Authority of the Consulate


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Modern Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh None

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Authority of the Consulate



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Authority of the Consulate Discussion

Delta-117 on Atraxa - Ohhhh, you wanted to play Magic...

1 month ago

Okay here are my promised suggestions.

Take out Winter Orb for Winding Constrictor, Trophy Mage for Master Biomancer, Tangle Wire for Eternal Witness, remove Sun Titan for a Ajani Unyielding, Supreme Verdict for I believe As Foretold even though not covered in your list if you can acquire one of these I recommend it, otherwise add maybe Vorel of the Hull Clade.

Beyond this, swap Stasis for Hardened Scales, Shred Memory for Scavenging Ooze, Perplex for Thrummingbird, Peacekeeper for either Authority of the Consulate (Will explain why soon) or Corpsejack Menace if not, Narset Transcendent for Glen Elendra Archmage, Muddle the Mixture for Abzan Charm, Luminarch Ascension for Aura Shards, Kiora, Master of the Depths for Forgotten Ancient, Idyllic Tutor for Collective Effort, Humility for I think Archangel of Thune if you have or can get one easily the card works well when you have of course your commander and Authority of the Consuls if you choose to run that, or just Rishkar's Expertise, Fabricate for Crystalline Crawler, Aura of Silence for Prime Speaker Zegana.

You could always add in some hydras to this like Primordial Hydra, Kalonian Hydra, and Lifeblood Hydra. Some other considerations are Reliquary Tower and Thought Vessel which I recommend one or more (I use both) so you don't ever have to worry about discard when you play Prime Speaker Zegana or Rishkar's Expertise. I also think you should try and add Inspiring Call which further supports having something for unlimited handsize. Oath of Ajani, Nissa, Voice of Zendikar, Abzan Falconer, and Chasm Skulker(good if you include all of that card draw) are a few other ideas.

When I can again I will try and help you find a place for Viral Drake and any others I missed/suggested additionally.

wickes321 on WB Stockpile

2 months ago

I like that you found yet another card the shuts down 4c combo, but why not just play Authority of the Consulate? It's cheaper, and shuts it down. And I'd side Declaration in Stone or main it for threats. For something like the colossus deck or UR emerge. But cool looking deck!

Osbert on Saskia, The Unallower (Aggro-Hatebears)

2 months ago

If you want it to be faster, I would highly suggest trimming the average CmC closer to 3.0 as you said you have little in the ways of ramp. Are all the Praetors off the table? Because Urabrask the Hidden is looking mighty fine, mass haste for you and tapped blockers for them. Among the praetors, I'd say he's the "nicest" to play against. On that note: Authority of the Consulate and Blind Obedience would work well in here as well, the latter hating on mana rocks and artifact combos. You may want to tech some land hate to avoid being shut down by an annoying Maze of Ith sitting across the table, I suggest running the "deal with all's" In your colours; Chaos Warp and Beast Within. Lastly, I cannot recommend True Conviction more, double strike means Saskia's effect does 4x damage opposed to double, and you gain all the life for all the damage dealt, it is a force to be reckoned with.

whompkin on Revolting Servo Aggro

2 months ago

First FNM Result 1/2.

Round #1 vs UB control 0/2. Both games on the play, mulled to 6, probably probably should have mulled to 5. Slow starts allowed op to setup. Both games died to a combination of Ob Nix ultimate and Torrential Gearhulks.

Round #2 vs BW vampires/control 2/0. Game #1 Started out with 2 Hidden Stockpiles, removed kalitas with Fatal Push and drana with Deadeye Harpooner, before playing Call for Unity and Angel of Invention to finish off. Game #2. Creatures kept getting removed until we were both top drawing. Opponent had Noxious Gearhulk, Gifted Aetherborn and 2 Authority of the Consulates. I had at least 3 untapped servos, 3 Hidden Stockpiles and Yahenni, Undying Partisan. Each turn I'd double block the gearhulk with yahenni + servo, then block the aetherborn with a servo and sac before damage. Each turn I'd get my servo's back and scry, with op gaining 6 life. Op cast Fumigate, I saced to scry a creature to topdraw, yahenni became a 4/4. Op on ~50 life; I'm on 8. Cast creature then saced to get servos, removed an authority with Angelic Purge then found a Call for Unity and managed to grow my servos to 4/4s just in time before op drew Yahenni's Expertise.

Round #2 vs UW spirits 0/2. Round #1 racing until op played Always Watching and could block all my servos. Played Angelic Purge to remove the enchantment, but got countered by Mausoleum Wanderer. Round #2 swinging with Aethergeode Miner and Aether Poisoner to create servos each turn. Op got Always Watching . I had Eliminate the Competition, which would have been great if op didn't have Selfless Spirit in play.

AgentGreen on The Consulate is still in control here!

3 months ago

Copy cat combo isn't going to be an issue in this deck (Authority of the Consulate).

But Stasis Snare....WOW, I completely overlooked that, and it is such a brutal removal spell. I'm going to go dig through my collection to retrieve what I have

SpiritKing on Treva Enchanted

3 months ago

Not a commander i see every day...but nice to see some of the 3colored dragons get played.

What i could suggest right now would be some minor upgrades/updates...

Astral Cornucopia can potentially be a better Manalith

Authority of the Consulate and Pristine Talisman can help you out getting your lifepoints up for Souvereign or Test of Endurance, while also providing lots of triggers for your Ageless Entity, Well of Lost Dreams, Drogskol Reaver.

mean_green_machine on Monowhite silly infinite combo

4 months ago

I've added in four Authority of the Consulate, it's mono whites way of stopping the crazy cat lady.

adanlaj on W/B WIP

4 months ago

I like the aggro nature of the deck. What about adding an Authority of the Consulate to the main board for two reasons. The first is that it will help with the aggro strategy. Any creature your opponent plays will not be able to block that turn. The second is that it helps you against the saheeli twin.

There is also Hidden Stockpile, which might make way for an aristicrat approach. Especially when used with Zulaport Cutthroat and Ayli, The Eternal Pilgrim.

I am interested in your choice of running Grasp of Darkness over Fatal Push. Grasp hits everything with 4 or less toughness but requires double black. Push can hit 4 cmc creatures if you have a good set up for revolt, which it looks like you do. You have Ayli, The Eternal Pilgrim, Aethergeode Miner, and Thraben Inspector that can all lead to a permanent leaving the battlefield to trigger revolt.

What about Deadeye Harpooner? As stated earlier, I think you have enough for a revolt mechanic. This might allow you to get some removal attached to a decent body.

Why is Gideon not mainboarded? He is a perfect finisher. Unless you plan to play game 1 as an aggro and then go game 2 for a control. I think the better set up is to go control game 1, then go aggro game 2. Game 2 is always faster.

Also, what about splashing green for Renegade Rallier? I know it's a third color, but all of your creatures are currently under 2 cmc and this would allow you to pull back any of them.

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