Search your library for a creature card with the same name as target creature and put that card into play. Then shuffle your library.

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Set Rarity
Mercadian Masques (MMQ) Rare

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Highlander Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Bifurcate Discussion

CrowMutini on Card creation challenge

1 year ago

Dichotomancy Bifurcate Clarion Ultimatum i just love these kinds of "same name" cards.

Kalit, Stratifier

Legendary Planeswalker- Kalit

As long as you control exactly two permanents with the same name, the legend rule doesn't apply to those permanents.

+1 Target creature becomes a copy of target creature you control. Repeat this process once.

-2 Return target creature card from your graveyard to the battlefield if it has the same name as a creature card on the battlefield.

-5 For each permanent each player controls, that player may search their library for a card that has the same name as that permanent and put it onto the battlefield. Shuffle your library.


Keep it going!

Xavier2184 on Me, Myself, and I... Biovisionary was there too

3 years ago

thats because wail there's only a 6.6% chance of getting a Biovisionary out of the deck, spy kit allows me to use cards like Bifurcate, Mitotic Manipulation, an Retraced Image, without actually needing to have drawn one in the opening hand, making a more consistent deck all around. also i decided against clone because its slower than whats currently in the deck, it was going in until i found Phyrexian Metamorph which is one mana faster.

unos on Me, Myself, and I... Biovisionary was there too

3 years ago

Spy Kit can take advantage of Bifurcate, Retraced Image(when a B. is in your hand), and even Mask of the Mimic

Atanar on Hydra Horrors

3 years ago

Just want to chime in to point out that Bifurcate is terrible in this deck. On 12 of your creatures it does nothing. It conflicts with creatures using x and 1- or 2-ofs. Use some Rampant Growth instead.

Neotrup on When token names are the ...

3 years ago

1) Mask of the Mimic has to target a nontoken creature, so you'd have to Clone the token to get Splinter. Doable, but pointless. Once you find the card, you'll attempt to put it onto the battlefield, fail, and instead leave it in your library because of the following:


Sorceries cant enter the battlefield. If a sorcery would enter the battlefield, it remains in its previous zone instead.

2) Yes

3) Depends. For Pack Hunt, yes. Retraced Image is subject to 307.4. And Bifurcate's Oracle Text says "Permanent Card," as well as "nontoken creature."

4) Sure, but Eradicate would let you use any (nonblack) creature token rather than an artifact creature.

UniqueUserID on When token names are the ...

3 years ago

I've been doing a bit of research around Spy Kit seeing if what token "names" it can actually create. I was surprised to find it had a few! Such as the Crib Swap token has the same name as Shapeshifter and Urza's Factory and Assembly-Worker.

So the following questions all have to do with these "token names" and creature names, cause I'm not sure how many of these play out!

1) Does using Mask of the Mimic allow me to tutor out ANY card with the same name, such as Splinter from a token from Splintering Wind?

2) if I cast Runed Halo naming "Shapeshifter", it would give me protection from the terrifying Shapeshifter AND the token made from Crib Swap?

3) Cards like Pack Hunt, Retraced Image and Bifurcate do not card about card type, just name. So using them on a Spinter token from Splintering Wind means I can search for Splinter?

4) And finally, if I was to Donate any artifact creature or artifact token with Spy Kit equipped on it, then use Splinter on it. Does it exile ALL their creatures (non-legends) in the deck, hand and graveyard??

Bananastormcount20 on

3 years ago

NotSquishedYet Yeah the EvilTwin combo is pretty strong but ban worthy? I don't think so, plus the only cards that weren't legalized as far as I know were the hidden agendas and other conspiracy cards, maybe a few that also related to things only when you drafted them as well, spy kit however is just an equipment, plus commander uses an adjusted ban list were everything is legal unless specifically stated, or your play group adds it to the ban list.But all in all I am looking forwards to spy kit, it makes alot ofcards that are bad really good, can't think of any names right now but any card that says 'equal to the number of cards that share a name with it.' Become funny. Like Mask of the Mimic or Pack Hunt or Bifurcate both are oracles to look for shared names not copies just grabbing and playing any creature in your deck or Echoing Decay and Bile Blight and Homing Lightning if your swarming Echoing Courage is hilarious or perhaps your more of a Echoing Truth or MaelstromPulse or Sever the Bloodline or Eye of Singularity for board wipes? Goblin tokens a problem? Izzet Staticaster just watch out for the most dreadful Mimeofacture stealing literally every creature in your deck.
When I said I couldn't think of any of the top, I was kidding, super excited for spy kit!and @NewHorizon what could be better than faking identities or framing others and punishing them for the crime?

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