swapped in for other removal spells that don't line up with specific matches. Specifically, you should have some sort of artifact and enchantment removal in your sideboard: Revoke Existence, Sundering Growth, Erase, Back to Nature, Natural State, Naturalize. On top of that, having some sort of planeswalker removal is a good idea as well: Pithing Needle does the job very well, but Beast Within and Oblivion Ring will work as well.

I would probably cut just about all the enchantments and instants you currently have. Ethereal Armor is really good, but you don't have a lot of enchantments to really power it up. So if you put more enchantments in, keep it, otherwise, drop it. (keep in mind Journey to Nowhere and Oblivion Ring are decent removal options that count toward the Armor!!) Blessing on the hand, is just down right awful.

Your creature base has too many high CMC spells, and would benefit from stronger synergy. Right now, I suppose it doesn't matter that it's unfocused because you're not missing the synergy from particular combos. Ideally though, your creatures should be picked so as to have the maximum synergy and thus, you'd want a full set of almost every creature. Additionally, you especially don't want spells that have CMCs like WW or GG without a very solid mana base. IE, Phalanx Leader's casting cost looks like a problem to me. The Leader looks like a great card, but probably in a mono-white deck.

I think I'd go ahead and run a full set of Elvish Mystic. This is partly because I think it's essential to use T1 and partly because I don't think you're going to take my advice and limit your spells CMC 4+ to four or less total, so I think you need the mana ramp very badly. Deadly Recluse isn't terrible, but I do wonder if we can do better for 2 CMC. Having reach in a green deck is good, but I'm betting that the deathtouch is the ability that gets more use. Perhaps Narnam Renegade would be just as good?

Kalonian Tusker may well be the worst creature in the deck. The only thing I like about this spell is that you're likely to be able to cast it despite it GG casting cost.

If you end up with a lot of creatures with ++counters on them, I'd say Inspiring Call is better draw card than Warriors' Lesson. (and you get temporary indestructible out of it!)

If you're going to run more enchantments and run with ++counters, Hardened Scales is going to be good here, though I find trying to drop it early can be too slow.

I realize my comments are kind of all over the place and very long. I hope at least something I've written proves to be helpful to you in some way. Good luck!

Mlancelot on Casual White Angels

3 years ago

Y'know, I have Angelic Accord which would work really well with something like Angel's Feather, but I only have one of them so far, and aside from that I don't think this deck is quite focused enough on playing around with life-gain yet. But... if I were to get a few more Angelic Accords and two more Resolute Archangels, I think those together with the 4x Seraph Sanctuarys could be pretty awesome.

Blessing is something I think would be really great for (and maybe more thematically compatible with) my Cleric deck.

Life gain though! Life gain definitely seems like something this deck could do with more of, considering how long it often takes to get the heavies out onto the board.

Thanks man!

KrimeFyta on Casual White Angels

3 years ago

Groovy! This deck has some serious angel-power in it, and Angel of Serenity is a BAMF. I really like the art, too!

This load out is very pointed, very straight-to-the-jugular (keep in mind, I'm not an expert on the subject.) All of the creatures are either useful or powerful, and all of the spells are great for locking down an opponent. Enemy combatants are either destroyed, exiled, or pacified while the heavy-hitting angels just fly over anything that's left. Hallelujah! Kudos on keeping it all white, that can be hard to do when you start looking at sweet angel cards and the possibilities begin to pile up. I think you got yourself a solid, reliable weapon in this deck. I applaud thee!

I would never tell another planeswalker how to "run their guns," but may I humbly suggest a Blessing or perhaps a Angel's Feather? Eh, you know what you're doing.

michaelmtg92 on

3 years ago

Hey [email protected] and Randomdeath my meta is a little unforgiving so I might try Ghostly Prison if my first 5 tests dont work out and thank you for the advice on troubleshooting on my draws I not only am new to commander im also new to playing in general I've just been a collector since original zendikar. As far as Blessing goes i'll have to pick that card up when I go back tonight. I might also pick up Wrath of God too to give me a little boardwiper of my own but for now all I have in white is Winds of Rath.

[email protected] on

3 years ago

I use Angel of Jubilation in all my decks that feature white prominently; its provides a decent flyer, valuable anthem, and hoses random cards (like Sakura-Tribe Elder). Also, if you're going all out with a voltron, pump theme, Blessing might be worth considering; it works very well on creatures such as Seraph of the Sword.

Nice start to commander, +1!

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