Beacon of Immortality

Beacon of Immortality


Double target player's life total. Shuffle Beacon of Immortality into its owner's library.

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Beacon of Immortality Discussion

GotCubes on Tainted Remedy Deck

1 day ago

frogkill45: I don't think Beacon of Immortality synergizes with Tainted Remedy. The beacon causes a replacement effect, not "gaining" per se.

frogkill45 on Tainted Remedy Deck

1 day ago

i made a legacy deck with this a while back maybe you can get a few card idea off it

But I Thought You Wanted to Live

Wall of Shards , Alms Beast , Beacon of Immortality

DruneGrey on tainted remedy budget

4 days ago

Dark Petition. Once you get spell mastery it tutors and casts Tainted Remedy. Also at ~6$ a one of Beacon of Immortality might be sweet here.

Eiti3 on My Life For Aiur (Help Needed)

5 days ago

Every deck I own only has 32 lands. It just seems to be the perfect number. Plea for Guidance is lovely, truly is; however, I am trying to restrict myself (first time in my mtg career) to keep the CMC of the deck as low as possible. Sun Titan is a constant reanimator and Beacon of Immortality is either a perfect insurance plan (health-wise) or a kill spell with Tainted Remedy/Sanguine Bond.

I can't really push myself to put in another 6 drop for a tutor, even if it will guarantee me victory with combo cards. In earlier comments I removed it as a hard decision. I have cheaper tutors that do the same thing. Thank you for the suggestion though.

All I need to do now is to cut a few choice cards down to 100.

SwordintheSpud on Five Colour Midrange

2 weeks ago

I can see your dilemma, this deck is full of just value cards. To start I would put Spell Pierce, Meddling Mage, and Beacon of Immortality in your sideboard. They are cards that are almost useless in certain matchups, but really good in others, making them perfect sideboard cards. On the topic of your sideboard, Crumble to Dust is a strictly better version of Sowing Salt. While this may not matter as much in a one or two colored deck, Salt's double red cost makes it difficult to get out as quickly as possible against Tron. Mana bases are the hardest thing to build with five color decks, and I think you have done a good job. However, Since your deck costs $119, I think that It would be a good idea to cut Terramorphic Expanse and Temple of Abandon for a playset of Mana Confluence. This will make your manabase really consistent and fast, and with your war monk's and rhino's you should be able to gain some of that life you will loose back. Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker does not seem like the right card for this deck. Yes, he is great, but on turn eight, this deck seems to have stabilized. Also Loxodon Smiter is a great card, but its second ability is super conditional. He seems like another sideboard card. I would also cut all of your Kodama's Reach and add one more Rampant Growth. Most of your threats come out on turn three or four, making it much more powerful to do something on turn two, where there is not much else you can do. Finally, If I have done my math right, this will bring you down to 59 cards. To fill this one card gap, I would play Sphinx's Revelation. It does put you a few dollars over budget if you also add the Mana Confluence, but it is a great card that will basically end games when it is cast for a lot of mana against fast decks and card draw seems to be something you are lacking in this deck. Overall, interesting deck, and I hope at least some of this advice has been helpful to you.

Saljen on Modern is Tainted

2 weeks ago

With the suite of creatures that you're running, I'd suggest running 3x Restoration Angel over one of your life gain spells. It'll let you re-trigger those EotB effects and give you a 3/4 flying win-con. Much more effective than some of your just life-gain spells. Also, Beacon of Immortality will instantly kill your opponent if Tainted Remedy is in play. Might as well run 1 so you can get a free win once in a while, especially with as much tutor as you're running. I'd suggest fitting that 4th Birds of Paradise in too if possible.

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