Abandon Reason


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon (EMN) Uncommon

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Abandon Reason


Up to two target creatures each get +1/+0 and gain first strike until end of turn.

Madness 1R (If you discard this card, discard it into exile. When you do, cast it for its madness cost or put it into your graveyard.)

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Abandon Reason Discussion

Jimmy_Chinchila on SJW: THE TRIGGERING

6 months ago

Censor for flavor, also Abandon Reason is flav but also untaps your flakes and the pump and first strike could be a nice surprise block combat trick


foxboy1000 on Mono-Red Aggro In Amonkhet

9 months ago

Angrath_the_flame_chained again, you're clearly looking for a fight, one I'm not willing to give to you so just leave it alone. This deck did really well for me back when I played it, so whether you think it's bad or not doesn't really matter. Do you see a Glorybringer in this deck? No, you don't. Maybe you see Abandon Reason? Yup, you sure do. Maybe you see that big box next to the deck that says REVISIONS. You haven't even made a deck yet. You joined yesterday day and the first thing you did was look to pick a fight with me.

hosshughes on Inventory not updating

11 months ago

Well, just in my first few cards on my first page of inventory: Abandon Reason, Abjure, Abomination of Gudul, Absorb Vis, Abzan Banner, etc.

MasterWithAPlan on Amonkhet mono-red deck

1 year ago

I'd be willing to bet there are more red cards with madness that may have a place here. Abandon Reason, Distemper of the Blood, Avacyn's Judgment, or Stromkirk Occultist possibly.

sillydecks on All of the creatures pop-pop-pop...

1 year ago


It seems like Avacyn's Judgment and Abandon Reason are meant to be cast for Madness? If so, Bloodrage Brawler is awfully inconsistent here, as there's no way to be sure you'll have a hand with both Bloodrage Brawler, Avacyn's Judgment in a game, and it's even less likely you'll have the mana to cast both of them in the same turn. I'd recommend either replacing the Bloodrage Brawlers with the suggestions below, scrapping Abandon Reason, or both.

Bloodrage Brawler is an incredibly aggressive card, I'll admit. However, there are some creatures that are quite a bit more synergistic with your deck. Nantuko Husk, Carrion Feeder, and Blood Bairn help your creatures die without Distended Mindbender. Perilous Myr and Goblin Arsonist are relatives of Mudbutton Torchrunner.

It seems like Distended Mindbender and Avacyn's Judgment are your sac outlets right now. Your opponent isn't going to block your Mudbutton Torchrunners if they're going to take 3 damage for it - they're just going to let the 1 go through. So, you need ways to power them yourself. Again, Nantuko Husk, Carrion Feeder, and Blood Bairn will all do that job for you, and Artillerize and Fling are cheap, sometimes even better, substitutes or alternatives.

For a budget deck, your mana base is to be expected, but it can be better. Rakdos Guildgate is a dual land, sure, but entering the battlefield tapped without anything else means it's outclassed by others. Akoum Refuge and Bloodfell Caves are gainlands in Rakdos colors. Rakdos Carnarium is a tapland that bounces one of your own lands, which can be bad or good, but helps you stay on curve the turn after, unlike the Guildgate. Temple of Malice is a scryland, which might not be so useful, but it's still better than the Guildgate by virtue of its scry. Dragonskull Summit is probably your best bet for a dual under $5/each, though, because it's not necessarily a tapland as long as you have a Swamp or Mountain.

Soul-Scar Mage and Abandon Reason are really weird cards in this deck. You have no burn spells (which might be something to consider) if you don't hit creatures with your Torchrunner or Showstopper, so I would consider either burn spells or better combat tricks. Red has much better combat tricks than Abandon Reason, like Brute Strength, a red Giant Growth.

Sorry for the wall of text; I hope it helped.

Argy on Hawtzoret the Furvert

1 year ago

That's a good choice.

It's an easy sub for Abandon Reason, if you need to deal extra damage to the Opponent and/or gain some life yourself.

I didn't answer your question above about how many Hazoret the Fervent you should have.

Since it works so well, I would run 4.

Opponents CAN get rid of her with Declaration in Stone, Oblivion Ring, or Final Reward, and they can also get rid of her with -1/-1 Counters.

So having a spare is not a bad thing.

I actually found that Bontu the Glorified was very tricky to put online.

I think that God is better in decks that generate a lot of Tokens, or have a lot of recurrence.

This deck has neither of those things. So I would take Bontu out and put another Hazoret in.

Argy on Hawtzoret the Furvert

1 year ago

One issue this deck has is that everything wants to discard a card for profit.

You can't discard one card to meet all these conditions e.g. You can't discard the same card as part of the casting cost of Lightning Axe AND discard the same card to activate Key to the City. If you want both of those to work at the same time you often have to chose one of the other, because you can't afford to discard two cards, or just don't have enough cards left.

It might be worth taking out one of the cards that WANT to discard, for some more discard FODDER. Something like Abandon Reason, Alms of the Vein, or Distemper of the Blood.

I would try taking out 1x Flameblade Adept, 1x Furyblade Vampire, 1x Lupine Prototype, and 1x Key to the City. In their place I would try 4x Abandon Reason.

I played around with the land, because I was often unable to cast Olivia, Mobilized for War or Bloodhall Priest. Although you have a lot of cards, you have two cards that can be cast on Turn 3. I think you'd be better off with 10x Mountains and 6x Swamps.

The deck plays well. Bloodhall Priest and Lupine Prototype are both very good card choices. Hazoret the Fervent works extremely well in this shell.

+1 from me.

Noctem on Mono-Red Aggro In Amonkhet

1 year ago

You have 14 discard outlets not counting Prophetic Ravings. I think you could take that out. If you're using it for the haste, best to have another red cartouche instead since stopping something from blocking is more relevant than another discard outlet that requires a creature + not getting attack at the same time as being a discard outlet or other benefit.

I would rather have Invigorated Rampage in the main if you want that kind of buff card instead of Abandon Reason. I see that you say it's great protection but frankly your deck isn't about protecting your creatures, it's about rushing down the opponent and getting damage through at all times. The only creatures in standard that have first strike will be stuff that you're going to burn out of play before attacking anyway. Thalia, Heretic Cathar for example. Being able to give a creature a big damage buff and trample over a chump blocker is more useful imo to your overall strategy.

It also enables my next point which is that with all of the targeted removal in this meta, including exile effects like Cast Out which will absolutely be everywhere, Fling should be part of your main deck so that you can have a response when they try to remove your buffed creature / Hazoret or whatever. Not a lot of them, like 1-2 so that you have that final damage reach out of nowhere. being able to flood the board early, then buff an unblocked attacker with +4 damage, deal combat damage and then fling it main 2 for 6-8 damage could be an easy turn 4 win.

I also think that Glorybringer should be in the main or at the very least the sideboard. I saw you had him in but took him out. I think you should reconsider.

I think you should run 20 lands at the bare minimum instead of 19. You're a discard deck for one, for 2 even mono white humans who have a curve that stops at 3-4 CMC run at least 20 lands and finally if you're going to run lands in the sideboard, make it a splash color / man land / both. For example mono white humans usually runs 4 Inspiring Vantage in the main and then 4 Needle Spires in the side for red splash. You could do the same for a color that would benefit your strat. But don't run 3 basics in the side, it just seems like such a waste imo.

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